Stella Dimoko BBNaija Former Housemates Tboss And Kemen Are Now Friends After Brouhaha..Interview Text.


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Friday, June 23, 2017

BBNaija Former Housemates Tboss And Kemen Are Now Friends After Brouhaha..Interview Text.

So we spent all Night listening to this interview and transcribing it into text just for you...

This is one confusing Interview...They say there was no issue of consent and there was no issue of assault,the more I read,the more confused I became but most important thing is that Kemen and Tboss are now friends and they ask you to also move on and spread love....

Life outside the BBNaija house?


I hoped that it will be big but since I got out, its way more than I expected. The love, you know so much love, its just crazy but so far its been fun.


Its been same. Fun and love, mixed feelings and acceptability but all the same, the platform was worth it.

How has it been and how has the whole drama affected you and how have you been able to manage it individually?


I have this silly habit of reading the comments people put up for my pictures, but a lot of hates , its been really difficult dealing with that because I used to cry at the beginning but at this point I don’t, I don’t even see it anymore. It used to hurt me a lot you know because people twisted the whole thing like in a very very bad nut, it felt like no matter what I did or no matter what I tried to say, it was misinterpreted the wrong way. 

So that really made me feel sad because its like no body cared to even find out the truth, no body is interested in the positive, its all about the negative, they fed up that negative news and that is what they ran away with.


Just like Tboss said, a lot of things were not analysed in the right way and it did cause a lot of damage to our personalities. 

It gave her some undeserved negativity. The way it was placed made it look like I was the one who laid the allegation but the truth was that she didn’t go out there to say this was what happened to me;

TBoss cuts in: because the truth is that I didn’t even know in the first place, I didn’t even know about the incident what happened, I didn’t have a clue about it. The whole day we were cool, we had Patoraking in the house, we had a fun day preparing for the possible eviction, I didn’t have a clue about what was going on, so just for me to see the video, ofcourse I was hurt, I was angry, I was ashamed. I just wanted to but that was it and the next thing you were…

Kemen continues: you know moving on from there, like I said, I really wish that we had an opportunity to talk (I and Tboss) before leaving the house, I really wished we had that opportunity to talk, I really wish it was possible for us to be called into the diary room together to analyse the video that was out there that led to my disqualification. You know coming out from the house there was a lot of things out there, you won’t know which one to talk for and which one to talk against. 

I heard people say things like, well people that were seems to be in support of me, said things like; why will she say she didn’t hear when you were touching her? And I am like, there was no touch down there, then the whole touch thing didn’t come in to play (Tboss cuts in; and a lot of people say that you (TBoss) were not dead why would you say that you did not feel someone was touching you?)

 Kemen continues; Some other people said things like, what about when she been dey give you green light and I am like the whole issue of green light didn’t even come in, we had a cordial relationship in the house, we were mutual friends, you get, so that was how it is, I have/ I showed great respect for Tboss when I was in the house and I wouldn’t change that for any reason whatsoever but of course the decision for purpose of the people that will get confuse at this point was based on the house rules that says that Big brother is responsible for the safety of the housemates.

Do you guys think that you guys were setup at a point?

Kemen: it was a clear case of house rule that says everything that happens in the house especially when it comes to some sort of relationship aspect has to be consented to and of course in that issue what happened, there was an issue of unconsented touch -you get, but my disqualification was not because (Forgive my language) slipping my hands into Tboss’s pants because it didn’t happen but of course there was a case of touching her without her consent which Big brother said okay all housemates should be safe, should be protected so because of that you have violated the house rule. So but people twisted it, I have been called several names, I have been called rapist, I have been called the sexual molester so you know sorts she also has been seen as a pretender and the whole thing was, it was too much of emmm…

TBoss cuts in; a lot of people blamed me for his disqualification, (Kemen- yea) and I just got to find out that I actually knew that he was going to get disqualified, I didn’t know all of this. I found out the minute all housemates found out so that really hurt me because I did consider him a friend in that house but the issue of green light, No that never came into play. He always motivated me and pushed me to push myself, to be more interactive with the housemates so yea it was just a really silly incident.

So now you are talking, are you guys going to work together in the future?

Kemen: well for me, TBoss has always been one of those housemates that I wanted to be friends with outside the house, I had a couple of plans I thought I will be able to execute with her on board of course with the other housemates so if she gives me the opportunity, I will love to do some stuff  with her- business related.

Tboss, your first interview you reframed from talking about the issue, so what has changed now about the incident in the house that led to his (Kemen) eviction?

I didnt speak about it because I wasnt ready. And I like to be prepared in my head first of all because I realised since I came out of the house no matter what I say or do or dont do it is misinterpreted the wrong way.

I didnt want to be put under pressure to speak about it because I was still very hurt, I was still very angry at him because I really felt I was betrayed and what happened in the house is actually forgiveable but there is this interview that I saw afterwards that I wasnt okay with because it was borned out of context aswell but now I am in the good place and I just know that, I have forgiven him already in my heart but I didnt come out to say it bcos it is not everything you come out to say but alot of people have been speaking to me about forgive, forgive but I have already forgiven him but I was like you know I dont want to talk, they kept putting pressure on me - you included (Azuka), and now I just took hold of the opportunity that he was going to be at (mention location), I was also going to be there, you know what, why dont we bury the hatchet, whats the point, so now I am comfortable enough to speak about it .

People/social media are also suggesting you guys might be dating so are you considering that?

Tboss and Kemen shaking both heads and laughing- No! No!

Kemen, how do you feel about this reconciliation knowing the fact that you guys were good friends in the house and this led to alot of misunderstanding and people saying whats not

The truth is that I have always wanted to talk with her. I told myself that whatever she decides at the end of the day I needed an opportunity to talk to her, she needs to hear me out bcos that is the one thing we lacked before we left the house.

But that was abit difficult to acchieve. I spoke to a couple of people about the fact that I really needed us to talk, I mean whatever she chooses or decided at the end of the day but if she chooses to hear me out, she should let me know.

But I feel good not just bcos we have worked things out but bcos I can now totally feel I have forgiven myself bcos I can, I now undestand her pains and she has been able to say ok I believe you to this point, you hurt me, she was able to let me know where I really hurt her and once again (to Tboss), I sincerely apologise to all the whole issue I have caused you, the dramas, everything and hopefully as we get along, if I can, I will make it up to you if given the opportunity.

Now that both of you are friends, we are happy about this goodnews, what will you do differently to move forward let people know that people in life we have issues but there is a time to fall and a time to makeup?

Well I keep and the one answer I give is I dont think there is anything I will do differently but I will just do things moderately because the one lesson I have learnt is the fact that there is need for us to be very conscious about the next person.

So I was going to ask you too bcos I remember the backlash you had on social media, how were you able to stay positive? I mean I read some of the comments, I was like I hope this guy wont go on something nasty. How were u able to stay positive and still be able to go out to events and act like as if nothing is happening?

Without trying to sound too spiritual, i will say God gave me an unsual strenght bcos I seat back now and I asks myself how was I able to cope. There were times I broke down, there were days I will stay up the whole night without sleeping, there were days where I will couldnt pick up (the phone). I remember my dad called me, I didnt pickup my dad's call, I didnt pick up my mum's call, becos I didnt know what, I knew they were calling to maybe give me a word or two encouragement but I didnt know how to face them bcos I felt I had disappointed the whole world but I was surrounded by very positive friends and I mean the Nigerian society is one that just believe in giving people an opportunity to prove that they are better persons, so everything just worked out well gradually.

Finally, what do you guys have to say to your fans out there to the Tbossnation and Kemen Fitness Fans?

You know to err is human and to forgive is divine and this scenario, this whole incident has taught me just how amazing I am really and its difficult becos watching the video you see something and I felt a whole lots of betrayal and disappointments from someone I considered a friend, but I also realise that (OMG) life is too short, life is just too short, you know but I dont want to keep dragging this unnecessary baggage becos I am always going to bump into Kemen and I cant be walking around like squeezing my face or like hating him. Like I can do the ignoring thing like I can even just ignore you but I dont want to do that bcos we have a history which wasnt unpleasant until you know so whats the point, why am I dragging that? I have too many things to deal with in my life, you know, why not forgive the guy. He (Kemen) has made a lot of attempts to get to me, a lot of people of spoken to me, I dont want to sound like noctuhead so I forgive, I didnt come out until this opportunity presented itself and we are all jumped upon so we are good, myself and kemen we are good. Bossnation please you guys dont attack him, please dont attack me, I have gotten so much negative stuff from people. Lets just move on and the funny thing is (Message to haters), for all of you out there who are not happy about it (laughs/make mockery), hey, out here, like seriously, get on board. Lets just be happy. Spread love.


She (Tboss) said everything. There is need to always be peaceful, maintaining peaceful co-existence generally so I am happy. The message I have out there is there is no issue that cant be resolved thru dialogue and the social media guys, make una cool down small abeg (laughs).
Doing this does not make eh, accepting to talk does not make her a weaker person neither doesn it make me a weaker person.

Tboss cuts in
- I think it makes us stronger, bcos we have risen above the hates on what was and what wasnt, we have decided to rise above it alland let love. That does not mean please to anyone who is going to twist things around, this does not mean that I actually knew what was happening or whatever. I found out at night on Sunday that eviction night, so No I did not know about it in the first place.

Kemen continues, what she means is there was no issue of consent (Tboss Nodded in support), there was no issue of green light, there was no issue of assault.

In one voice (Kemem and Tboss), so lets just move on.

Ok nice nice nice we are happy everything is sorted. Thank you guys for finding time to come to the studio and we hope to see more of Tboss and Kemen working together in future.

Tboss - Never say never
Tboss and Kemen echoed Thank you

Interview by Media Hub...


  1. Thank God for them. Peace and love is all we need.

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      I do too.

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      Let Peace reign finally.

  3. Lmao, Tboss has finally allowed the hatred people have for her to bend her. Tboss you are a liar, the only reason you're pretending to be cool with Kemen is because you feel it will make people love you. Dear they disliked you even before the kemen ish occurred.When biggy showed you the video why didn't you say you weren't touched inappropriately. Keep lying Tboss, people can see through your manipulative act.

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  5. issss!!! her brain is still shaking. i started watching the video then i stop.
    hope she stops being too sensitive and stop playing the victim card too.
    Kemen dear, God gat your back, and we will continue to support you irrespective of how the bad efut tries to ruin your life and career. am glad you came out from that trap stronger and wiser.
    now let the useless anon come under my comment and spew trash like they always do. all i gat for you is.

    *flips hair and walks away*

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  6. How can this interview confuse anyone?
    A very clear interview is confusing? Kemen said he didnt get consent from tboss before attempting to touch her inappropriately.. tboss said she felt sad how everythting happened considering that she took him as a friend. Even coming out to hear his many contracdicting interviews was hurtful.

    Finally Kemen realised it is not okay to think you have the right to a woman's body just cos u found yourself in a peculiar environment where they share beds. He has learnt i know.

  7. "It gave her some undeserved negativity. The way it was placed made it look like I was the one who laid the allegation but the truth was that she didn’t go out there to say this was what happened to me;"

    What he said is they made it look like SHE was the one that laid the allegation.

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