Stella Dimoko Viral Phone Conversation Between Two Governors


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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Viral Phone Conversation Between Two Governors

Has Anyone listened to the Alleged Phone conversation between Governor Kassim of Borno and Governor Amosu of Ogun gossiping politically?

My mouth was open and eyes wide listening to it but i do not know their voices so i cannot for a fact agree that it is them.

This now brings me to ask who records this people?
Is it the intelligence unit leaking these tapes or they record each other and leak it?

Have you listened to the conversation I refer to?


  1. Don't mind these politicians the people that carry their matter are jobless.mtchewwww

  2. We need to listen to the audio too

  3. Abeg, wetin dem talk?

    I no fit listen mbok

    They are all in @APC "chain "


  4. Nonsense and the borno gov was busy saying they have learnt their lesson it is good they have Pmb as their president because he moved the Nigerian Army to Maiduguri. Ogun governor also said remember the north benefited from the Gej administration very well,the borno governor was like forget that one blablabla they should keep on with the gossip. One day monkey will go to the market and won't return.

  5. Hummmmm Nigeria politician....

  6. No I have not. And I don't want to. Who them epp?

  7. Am I suprise MBAnu, Nigeria politicians anything can be so possible

  8. I listened to the conversation and all I can say is hmmmm

  9. Lol..

    Every call in this country is recorded and kept for 90 days. It is standard rule for NCC, just like NBC records all transmission of all media houses.

    There's a way you can make calls that won't be recorded sha.....

  10. Post the audio naa or at least the link

  11. Stella,if you haven't listened to it ,please do. It shows you what we Igbos are lamenting about. They want to relegate Igbos to the corner but I know that God is not asleep. After listening to the conversation,I started feeling that maybe this Biafra is what we really need even if I have never supported the course. I shudder for this country. I pity the south south too bcos they are also in this cos they also refer to them as Biafra. I laugh. The greedy and selfish Governor is claimon it isn't his voice. Let's see how things play out,that's when we will know who is telling lies.
    If only the people of Biafra will team up with the Niger Deltas.
    That's my wish

    1. So when Yorubas are called saboteurs of the south, you don't get it. Niger delta and igbos need to fight for their various rights. The system is benefitting the Hausas and Yorubas that is why they are keeping mute. God will surely rise up for the oppressed.

    2. ofcourse they are saboteurs and it pains me cos I have yorubas as friends.

  12. Ooh you have listened to it. Okay. Whether it's the Governor's voice or not,it's still a Northerner and a South-westerner's conversation.

  13. The Borno state Governor has denied and said that is not his voice but a tape made by a northern presidential aspirant to tarnish his image before 2019.

  14. I learnt the two Governors have deny this tape claiming its not their voice. It will be so disappointing if its actually their voices. I don't expect them to own up to it.....

  15. A typical igbo man country doesn't even need oil resources to run a successful country
    See how they bounced up after the civil war without having a dime anymore
    This people are naturally money makers
    So if Niger delta doesn't join them they will still make a rich country
    That's why they aren't afraid to be in their own cos they know that they can succeed with or without oil

  16. Biafra might happen after all 😲😲😲😲

  17. If biafra leaves trust me yorubas and Hausas can't stay in the same country!
    Hausa would start bombing again

  18. This is not the governor of Bornu's voice. Please people should stop spreading these very divisive things. Everybody in Nigeria will be affected greatly if there's another civil war. Even bloggers should be held responsible. Please we need to be careful cause this is a very sensitive issue.

  19. who listened to the audio biko? pls tell us what they said oo


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