Stella Dimoko Buhari's Aide Says Nigerian Govt Is Finding It Hard To Reach Poor People


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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Buhari's Aide Says Nigerian Govt Is Finding It Hard To Reach Poor People

Mrs Maryam Uwais, the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Protection Plan, says the government was facing the challenge of contacting poor people in Nigeria.

She said this in an interactive programme with members of civil society groups on Wednesday in Abuja.

According to Uwais, state governments are one of the major challenges confronting the N-Power programme designed by the Federal Government in reaching out to the poor particularly those at the grassroots.

“The challenge in reaching out to the poor people is one of the biggest challenge confronting the Federal Government, the people in the state have interest in the N-Power project.

“Instead of submitting the names of the right people who need the empowerment to this project in their various states, they submitted only names of their people especially those they have interest on.

“When the Federal Government releases the money for the N-Power project, where the major problem always come from is the state,’’ she alleged.

Uwais, however, called on CSOs to use their power in bringing about the change in the mind of leaders at the state and local levels.

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  1. Rubbish talk. Walk on the streets in Nigeria you will see poor homeless people. You don't need anybody to submit names.

    1. Madam it's because you've built a wall to separate the rich from the poor, coming from a northern I take it as a joke because they are around you

  2. Most Nigerians are just too greedy.

  3. Sisi Eko, saw your comment today. How you dey, hope you're good.... 😀😀😀😀

  4. That is the problem with Nigeria, greed and nepotism. The govt should rather make the environment conducive for living and doing business.

  5. That's why there should have been a thorough research before plans like this are put in motion. When it comes to matters regarding states in Nigeria, the governors have the final say and so how do you deal with this? Not roll out npower and then complain

  6. De call us n we no respond? How do you identify a poor person biko?

  7. Yes, I can testify to this even in the military where they have widows who need assistance, all these so called big people will silt in there persons first before even considering those who are truly in need, I don talk my own, am in my house come and beat me.

  8. They can go about it there own way, assigning people to do it...such people will also be looking at the interest of their people as well

  9. See MuMu go to the market place, walk on the streets, go to slums, there are poor people there... what an irresponsible answer.

  10. Yeah, becos y'all are nepotic.

  11. This govt must be sooooooooo stupid! Can't the poor, they say but during election, the poor can be found easily! You guys in govt talk as if you breathe thru your anus! Idiots 😈😈😈😈😈😈

  12. How can the govt find the poor, when you guys wear nepotism as a garment and greed as shoes! May every corrupt politician who is "Big" in sense of wealth, may "Big diseases without cure locate all of you! Anyone who will say no to this prayer, take part of the curse! Amen. Enough of the poor suffering and been neglected!😈😈😈😈😈😈

  13. Imagine! What dirty phrase, can't find the poor! Every one of you robbing the poor, as you can't find the poor, may you all Never find True joy, state of mind and a reason to celebrate IJN, Amen. Such a painful news to digest!

  14. What she is saying is right i know everyone will keep blaming her saying this and that but what we all know is that there different section of government and once the federal government decide this is what they are going to do for grassroots they can't just go ahead and enter people's house the way things work in any constitution is the federal communicate with state and state communicate with local government and local government communicate with each ward but in as much all this people did not do the right thing just because they want to help their family and friends nothing the government does that will reflect on it's citizen and tell me how are they going to share the 5k that the government promised not that there is no money but there is no way they are going to start without enriching some people's pocket and which this present regime does not want it to happen

  15. No wonder Naija ranks #1 as the most corrupt nation in the world. It beats out Pakistan, India, Brazil and Columbia hands down. How about working thru the local govt areas/councils to identify the poor folks that can really benefit from this federal govt assistance? How about startinng from there? While at it, remember a restructuring of the nation-state, as increasingly clamored for in many quarters, will go a long ways in redressing some of these bottlenecks. Yeye pipo...QED@atm


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