Stella Dimoko Every Candle Has A MatchBox Or An Extinguisher....


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Friday, May 26, 2017

Every Candle Has A MatchBox Or An Extinguisher....

Hmmmm!!!!....Only those with wisdom and deep understanding will Understand this....but I will try my best to explain what this means...

The lady is a lit candle, obviously in love with a fire extinguisher (something capable of putting out her fire) and getting crushed on by a match box (something that can light up her world). Why do we ignore the signs?
Who do you have in your life?An Extinguisher or a match box?


  1. I kinda have both and it's really annoying. His so annoying

    1. Life is dynamic and fast. Life will happen to everyone both good and bad. He don't have control over what will happens to us but we have control over how we respond to what happens to us. Very experience builds us. It's now left for each individual to allow the experience build him/her positive or negatively.

  2. Am going to read comment on this

  3. I have both in my life

    Varieties, Oyibo man says, is the spice of life

    Match box oo... Fire extinguisher oo


  4. For me I don't have any in my life now☝
    Only God is my fire and extinguisher!

  5. strong parable

    1. Why do I feel like this post was made specifically for me?

  6. It is well. Still waiting for my matchbox. Every extinguisher coming my way die on the road in Jesus name, amen. I can't shout.

  7. I think we all need both matchbox and extinguisher in our lives..It could be happenstance or a deliberate effort. It all to consider if you are discerning enough to know where you need to apply the matchbox and extinguisher..Cause if you are left to burn all the time, it consumes you , also left to been quenched all the time, makes you a lukewarm person...

  8. Let me 'lead' comments. ***As my Anambra would say.

  9. I don't have any for now but i need a match-box someone who can light up my world.

    1. Receive it my sister!

  10. Am keeping both! One d pop to my babe d other my eternal love.

  11. It is money that can put a lady fire off. Too much money makes the world go round.

    No money no love

    1. I concur. money no love

      First problem of any relationship is "FINANCE"


    2. Fa fa fa

      Its not about putting a lady on fire by meeting her material needs
      How about a lady with a great destiny? E.g Ngozi Okonjo, Late Dora Akuyuli, F. Alakija, Monkey face, E.t.c
      A woman going somewhere
      A lady with a burning passion and desire?
      Trust me, if you marry the wrong spouse, an extinguisher, you will hate your life for as long as you live.

    3. Thank you Monkey Face. You have spoken well.

  12. A match box.
    Always looking for ways to make me better.

  13. Am keeping both! One d pop to my babe d other my eternal love. Y u ask? Cos d father wants d child, loves her but can't love me d way he loves her... I attempted to abort and saw d fire in him, I knew then my child has a solid security but my love, he can't give my babe what she wants naaaaaa. He is too principled to play in that nest. So, I chose him for love and chose d other DAT loves d child for a father. Prob solved. Some men can love u endlessly .

    1. I'm confused here...this your comment though

  14. Am keeping both! One d pop to my babe d other my eternal love. Y u ask? Cos d father wants d child, loves her but can't love me d way he loves her... I attempted to abort and saw d fire in him, I knew then my child has a solid security but my love, he can't give my babe what she wants naaaaaa. He is too principled to play in that nest. So, I chose him for love and chose d other DAT loves d child for a father. Prob solved. Some men can love u endlessly .

  15. A match box. Lord I thank you for him.

  16. Hmmmm, very ironic! The people we love don't even want us & the one's we love hurt us...

    ... Jesus is my worth!

    1. Where you been Since???


    2. On earth oh? Thanks dearie, it means a lot to me!

      ... Jesus is my worth!

  17. Pls where can I get a white guy or which dating site can I use?

  18. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere26 May 2017 at 13:49

    Anon 1.25 ori e ti daru.

  19. I have a match box,looking for an extinguisher, I love craziness

  20. Sometimes,my hubby is an extinguisher(yes,its sometimes like that wen our skoi skoi start)

    But of course,hes definitely my match box most times and this is vice versa.

    U can't have a match box 24hrs a day,7 days a week ......

    1. Just like my man. May God keep them for us

    2. Amen!!

      But Idiato,u hv a man?*I tot they said u have a**"*** lmao

  21. Woht doss a candu nid an extinkwisha for, wehn eat cool be blone off by the muoth eazili....

    HAll eye sea is an onsatifyed ledy whuz dezaya for bigga tinx wheel meck her bitray the one whuz harpyness lais on seaing an mecking her bekom whu she was creathird tobi.

  22. I don't have any of the both. All I want is to build my career.

  23. I had an extinguisher in my life....

    Would never let me air my view on anything except with special permission from him
    Would cut me off mid sentence and tell me a woman isnt supposed to talk when a man is talking.
    would tell me its a man's job to never listen to a woman so the woman wont think she's running the show.
    would tell me women are chicken brained hence need a man to tell them what to do.
    would tell me a woman must do all the house chores and keep her man clean.
    would tell me there a thousand pointed boobs girls out there and if i dont "do the do" when he wants it, then he may get himself one of them.
    Told me i needed supervision all the time....and if wanted to go for a wedding he has to be there else i'd make a fool of myself and his reputation...etc..etc..etc.

    My spirit was crushed ans stiffled...
    I couldnt breathe...
    I couldnt express creativity...intelligence..uniqueness..spiritual gifts..
    I became lost..
    I became withdrawn..
    I lost hope...
    I was filled with regret..
    I thought it was over for me..
    I aged overnight..
    The darkness was crushing me and killing me slowly...

    Then i realised i didnt have to sleep on a thorn-filled bed..
    I had a choice...
    I have a voice...
    People will talk..yes..
    But my sun will shine again...
    I can love the world again..
    I can live again..
    I CAN LEAVE!!!!

    Then i closed my heart to love...
    Up and out i moved...
    Determination and the haunting memories fuelled my burning desire for freedom..

    Then he realized i was no longer going to put up with the abuse, curses, mockery and neglect.

    1. You understand this post perfectly Brenda...

  24. Then the begging started...but no budge.
    The emotional blackmail started...but no budge..
    The threat started..but no budge..
    Every form..shape and color of begging was applied...but no budge..

    Then a realizations came upon him...
    He realized...i was the best woman he's ever met..
    He realized i was a match made in heaven..
    He realized the sacrifices i made because of him...
    He realized the hardship i went through just for him..
    He realized..he realized..he realized..

    But all was too late...
    I had moved on..spirit ..soul..and body.
    And was totally deaf to all forms of appeal..

    Then came a day..just like any other...
    Wasnt feeling too good..still had my memories and trying to deal with all the accompanying demons..
    Felt hungry...must get to my amala and igbegiri joint..have really missed it.
    I went in and sat down after ordering...
    As the food came...i started eating..ignoring evryone else there...
    i was lost in deep thought...when i heard a a voice...
    "Aunty can i sit beside you?
    I looked up...saw a tall and hefty guy just standing and waiting for me to give an answer..
    I looked beside me to make sure there was enough space for his frame...
    "yes...come sit ...i told him and focused on my food..
    He sat beside me and ordered his meal...then engaged another man there in a converstaion...
    I was hearing voices but wasnt really listening....till i heard..
    "No woman will agree she has money ...Husbands will always be the ones to do it all..
    "just like my late wife would always tell me doesnt have money..even though she was working... "aaahh women ehhnn!
    My ears and interest was piqued because i know better..i've been there..and it aint always like that.
    Then i spoke up without thinking..."please dont rope every woman as the same..You havent met all the women in the world except those you know please talk about them and dont generalize. "There women who do everything for a guy and still end up being cursed..mocked and unappreciated..

    Yea" i gave him all the works...Yes" i was an emotional volcano looking looking for where to erupt...and those men at the Amala joint did get an ear full from me..

    While i talked about my experience..He leaned over and whispered..."I am going to show you love like no other"
    I gave him a disdainful look and turned away...
    the a young man asked me...How do i get a good woman to marry..and i told him what to look out for in a woman before taking such permanent decision.

    Then the "Big" guy talked about something that had to do with his church..and i realized he worships with winners...
    I couldnt resist greeting him with the Winners' slogan...
    "My case is different" and he answered me"..and so is mine...
    Then he told me he would like a word with me outside...then went outside to wait for me...

    To be continued.....

    1. Please continue

    2. Wow!
      You write so well BrendaπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    3. U have simply arose my appetite. Not for ur amala and gbegri but for ur well articulated story. Continue babe, u r on point. Love ur style of writing. I'm a matchbox looking for a candle to light.

  25. Thank you monkey face. Its sad most men of this generation don't know what marriage is. Marriage is not about slay Queen,nice hips, pretty face etc. Marriage is deep. Even the bible says if you find a wife, you obtain favour from God. Not all women are wife material...
    I'm 32, with a good job and a house to myself. I've been insulted by most of my Friends and. Family about getting a wife.
    I'm sorry I wouldn't be in a hurry, I know what a bad woman spit is like. I've lost 3 brothers from their mistake of not marrying right. If is about pretty, these women were. Men here me if you miss marrying a good woman, your generation is cursed. Also, you will die early!
    See the list of women monkey face listed above, I will include chiamanda also. If its based on face, our men of this generation wouldn't give a fuck about them. But guess what, these women are worth more than precious stones, they are keeper, my own idea of slay queens.
    Someone might ask so Mr why are you picky?
    The answer is because I've discovered my purpose in life, and why God brought me into existence, that's why I should be careful choosing a partner because I know most people haven't figured this out about themselves and
    My fellow men, if only you can be careful!!! Life is short. Enjoy it only with the woman God destined for you.

    1. Impressive. I'm 27 and a lady. Mind meeting?

  26. Put my fire out and i will get another lighter to light it up real quick, marriage no be bondage. Last last we go dey alright.

  27. Enter your comment...My Man Is Both But At The Moment He Is An Annoying Extinguisher...Very Annoying Sometimes I'ld Wish I Had A Side Dude.

  28. Stella Where Is My Comment?

  29. I have fund my match box after experiencing many times my fire being extinguished. i tell u he was worth the wait. ladies having a fire extinguisher will drain u physically, emotionally, materially, and spiritually. Wait till that match box comes and he would forever light your world

  30. I once had an extinguisher, nearly married him but God came to my rescue. He felt i was too ambitious, opinionated and had to be put in my place as an African woman. I was humiliated, insulted and given dos and donts. Thank God for saving me from ending up as a bush village wife. Here i am living better and about to cross to the Western world to practice as a professional. I also have a man who worships the very ground i walk on, loves me to the moon and back and supports me to achieve greater heights in my career. I wish i can love him more. God bless him

  31. match box i have but once in a while he could Fire extinguisher.

  32. I almost ended with an extinguisher if not for God,a gold digging extinguisher that jazzed a lady all in the name of marriage. Brethren, help me thank God

    F O

  33. Rather than judging the circumstances surrounding you, have the insight to see that there is only one fickle candle in the picture.


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