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Friday, July 14, 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 650

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.

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  1. Vice and Virtue14 July 2017 at 16:14

    Fact 1; A self centred man that was also very pro-slave trade.
    Liberia in my opinion hasn't attained the heights she truly deserves in the Socio-economic/political ladder/ranking of Africa.

    The things wars and bad leadership would cause.

    Fact 2; Good dog, can we raise more cat saving dogs?

    Fact 3; LOL!
    Oi, How can one not love cats eh?
    My cats can be super annoying and cantankerous but I can never ask for better pets.

    And no, men who own cats aren't gay.

    1. V&V my friend, you are a 🐈 cat lady, 😁 *shines teeth*. What is the secret to not being afraid of them? If I paid you a visit I would be jumping pele pele from one feet to the other (embarrassing 😳). It is well sha.

    2. In as much as Liberia hasn't attained the height she deserves in socio/political/economic ladder, they are sure making strives that would take Nigeria and some other African countries years(s) to attain.
      They can boast of a free electoral system.
      They can boast of a stable economic system
      And most importantly, they can boast of a fair gender structure. In a patriachial system of government in which most Africans countries have soaked themselves in and have even refused to have a mental shift as regards it, a woman don't dare head a government parastatal. In Liberia, most of their government parastatal are headed by women.
      They are trying jare.

      How you VnV?

    3. YesooOo!
      My love for cats, have two strays cats now, very arrogant and proud. But I love them to bits.

    4. Vice and Virtue14 July 2017 at 21:23

      Anonymous. LOL!
      Cats aren't the only things you should be afraid of if you paid me a visit.😈
      Cats aren't dangerous, nothing to be afraid of. LOL!

      Hi Greatlady, I got my mojo back.
      You raised pertinent points about Liberia, if only our dear Nigeria can get a little better.
      I feel for a county like Liberia that gained independence in 1847, there are certain heights they should have attained when compared to Nigeria that got her independence in 1960.

      Ify, arrogance and pride are basic features of cats...that's what their feline grace means.

  2. Hahahahaha @ Fact 3

    That's a maternal instinct. Well done, dog @Fact 2

    Politicians de learn work from you, Charles 🙌 @ Fact 1.

  3. LMAO Baddest president

  4. Lol electoral fraud didn't start today
    That dog is more humane than most people

  5. That Liberian president is the real badoo

    1. As in eeeeh, I just weak.
      My African, bad leadership and greed didn't actually start today.

  6. Charles king must be the father of corruption

  7. 1. This electoral Fraud no be here. How were they able to manipulate that kind of result with just #15,000 voters?
    2.The dog sure fulfilled it's purpose on earth. That's saving cats. If a dog can have that sense of purpose, why can't we humans do the same?
    3. Am sure Lincoln valued the cats more than the people around him sef. You can't help but love domestic animals esp cats and dogs.
    I miss my dog*wails

  8. Corruption starts and ends with a black man.....

  9. Wow...owning and taking proper care of pets isnt easy....
    It takes unmerited love....
    You see, I love dogs.
    But the stress in bathing, feeding, treating and even taking them for crossing won't let me keep them...
    I hail all GOOD pet owners.

  10. Why didn't Goodluck Jonathan see fact number 1 when he was d president and dragging this sit with Buhari???


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