Stella Dimoko Nigerians File Suit To Force Reps And Senate To Remove President Buhari...


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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Nigerians File Suit To Force Reps And Senate To Remove President Buhari...

The president of the Federal Republic if Nigeria has been out of radar since May when he travelled for Medical reasons to the UK....

Nigerian do not know the true state of the health status of their president and are clamouring that he be removed and give way for someone else....

According to dailypost A lawyer and medical practitioner, John Larry Ojukoko Esq. and Dr. Ejiro Imuere, have approached a Federal High Court sitting in Warri, Delta State, seeking an order of mandamus compelling the Senate President and Speaker, House of Representatives, to set up a medical panel to examine the medical fitness of ailing President Muhammadu Buhari and remove him if he can no longer continue.

Joined in the suit are the Acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, and Attorney General of the Federation.

Specifically, the plaintiffs want the court to determine the following:

“Whether or not by the combined effect of sections 144 (1) and (2) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, impose a duty on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th defendants to verify the medical fitness of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria where exist a clear evidence that the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria over a period of time is incapable of performing his constitutional duty due to ill health.

“Whether or not by the combined effect of the provisions of section 14 (2) (b), section 143 (1), (2) (11) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended vis a vis the incessant killings and wanton destruction of properties by group identified as herdsmen with no visible and decisive move to end same by the 1st defendant amount to “gross misconduct on the part of 1st defendant.

“Whether the May 2017 recruitment of 479 cadet officers by the Department of State Service (DSS) of which 331 (Three Hundred and Thirty One ) are from the 3 Northern Geographical Zone of North West, North East and North Central with Katsina State having 51 cadet officers, while the 3 South Geographical Zone of West, East and South admitted 143 cadet officers with Lagos having 7 cadet office, contravened section 14(3) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended thereby amount to “gross misconduct” on the part of the 1st Defendant as defined in Section 143 (ii) of the 1999 constitution as amended.”

Upon the determination of the above three questions, the plaintiffs’ claim against the defendants jointly and/or severally are as follows:

“A Declaration that the combined effect of sections 144 (1) and (2) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, impose a duty on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Defendants to verify the medical state of the 1st Defendant to ascertain whether he is capable of performing his constitutional duty as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“A Declaration that by virtue of Section 14 (2) (b) of 1999 Constitution as amended, the 1st Defendant is duty bound to put an end to the incessant killing and wanton destruction of properties across Nigeria by the group known as herdsmen.

“A Declaration that lopsided recruitment of 479 cadet officers into the Department of State Service contravenes Section 14(3) of the 1999 Constitution as amended.

“A Declaration that, the non -adherence to Sections 14 (2) (b) and (3) of the 1999 Constitution as amended the 1st Defendant, has failed in his constitutional duties and his oaths of allegiance.

“An Order of Mandamus compelling the 2nd and 3rd defendants to set up a medical panel to examine the medical fitness of 1st defendant to discharge the function of the office of President.

“An Order of Mandamus compelling the National Assembly to set in motion the provision of Section 143 of the 1999 Constitution.

No date has been fixed for hearing of the suit.


  1. Remove this sick man and throw him around the corner.We have suffered enough

    1. He satisfied the constitional provisions before leaving for his sick leave. There is no constitutional provision that states how long he is allowed to stayed out of the country. Your foolishness and naivety stopped you from knowing the half baked lawyers just want name recognition. President Eisenhower was sick almost all through his presidency, the American press did not sing with his illness. Theresa May is barren but the British pression don't sing with it. Some of you stupidly believe it is a crime to be sick. It is not, you and your parents fall sick from time to time.

    2. They were sick quite alright but the citizens were kept in the know. The citizens of Nigeria deserve to know the health status of their president. He's not a private citizen anymore.

    3. Stay

      British press

    4. You are truly the foolish and desperately ignorant person here.

      How dare you compare the scenarios you mentioned above with that of Nigerian presidency.

      Did you just say Theresa May was barren? How backward of you to use that term on any woman in this day and age. Again, how does her not having children affect her capacity to function as a prime minister? If you must compare, get education and compare apple with apple.

      This mindset of ours is why Nigeria will struggle for a long time, anyone who asks questions is branded and ridiculed therefore people are afraid to speak up. so we should

      Nigeria is blessed with so many intelligent, smart and well travelled people yet we are not allowed to ask genuine questions or hold our elected leaders responsible.
      This is a far cry from the democracy we preach.

      Buhari made a commitment to the Nigerian people during his campaign days, some of which informed the decision by people to vote for him as a president. I am not happy that he is currently ill and incapacitated but Nigerians should not be demonised by asking questions about his status and questioning his ability to stay president through a constitutional process.

      This is why the leaders play with their people in Africa, because they know we either do not know our rights or we are too divided to stand together to hold them to account.

      Until this mentality of your and many more people like you is changed, Nigerians will continue to be treated like beggars and fools in our own country by the few leader we elect.

    5. Yes they were sick, it's not a crime to be sick, America has had a stammerer, a cripple for a president but they good thing was they still dispensed their duties and like the other Anon.stated the citizens we're abreast of what's going on and loved the leaders even more.
      Why is this a hidden case, is he alive, dead in a coma? We should pray for our leader and love him. I pray he gets well quickly after all he is someone's father, husband and so on.
      It will behoof Nigerians to know the true state in which our president is in. The cabal are playing a game of chess with our great nation. We need a way forward.

    6. Anon 9:49.

      Thank you for typing.

      The Nigerian situation leaves me completely drained.

    7. Anon 9:49 your stupidity is out of this world. How many presidents in history disclosed the nature of their illness, yes Theresa May is barren and if she was a Nigerian you and your kind will be singing of her barreness. Why bother about a man who handed over constitutionally to his vice before travelling. How is his absence a problem when we have have a acting president. Will knowing the hospital he is taking treatment and the nature of his sickness put food on your table, give you everlasting joy. Some of you hide the nature of your sickness from friends and families, hide your pregnancies from certain individuals and it is perfectly okay but when another person hides his or her own it is wrong.

    8. When you come on social media and display utter stupidity and foolishness in all its magnification then there is a problem.
      Some one is here comparing the fact thst therese may is barren to a president who isn't around as if that's not enough, you are saying we have a capable acting president, the key word being acting., Nigerians have gone mad

      Well incase you don't know, the president of Nigeria is not suppose to be away for sick leave for more than 90 days. If after 90 days he is not around and healthy to take up his duty and not leaving it in the hands of acting president, then he should be impeached. That's what's the constitution say. Don't come here and be ignorant. We did not elect an acting president. We elected a president. Is it the same acting president that the top people don't acknowledge.? Or the one that before he signs anything they will say they are taking it to buhari to sign in London? You are really daft

    9. What kinda collosal idiot is this anon 11.19?

  2. Finally
    People don start to they get sense

    1. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, chestnuts, John F Kennedy were all sick during their presidency. So was Eisenhower, Grover Cleveland, H. W Bush. Habib Ali Bourguiba of Tunisia, Aldelaziz Boutiflika of Algeria who was out of his country for close to 7-9 months for treatment in France. Theresa May barren ( the British don't sing with it)
      Back home Sullivan Chime and lucky Igbinedion were sick during their tenures. Sickness is not a crime. Some of us fall sick and don't go to our place of work for weeks, sometimes months our employers don't sack us especially those who work for government. The slightest headache stops some of us from going to work or our business place. Guys take the pains to visit the general hospitals and teaching hospitals closest to your house, go see the level of human suffering and stop behaving like fools, laughing at those who are sick just because you are fortunate to have good health, it doesn't mean sicknesss will not visit. Emmy

      King Hussein of Jordan was sick ( leukemia) for years before his death, nobody called for his resignation.

    2. He's the president of a country. The people that he serves deserve to know his health conditions and whether or not he's capable of fulfilling his duties. That's not too much to ask for. He lost that privacy rights when he took the oat to become president.

    3. It is saraki sponsoring all these anti Buhari and anti oshibajo matters. He has shopped for the judge and court that will give him a win. Same way he has been giving money to wives of some military boys stashed abroad. He plans his own coup. But the people will win. The man is a greedy bastard.

    4. Why is this guy so bent on mentioning Theresa May, what has childlessness got to do with leadership. Am just irritated at his or her stupidity.

    5. Anonymous 8:46, do we share the same constitution with the countries you mentioned? What has a woman's inability to bear kids got to do with discharge of her duties? If you don't own the Nigerian constitution, I suggest you get either the soft copy or the hard copy. It will go a long way in educating you

  3. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere9 July 2017 at 07:55

    Our mumu is too much in this country. God will not come down and do it for us o. How can a few people hold a whole country to ransome. One thing i know sha is that even if there is an evil plot by the cabal, God will overturn it, it is not today they have been plotting all sorts, they did it during yaradua's time, He always overturns and scatters their plans.

  4. #Cipcy💖💗💖9 July 2017 at 08:47

    Woooow Are their eyes beginning to open now

  5. Isn't it obvious that he is not capable.. Please this is a long story, give him today and tomorrow to step down or face a forceful eviction.

    1. What do you know Fan, where in the world do you give presidents two days to step down. Your hate beclouds your reasoning and that of most blog visitors. Our nation have a constitution and he satisfied the constitutional provisions before travelling to care for his health. Acting president Osibanjo is the head of government and the president of our federation as of today. You guys should free Buhari from your ignorance.

      Concentrate on the level of government closest to you and forget about Abuja. Focus on your local government chairman and your governor. The reason why we are where are today is because of governors who refused to invest massively in agriculture. As a people we spent close to 55% of our on food why our counterparts in the states spend less than 6.5% of their income on food. If our governors stop stealing our common wealth and invest in agriculture, encourage mechanised family food will cheaper. But the governors know we are more interested in what happens in Abuja.



      Did we elect the ACTING president? How many things do you think he can approve? Haven't you heard cases where the cabals say they are taking something to the president to sign? How many people listen to the acting president?

      By the way the Nigerian constitution gives the president 90 days for sick leave or face impeachment.

      Power grasping fools using therese may and her barreness as equate the sick health of the sick president. You are indeed daft. What has been barren got to do with our own situation. Oh Lord, your stupidly shocks me

    3. Anon 12:40, are you this daft to say Nigerians didn't elect the Acting President?

      Haba, how ignorant can you be. If you are thus obtuse about basic election stuff, how can you even know the provisions of the constitution?

      Please grab copy of the Nigerian Constitution or download it from the Google play store and read it.

    4. He was not elected, period, his face wasn't on the ballot paper.

  6. Things are bound to change, when the penny finally drops and you realise the ones with the real power are the people.

    These are your servants (not leaders) elected to co-ordinate affairs of the country, if they are not serving you right and just, you remove them.

  7. Baba should face his health and not come and die on top Nigeria

  8. Great move,we don't have a president at all.

  9. Shebi dem say he don die? Nigerians can exaggerate though.

  10. Why won't they hide his sickness from Nigerians when our winchy winchy is too much.

  11. But shey we have an acting and active president na. But we sound as if Buhari left the place unattended. Knowing his true state of health won't actually change anything tho.

    1. I beg to differ. If it is revealed that he is too ill to continue,he can be forced to step aside and then Osibanjo can be formally declared as substantive president. Thi is what the cabal don't want hence the secrecy about his health condition.
      I don't wish Buhari or anyone for that matter poor health or worse. However,he is no longer a private citizen. It is my tax and yours that is being used to pay for his medical care. Meanwhile, a lot of us can't afford basic medical care. He is entitled to good health care as the president yes but they should be honest about it. Two months of silence and counting. That is completely unacceptable.

  12. But the constitution say if the president is not on sit for 60days vice should be declared president.

    1. Besides Buhari's ill health,there were other issues mentioned the suit filed,namely: the lopsided employment in the last exercise at the DSS.Why is no one addressing the issue? Can you even begin to fathom the impunity with which this wicked act was done? See the difference between the North & the South as it relates to number of people employed.
      Buhari just has to leave governance.Now is the time?!!


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