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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 637

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.

from weirdfacts facebook.


Anonymous said...

No 3. Ask young people to walk even 1 kilometer and see complaints, whining, criticizing, looking for free lift etc.

Never seen a lazier generation

Chike TEFLON said...

Last fact: determination

Teemah said...

ewwww @ penguin egg white...

Chidinma Grace said...

Determination that the best attitude to success.

AbaMade said...

Which lazy generation @ anon 16:08. A lot of people trekked distance for baba and jona that year.
Fact 3: perseverance always pays at the long run. You only fail when you stop trying

sholetoga said...

@ 1st fact, that true about some mirror
@2nd fact, yuck.....look so weird
@ 3rd fact, that's resilience

Greatlady. said...

1. Those clothing lines should be sued for deception
2. I will love to taste those eggs.
3. This is wow! Determination, persistence, courage

Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...

Weird indeed...

ola wealth said...

Lolz Greatlady... Sued ke??? 😵😵

YahooBoy said...

This generation knew there's nothing to be proud about in walking so they got educated to make life better and produced car and bicycles. Whatever is stressful to our generation, we will make it easier for the next generation. That's just how things go.

Broomstick said...

I mentioned this some days back about people refusing to trek and someone jumped down my throat.

Amirah Abdullahi said...

His trekking paid off

St.FranKooL.... said...

#It's okay to be confused sometimes. Life has a way of making sense when we just relax and stop trying to figure everything out*

Kiks said...

Dimitri Medeleev nice. I trek these days recession aside, not everyone can boast of being fit enough to trek.

Baby bunny said...

Wow at d last fact.
I'm wondering how that egg tastes.
1st fact, now I know the trick all these boutiques use.

Anonymous said...

Abamade, I'm beginning to love ur comments,I don't know if it's because I stay in Aba or because u make intelligent comments.
Please keep it up.

AGELESS T said...

Let me see if I still remember my periodic table:

Hydrogen. H
Calcium .

J.S.S.3 stuffs, some 24 years ago....

I no try?

Anonymous said...

1. Wayo, no be today e start.
2. Would love to try the penguin eggs.
3. Big ups to my fellow chemists. The periodic table is a blast! And you Mendedeleev, all I can say is wow!

Anonymous said...


AbaMade said...

You missed litum, chlorine, argon,and magnesium @ ageless t.we made a song out of it back then, even if I forget every other thing I don't think I'll ever forget this one.

AbaMade said...

One love too@ anon 20:29

AGELESS T said...

It's actually lithium, chlorine, argon. Potassium. I didn't edit, was in a hurry. Yea I remember the song. It was fun lol.

Anonymous said...

Chicken and duck eggs are not enough, oyinbo will still be eating penguin own?

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