Stella Dimoko Caesar, Eva Alordiah's Ex Fiance Discredits Trending Video + Confirms Breakup


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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Caesar, Eva Alordiah's Ex Fiance Discredits Trending Video + Confirms Breakup

Rapper Eva Alordiah's ex confirms that they are no longer together and shuts down trending video where he talked about their love saying it was a day before the break up........

A post shared by Caesar Ume-ezeoke (@iam_caesar) on

I didn't want to say anything...but seeing that this is misleading people I wanna set it straight. THIS INTERVIEW WAS DURING GOALFEST A DAY BEFORE THE BREAK UP. unfortunately @officialhiptv released this late hence misleading lots of people. Some people think I'm lying here and living in denial, others are already taking sides, believing there was this big fight and someone did something wrong...what if two adults just decided to move on?. I learned something a long time ago.. we don't see situations the way they are..we see situations the way WE are...a negative minded man will see negativity in any situation no matter how clear it is. Those who are able to rid their minds of negativity stand taller than most. More Grace.

Eva stop bringing your relationships online..This is the second one...or next time do it the hollywood styleee,keep kissing and dont say anything......dont talk about him on your social media Mysterious...Good luck with the next babe.


Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

hmmmmmmmm. Eva oya shatap and do another song make we buy

Na wa i just checked instablog and saw the video of the dare devil robbers that attacked zenith bank in Owerri. Chai

May God keep all his children safe Amen

Kim Na Na said...

Eeyah.. After becoming "smeagol" for a long time.. It is well..
Like u said, two adult decided to move on...! E Ma wa alright last last.

Rocky said...

I just knew they weren't going to work. The whole stunt at the 2015 headies award which wasn't given a thought was the beginning of their troubles

Better luck next time Eva

Miss Ess said...

24hrs ago they were cool. The next minute shit happens.

Anonymous said...

Stella who are u advising?abeg save sweat for soemone better.she be pikin?

Anonymous said...

Nigga cute though 😍

ABUA Babe said...

Eehyaaa! Una go dey alryt


Pls im tired of this their matter. If you know you aint ready to start marriage proceedings with a girl e.g introduction atleast. Do not propose to any woman. Especially in a public way.
Eva its better for you, this guy seems like an egotistical brokeass.
Atleast you didnt marry, have a child and break up like Ubi franklin. Thank you stars for that.
Focus on yourself, your career. If music aint working find another career and keep next relationship off SM until your wedding day.
Lastly go for deliveranc, either in CLAM or MFM. Is this not the 2nd failed engagement ?

CHI EXOTIC said...

I legit don't like this guy
He looks like a fuckboy.

OLOLADE said...

just like that? and they were engaged for how long? hopefully she haven't missed her real husband while acting as a ring bearer; one reason why one should not be engaged for too long. best of luck to her

Amaka Hundeyin said...

I don't understand why people talk about their personal stuffs online, nobody cares really, people are just looking for the next gist to feed on.
Na you sabi

Mz Poundz said...

you mean 2nd breakup?? awwwww
feel so sorry..move on you both
that's why public engagement isn't always cool

Jeni_zee said...

Who come be the first guy?

Anonymous said...

Saw the video e be like movie o!! Only God can keep us

Pipi Lee said...

My precious precious

Hilary Clinton said...

Maybe they discovered that they're both AS. Who knows?
Such cute couple.
I personally like Eva. A lot! I looove the song she did for shuga.

Anonymous said...

What does this guy do for a living?

General Zod said...

Their 15 minutes was up ages ago. Why is this topic still a thing?

Anonymous said...

He may look like a fcukboy but he isn't. Caesar is a likeable dude. I can vouch for him to some extent. I think i know what the problem leading to their break up is but I'm not 100% sure therefore I'm not spilling anything. All the best Caesar. All the best Eva.
Wassup Caesar, do you still have that skull head pendant/necklace or you allowed Yinka/Kabuchy take it from you? Lol.
And I remembered to go anon

Village People said...

My advise is that this guy should NEVER go for any headies again!The thing nor dey favour am all.Who knows what might happen at the next one?Girls fit just gather am beat for the next one.

Headies 2015-Public proposal that should have been so romantic but Badoo and Don jazzy use quarrel scatter the romantic mood wey dey the atmosphere.

Headies 2016-Bros wan shake 'yanga'man-wizzy and na the most talked about 'ela' of all time burst out.

Maybe that was the point where Eva started having a rethink,as in,after Wizkid said he saw 'nothing'.She go done dey ask herself since say "I am actually going to marry nothing-a nobody?"

Bros Ceasar,if you were so confident that you guys were together 'the night before the break up,that means na she dump you.Life goes on sha.

anonymous said...

bed and roses,please, how does clam deliverance work? like how many days?hows the fasting like?the overall procedure? and how powerful is their prayer? it's urgent please. thanks

GALORE said...

@Eva don get belle.. .yanga don end

@Ceazer the fuck boy.. .after introducing her to your numerous bad life style.. ..

You still dey take "Ganja?


GALORE said...

Another person we e go clear for eye like @7up na @Mocheda. ..make she still dey do Yeye love

I dey here dey wait

When women don't use their brain, this is what they get


GALORE said...

Hahahaha... Him dey work with @CoolTv... He does one rap programme and also one nonsense @Gentleman's corner

Then also a fuck boy

He don chop @Eva money finish.. .he give @Eva "Jibiti OBO"


GALORE said...


Better stop being a fuck boy

No one cares


Bold Marehi said...

Their breakup their business.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

This Galore chai

GALORE said...

Lol.. You talk am well


GALORE said...

@Yori Yori.. .@Ceazer is the causer.... Him don do "Jibiti ObO" for @Eva

Well.. .@TOTO no dey read meter


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