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Monday, June 05, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




Hi Stella, much love. Straight to the point. I have been in a committed relationship for two years now.

Recently, my prophetess told me that she saw in a vision that my man has a chain of girlfriends but I am the one in his heart. She also said my man has no self-control as regards women. 

Though he gives me undivided attention, if I called him and he's on call waiting, immediately he sees my call,he puts whoever he's speaking with on hold and picks up my call, he discuses issues with me before anyone else, he always try to make me feel secured in the relationship.

I stylishly told him all the prophetess said but didn't mention the person that told me. He pulled his shoes and started swearing to his father's grave that he is innocent of it all. 

Before I knew it,he called my mum to warn me to stop listening to rumours. 

Stella, my confusion is this: the prophetess has said things to me before in the past that were absolutely true, so why would she lie about this one. I tend to believe her because I have caught my man sneaking glances at ladies when we drive out several times.

 There was a time a lady called me to warn my man to stop disturbing her, my man denied it then too. 

Right now I don't know if I should breakup with him, because I don't want to be married to someone that will be chasing girls around behind my back.

My fellow Bvs, what should I expect from someone who has no self-control with women?

1. Who should I believe?
2. Though he's super caring with me, can I ever be happy marrying someone who chases girls?
Pls, I need ur red pen and that of bvs

*If you believe your prophetess,why are you hesitating and asking us?..Even men that dont flirt steal glances...
Dont you look at other men?since when did looking become the actual crime itself?
Abeg I dont have any advice for you cos i see this as looking for trouble where there is none.



Hi Stella,I'm a big fan of your of the silent bvs,I've never commented...

My question is really straight boyfriend has refused to acknowledge our relationship on social media..I don't have a problem with putting up his picture.. The last time I used his picture as my dp,my sister was asking why I always use his picture and he has never used this acceptable or am I just being worried for nothing?

PS.we've been together for about a year and half

Keep me anonymous... Thanks

You might have a right to be worried if your man is a serial lover...


  1. Why do these "prophets and prophetesses" tell you girls "everything" about your life except that the God you all claim to worship says; "flee fornication"
    That he hates hands that shed innocent blood?
    How did you; a supposed Christian end up always seeking prophetesses and not Christ?

    1. Lmaoooooooooooooo. This is deep!
      Ndi prophets and prophetesses

    2. @poster two,please understand this!
      There is a difference between:
      1) private Relationship
      2) Secret Relationship and
      3) public Relationship

      Egs;In private,your close friends alone would know that "Stella is Dating Martins"..There is little/No flaunting to the public here..

      In secret,the relationship is strictly between " Stella and Martins"..No one knows of this except maybe we end up getting Married..

      In public,all and sundry knows that "Stella and Martins" are in a relationship..and a higher percentage of lovers in this category enjoy flaunting their other half on their S.M handle..

      Now why the above explanation???

      Not every man loves showing off their lady on the S.M handle.there are men who love private relationships! And it doesnt mean they love the lady less;neither can one say he loves her more..and you just cant use this basis to rate the love shared!!
      Love is just in the heart and actions here;cos a private man doesnt love throwing his business to people's faces,not even after marriage tho..

      So get your facts right,and know the kinda relationship you are into,then know the kinda personality your man has..that would help you take your judgement here wisely..



    3. Many matured people do not like posting their relationship on social media and whatsapp d. P and that includes me,hubby uses my picture frequently but I only used his once, as for facebook I've not done that till today, whether birthday or anniversary

    4. Poster 2: use your brain na. Must you use his pix as your dp? Haba. What if u guys break up?

    5. diamond in d house5 June 2017 at 17:04

      Poster 1, u tire meoooooo. So u cant go down on ur knees n tell God 2 reveal d hiddens things 2 u? u cant go down on ur knees n ask God if dat guy is truly urs? I pity u. Kip believing ur prophetess till u r doomed 4 lyf.

    6. Poster 1,are you sure it wasn't your prophetess that called you to warn your bf?prophets have done more harm than good in peoples life,stop patronising them,be your own prophet! Seek God when He can be found,He is d revealer of deep secrets.poster 2,there is something I understand about deep and true love,it is not ashamed, it makes you behave like a baby and yes,you maybe dealing with a serial cheat!no matter how strict you are,you want to let the world know your partner is yours!even if it has to be once in a while. Love intoxicates, I must say you are yet to find it.

    7. Some of una no go kill person with laugh.

      Poster 2, so social media love is your problem? Continue.

      My man likes tge social media thingy but I told him not to ever put up my pics. Even on my birthday, he just wished me a happy birthday like others.

      When we marry, he can put up my pics. Engagement no be marriage.

    8. Poster One.. watch and pray..
      Poster two.. You don't have a problem..tho some person(s) don't really care.. you should be worried if you know or you are suspecting your said guy to be cheating on you hence he wouldn't use your picx cos he wouldn't like to hurt anyone..

  2. Narrative number 1, e be like say your relationship don tire u. Keep listening to prophetess. Rubbish. Narrative 2, must he flaunt u on sm? U no serious

    1. Poster 2 your boyfriend is still looking for any available girl, you are not his heart beat and he doesn't want to put you up in order not to reduce his chances of meeting his soul mate. He isn't in the same relationship with you

    2. Push up ya head dey there. πŸ‘Œ

  3. I have never use my husband pics on my Sm account neither has He use mine too and I am not ready to use my kids own too. So poster 2 it depend on if He post other girls pics or not.

    1. Really? Hian. Even after marriage? Ok o

    2. God bless you my sister .

      Leboo has used my pics about three times on WhatsApp but I've never used his on mine,we are not friends on FB even Instagram he has just one pix while I have just 7 and we've been on Instagram for over two years .
      I will do pre wedding shoot and all those things but its for my own pleasure so the pix won't be out there for all to see.
      I'm a very private person and it doesn't mean I don't love my man,I don't just like PDA ,SM has killed many relationships.

      About poster going to prophetesses ,biko how do you guys do it seff,listening to other people tell u about ur present or future? Well probably its bcos I know how to talk to my God and I get answers quickly .

      You know your man is cheating ,you're just comfortable cos you think he respects and cares about you more than others but all na wash sha.

    3. Poster 2 you should only be worried if he is flaunting other babes. If he is not flaunting other people then it is not so bad, but he can still acknowledge you on important dates like your birthday. Don't mind those saying there is no big deal, it can be a salient indicator of where you stand with your man. More so if he is the type always on his phone and does not allow you with it freely. I don talk my own.

    4. What they don't know is, a guy can flaunt his wedding pic, child dedication pic, wifey pic online and still be fucking one or two girls that are there 'liking' those pics.

  4. Poster one I just pity you big time,so in this kind of an erra that we are,you are still believing prophetess. Go ahead and break ur relationship because of a prophet.

    Poster two..not every man wants his relationship to be known when he hasnt put a ring so relax

  5. My dear poster 1 & 2, break up with those serial dumbfucks. You deserve better. Try lesbianism. Haba; not man everyday. Remember a broken engagement is better than a broken home. Don't waste anymore of your time, nobody is getting any younger.
    Those men are abusers. In fact, all men are.

    1. 😦 am disappointed in u miyake I was thinking u will be among the few sensible once in sdk

    2. Change your dealer...his product is too strong for u

    3. Miyake was being sarcastic
      Read in between his comment and you will know this was a sacastic reply

      And I know the reason for the sacarsm πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. @Anonymous15:28, calm dahn bro, biko; is* not everyday someone will be having sense na, loosen up broah, life is not “black&white" always!
      @TigerHead battery, I use Duracell; try it out, very durable.
      @FabulousMum, tuale for you.😚

  6. Lwkm...

    I think I need to become a prophetess, so that I can have so much control on naive people's lives, tell them what to eat or not, what to wear or not...

    Poster 1, I don't see where you have asked God yourself about this man. It's the prophetess that can only talk to God abi? You are a grandchild of God abi? Kontinuu...

    Poster 2. Is he a private person? What/who does he use for his DP normally? If he's using other women, then you should stop using him.

    But if he is like my ex who uses a flower as DP for a whole year without have nothing to worry about except if his behaviour says otherwise.

  7. 1 poster) allow Godd. To speak to u, not man

    2 poster) dude gat other babes and not so into u, but still putting up ur Pic on His Dp Doesn't guarantee. U jack! Use ya head!

  8. Poster one....when you make man your God,you have willingly given up on your peace of mind.
    Poster two.....who do epp?

  9. Poster one...
    No man is perfect!...
    If you leave this one,the next man might be worse...
    Chasing everything in skirt might be his weak point!...
    Marry him and chain his dick spiritually so it won't function with another babe...

    Poster 2,
    Did you say your boyfriend?...dude has not married you so Stop putting up his...
    Men don't put all their eggs in one basket!...
    Dude is still fishing for babes that are better than you!...
    I hope you are not dating only him!...

  10. The first poster, you are in a relationship with a dog, either you make up your mind to deal with it, or you continue living in denial.

    2nd madam. Men don't acknowledge relationship on social media, if they have not made up their minds on what/who they want to be with... he's probably still trying to make up his mind. I will advise that you keep an open mind and also let him do it when he is ready.

  11. What a wawu chronicle. P1

    Poster two, did u juats start dating?
    I hate anyone flaunting my on SM, don't flaunt me on ur handles I hate dat kind exposure, my opinion sha.

  12. I love my husband but I hardly use his pix as DP, even during our courtship. Whereas, he uses mine and our child's Pixs.
    Also, I will never go on Facebook or any social media to declare love such as during birthdays etc cos I despise it so much. It doesn't mean I love him less. And yes, I am a female.
    Bottom line, I see no big deal in this.

    1. God bless u

      Biko so that when the home breaks ,it will just be between the couples and not when their followers starts asking questions that are uncalled for.

      May ur home never break in Jesus name !!!

      Dp ko hbp nii

  13. Poster one:

    Do you know that you are in bondage to your "prophetess?"
    You want proof?
    Let's hear from Jesus who you claim to worship: "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me" Jn. 10:27
    Did he say, "My prophetesses or shepherds hear my voice . ..?"
    If you are his follower; his sheep, why don't you hear him; could it be sin; fornication?
    did this prophetess of yours tell you that fornication is sinful before the Lord and he wants you to flee from that?
    If not, don't you think she is deceiving you?
    Begin to seek Christ instead of your "prophetess"
    For then shall you know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

    Poster 2:

    You want to be in "social media relationship" or you want to get married and have a peaceful home; which one?

  14. Poster 1 can you tame the dog?

    Poster 2.... your boyfriend is hiding somethings from you or may be he is not the type that is internet crazy.

    Anyway posters 1 and 2 go dey alright. relationship matters una continue

  15. All I see are dumb questions, poster two, he is not married to u o, receive sense o, is it not even for u, shield yourself till u get married

    1. Poster one,dat ur guy is rampant! Forget wat ur prophetess told u!he wld still cheat on u even if u marry him!beta dump him now,before it gets too late! He wld keep chasing anytin in skirt even if u marry him am telling u! Poster 2,na wa for u o! Someone dat is not married to u,u are displaying his pics on ur dp!are u a learner? U wan put sansan for hin garri?u think u d only one his dating?u had beta behave urself and learn to be discreet in ur Situationship with him! Cos as far as am concerned,u d one dating d guy not d guy dating u! He obviously is not proud of u!so be guided! Use ur brain to follow him not ur heart inugo?

  16. You girls miss asking the "author of life" questions about the life of his creatures instead you hang your hopes in humans who can fail at any time. Humans who also have desires like you; to get married and have kids. Humans who can be prone to jealousy and greed?

    Your prophetess is a human just like you.

    1. Noo she's a higher human

      Me may seff na prophetess on my own lane.

      Prophetess ko,profitess nii

  17. Why do these "prophets and prophetesses" tell you girls "everything" about your life except that the God you all claim to worship says; "flee fornication"
    That he hates hands that shed innocent blood?
    How did you; a supposed Christian end up always seeking prophetesses and not Christ?

  18. Dilettantes.....


  19. Two posters..

    Baby girls listen carefully.. MEN CHEAT!!!!! All that is left to you both is decide if you'll leave or stay and endure! Simple..

    Poster 2- I included you because he is probably cheating on you, that's why he can't bodly show you off. Or he is ashamed of you.. Go and SNOOP

  20. In fact I didn't want my January boo (side eyes @stellz) to know about the March boo, so I never kept him on my dp and he didn't bother putting me because he can keep a single pic for 6 months. There's no biggie with dP except he's a cheat.

    My dear! Get ready to be getting married to a LIAR n a CHEAT

    1. Thank you!

      When u date a guy who's not a SM freak,he won't even realize if you're on his WhatsApp or not.

      Some guys can use you as dp die but still be cheating on u steady!

  21. Women in this blog making me laugh all the time.I have come to notice that the only thing an average woman thinks always is love, and my man ishh.Later una go dey talk who man EPP?lol.Men are busy making money and flexing una continue to carry our matter like gele,as una go dey alright last last
    Poster 1 and 2 go and enjoy una life I don't see any problem here.



      AND YES, I AM SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Lmao! πŸ˜‚

    3. Savage!!! Hahahahahahahahaha

    4. Anon15:47 jiriwayo on d guy na.hahahahaha

  22. Poster 1 - I think you already know what you want to do. You're tired of the relationship so trust your woman's intuition.

    Poster 2 - You're supposed to know the type of man you're dating. Is he into social media? Is he expressive? how does he feel about PDA? It may be nothing but it may also be something so talk to him about it if it bothers you. Communication is KEY in a relationship - Good or bad, just talk to him.

  23. i am going annonymous on this . Poster two , stop advertising a man who does not do same. There is 100 percent chance you are not yet his dream woman . Dating is not marriage and is far from engagement . Just imagine after showcasing him so much , he ends up not marrying you . will you showcase the next guy? How many boyfriends will you showcase till you eventually get married . Your status shud be single or married . Not even in a relationship . if you want hear word if not be sheepishly acting like a fool .Ok Bye

  24. N1. I believe in catching someone pants down. Visit him unannounced, be creative and don't push it. N2. I don't know how to help you because am not a fan of picture display except if am married to you. Boyfriend isn't a serious matter to worry about pictures. He may have many of you out there. Not putting his eggs in one basket remember?

  25. Poster 1,leave all this prophet talk and pray about u.poster 2..hmmm

  26. 2 jobless posters , abeg make una carry ya matter go village square. Long hissssssssssssss

  27. Poster 1>I stopped reading when I saw prophetess.
    Poster 2> putting your relationship on SM is not advisable ,what if you guys break up do you go deleting all the pictures and comments.if you are suspecting he is cheating then you have a problem.. ..

    1. Thank you
      Like some of my friends do, dem dey change man like pant.
      Today dem be "funds barbie" tomorrow na "stainless queen" next tomorrow "olori chase funds"

      I just smh

  28. Poster one must you listen to a prophetess before taking any decision? Why are you looking for a problem where there is non?..Are you looking for a saint? Please relax. Poster 2. Please leave SM alone and concentrate on your relationship.

  29. Poster 1...keep following prophetes until they turn your life inside out...ur man respects u and u wanna throw it all away, because for some punks called prophetess?
    I dey laugh u shaa

    Poster 2: Drinker coffee and worry no more.

    For real..pple dey use them hand damage their affairs!

    Too bad

  30. Poster 1 what gives you assurance that the next guy you will come across after you break up with this one will not cheat? Try and catch him red handed before breaking up with him. Poster 2 i don't use my husband pictures on my dp, he is not even married to you yet you are complaining.

  31. What is this craze about displaying your relationship on social media. I have been married for 7 months now..nobody on facebook or instagram knows..just close friends and family that attended. My hubby is not a social media freak either. Please pay attention to how your man treats you and not how he posts on social media...poster two!

    Please..poster one..dont you pray? Ask God for godly wisdom and discernment. Your prophetess sounds like a soothsayer. God will reveal what is hidden to you..perhaps he already has. GOD can speak to you directly ..are you ready to listen?

  32. Poster 2 i've never comented too.
    I'm worried that one day i'll need people's advice on here nd no one will comment too.😠😌
    U dont comment n u said it bodly as if we asked u. Na who wan advice u now?
    Go n meet your fellow ghost visitors they might have answers to ur questions. How i hate that shit u guys say. "i dont comment" "i'm a silent bv"
    So na we be noise makers ni??????
    Iranu dee wawwu.

  33. @Poster 1 - Biko pray about it before you take any hasty decision. I have heard of prophets who misled people, even after they gave accurate prophecies previously. I usually don't do such things because I am afraid of familiar spirits. But just pray about it you hear? And as for stealing glances.... dude! stop imagining things okay?

    @poster 2 - I once saw this on a WhatsApp broadcast "if a man doesn't flaunt you on social media, don't flaunt him.... if he acts like you don't exist, please act like you are widowed". It's a simple case of taking his pictures down and putting up a status that you're single but not searching on all your social media handles. Proceed to posting stuff with all girls hangout pics henceforth, caption 'my girls are the best boos'. That should get him to have a conversation about it and you both can agree on boundaries. If it doesn't, nne act like youre widowed. lol. Even though I recommend and practice privacy in relationships, at least people should know you are not available - not forming single. #nononsense

    1. Dis chikito ehn... lols. Act like ur widowed truly.

  34. Please borrow sense from your sister. Nigerian ladies n prophets.

  35. I dated a guy that was always getting prophesies from diff pastors.
    Today pastor John said if i marry u, we won't be happy.
    Tommorow pastor Tom said we'll get married in August 9th 2015. Kwaekwakwa....
    Next week pastor Gilbert said u'll kill me with knife if i marry u. Wtf!
    When i noticed how stupid but nice he was, i made up my mind not to waste my time with him. He kept sending me money n i kept spending it. Thats for being a dumb f**k.
    Anytime we had issues, he'll go n explain everything to one of his prophets and they will tell him its marine husband that is disturbing his sisters not me.
    Keep listening to prophetess u hear? I know u don't leave her shrine without dropping money for beer😑.
    Some of u will go see a native doctor, shame wont let u say the truth.

  36. posters Una go dey alright..abeg neighbors where can I download nobody love me like Jesus by Neville D..pls help ur next door neighbor

    1. You can only buy or ask someone close to you that has it to transfer it to you.

  37. poster 1 continue to dey post ur bf pix for ur DM u na only one bf u get where as ur bf get Una plenty abeg get urself more oda bf so u won't be bothered when ur pix isn't on DM cos u self won't post anyone's pic.

  38. Hia which kind chronicles b dis bikonu.Poster 1 and 2 shuu enjoy una relationship na.afterall marraige is not yet involved.these are normal things men do!

  39. Poster 1 you are very naive are polygamous in nature,men flirt and cheat and it's in their nature so deal with it.

  40. P1 atimes does prophets spill trash d times dat she told u tins n u saw dem happen might just be a coincidence, from ur narrative he loves n respect u y all these?

    P2 why making a big deal out of nothing? Wud u have preferred he flaunts u on SM n not in his heart? Be wise!!

  41. Poster 2 u hv never commented and she should keep u anonymous? Aren't u anonymous already? BTW ur story reminds me of a clip I watch on IG ysrtd abt a girl went crying to her friend that her boyfriend who bought her heaven n earth on her birthday but refused to upload her pic on IG to wish her

    If he doesn't do it,dnt force him to. Not everyone is a SM person. If he isn't that type then relax.

    If he is n doesn't flaunt u, then u stop flaunting him.

  42. Forgot to proofread again ooooo.

  43. Stella I cant read any of the full stories on the website..Kindly work on it..With what I can see..Poster 1 and 2: Whose validations do you look up to for your relationships?? Social Media or What? You need to understand personalities of whom you are dating..Like me am SUPER PRIVATE I dunno who is worse between me and you really need people knowing about you and boo..Dbanj that was super private nko...I just think u need to know your priorities and stop building air castles..Find out more about your men you are doing and not friends/strangers validations who dont really care..

  44. I think a lot concerning relationships issues is as a result of insecurity.
    Poster 1: Let me first tell you that you will continually have issues when you keep running to prophets who play god for vision. What's wrong with people and wanting to know the future that only the Almighty can determine. How old are you that you started patronising prophets. If you believe your prophetess then why can't she tell you the answer. Why bother us on this blog. Very soon you will now go and ask if he is your husband and another crazy vision will surface.Even you could not come out boldly to tell him about the vision cause you said you "stylishly" told him. In otherwords you are not even sure of the God talking to you. Nigerians and lazy dubious life wanting the easy way to everything. Simply go and ask your prophetess the answer. But for me I think you already have a third party in your relationship and it won't last. Do your part in the relationship, watch out for good or bad signs and use your brain or kidney sef. Then use your God given mouth to pray for God's guidance,wisdom and love instead of seeking man to define and dictate your life and relationship.
    Poster 2: Are in in a relationship with the guy or social media. We can't judge your man based on the information you have given. Some people like to keep their private life private while some are all about social media and putting up all their lives on social media. The fact that he does not display your picture does not mean he is cheating or has another babe. Be focused on what you what in your relationship...if he loves and show love to you then make him happy, appreciate him and encourage him so that he can also support you. You will be shocked how much of your pictures and affection he will display. Some people are born to express love,some are taught,some grow into it and some are just cold and don't see any reason for it. Identify who your man is then you can help or teach him in love. Wish you all the best.

    #come back and thank me later.

    1. I concur with u with, God bless u for d wise words

  45. That was how MoΓ«t Abebe was flaunting her relationship with that nigga. They have broken up, how do I know? She's deleted all the vids and pics of him on her IG. How embarrassing! Imagine if it wasn't so public, who go know? In fact she might still have been getting DM's because many will think she's single whereas she's not.

    Same with Eva and Caesar. World people warned her. Did she listen? No. Look at the result, she had to come announce her breakup as if we matter.

    Be careful what you flaunt. Don't flaunt a man till he puts a ring on

  46. hahahahahaha Anon 15:50 chai.

    Prophetess seems to be the worst. Una they try

  47. @poaster one Madam i pity your life as you believe all these prophetess.

  48. Poster 1, you love your man so Continue with the relationship and leave prophetess matter, poster 2, is not everybody that likes displaying pictures, so sister you dont have a problem if that is the issue

  49. Poster're the one that wants to start putting ideas into your guy's mind. I don't even understand why people give their life to all these prophets and prophetess to control anyhow. Please, stop disturbing that man with your prophetess wahala........or if you don't want him to look at other people go and look for a blind man to date.....
    Poster 2.......If you communicate well ask him why he's never used your pics as his DP. But some people don't like putting all their life out there. Ask him to clear your mind.......

  50. I can relate with both posters...unfortunately no prophetess predicted mine...he is every woman's dream, a perfect gentleman with a generous heart and lovely soul...his weak point is womanising...I didn't know cos he made me/ still makes me feel like a queen...we are 9 yrs in marriage wt 4 kids 2 boys, 2 girls. I trusted him absolutely until our second year of marriage I snooped his fone and saw his convoy wt different babes...he was showing each TLC....i accosted him and h apologised and stopped communication with them all...bought me a new car and was extra sweet..he only puts up my pix as DP on my bday only, he doesn't associate wt me on SM...I got on fb he went to twitter and naija pals, he doesn't want a fb acct cos am there...he takes very good care of the home and doesn't bother what I do with my me his atm that always has 1m in it...if I spend below, he tops it up, never questions my masters program he supported me full force, changes my car every two years and sends money to my pple...he is extremely generous to them and even his family but in every season, every year there is always a girl in his life...I got tired of confronting him and prayed that he shdnt achieve election wt any woman apart from me, his he has no erection even with me...he is so worried, went to hospital and the test results came out clean..he is so worried but I know I am responsible for his predicament and no I have no plans to sexual urge is for him confused whether to reverse the Prayer or not...but somehow he has bn avoiding the 2 chics he is dating this season...he keeps giving them excuses why he can't see them at the guest house...I see in his phone, keep quiet and laugh within me.

    So Posters one and two be careful before my story becomes while u can.

  51. First time commenter after so many years... Ola wealth is the bestπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  52. Poster 1 ...1Corinthians 13:8 says prophecies may fail, tongues may cease but love never fails(paraphrased).

    If you love that man and he loves you and respects you, go ahead and marry him. The love you both profess/ possess for each other will stand the test of time...The Bible says that prophecies can fail but it is only love that can never fail...

    1Cor 13:9 says " for we know in part and prophesy in part but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears" Unless you have other reasons why you don't want the man anymore, let it not be bcos the prophetess said so : prophecies can fail!!!

    sometime ago a certain prophetess who had given some very valid prophecies told my elder sister that if she refuses to marry a certain man that 7 yrs after her graduation she would not still find a man to marry and that all her younger ones would get married before her( note that she was a 300level student then). My sister told the prophetess that she doesn't like the man in question, he has never toasted her and she will marry immediately after graduation. Note that my sister was in a relationship with a guy she loved. And so it came to pass that during her NYSC, her Bobo became restless and began marriage proceedings,they wedded, she got pregnant and had her baby a few months after NYSC. Today they are 12 years in marriage with three kids and very happy.

    Poster 2, BRB...lemme drink water.

  53. Poster 1, may God deliver that young man from your hands. Prophetess prophetess at this young age.


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