Stella Dimoko Lawmaker Proposes Bill Seeking Amnesty for Looters


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Monday, 10 July 2017

Lawmaker Proposes Bill Seeking Amnesty for Looters

There is a proposed bill seeking to grant amnesty to treasury looters in the country.

The proposed bill, which is being promoted by Hon. Linus Okorie (PDP, Ebonyi) canvasses full and complete amnesty for suspected looters of public treasury and further seeks to shield them from any probe, inquiry or prosecution; and “shall not be compelled to disclose the source of their looted funds’ as long as they invest their wealth in Nigeria.”

 Hon Agbonayinma, in an interaction with THISDAY, described the purported bill as “satanic” vowing that it will be torn to shreds at its next deliberations at plenary.

He said: “We the 360 members in the House will mobilise against the bill and ensure that it is buried immediately it is introduced on the floor of the House.

“I can assure you of that because such a satanic bill can never be allowed to sail through as its output will be retroactive and will further encourage corruption that has eaten so deep into the fabric of our society''.


Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...

Oh my God! And the blind youths keep defending these looters.
Honourable Linus Okorie, shame on you and your fellow rogues.

How can that bill even be accepted to be read to the house. These are the people sabotaging the fight against corruption.

Barnabas said...

Una don see Gorilla Linus Okorie (PDP, Ebonyi)?
Na una vote am in or na by rigging E take enter?
Na treasury looting E go do, una no concern am.
Wen una go recall dis thing?

olaedo said...

Nigeria ntorrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

Linus Okorie needs to be under a psychiatrist's care asap. It's obvious Okorie has no iota of humanity left in him: is he blind to the suffering masses of Ebonyi state due to the fantastically corrupt practices of legislooters like him? Even more, his constituents must of necessity set a RECALL motion in force, like yesterday, for this hoodlum pretending to be a lawmaker. Who born dog? QED@atm

Alloy Chikezie said...

Those lawmakers are crazy. Very crazy

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Anonymous said...

Awon Agbaya

Anonymous said...

Awon agbayas, mtcheew

Mide said...

Imagine nah wah for this our lawmakers ooo.

Cynthia Iyede said...

Wicked lots! Epe lo ye ki won ma se fun yin lojo ju mo. Eru Oluwa ni o kan ba yan noni.

doctor samba said...

Nigerians pls read,read,read,read,read,read 'The Animal farm'

doctor samba said...

Read 'the Animal farm '

Miz Selena said...

Nigeria! i weep for my dear country.
What the hell is this?
When will all these end?

covfefe said...

Is this for real?

Anonymous said...

Pls the constituency of this thieving buffon Linus okorie need to, as a matter of urgency, initiate a recall of this unscrupulous entity. Such brazen defence of corruption and embezzlement should not go unpunished.

Adeniji Bisi said...

This is just hmmmmmmmmmm

I read this some days ago n was shocked

Useless pple from pit of hell

MC pinky

Anonymous said...

Wish I was a sniper just for this type of cause!!

Anonymous said...

I call for his recall

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