Stella Dimoko Footballer Onazi Ogenyi And Wife Welcome Their Patter Of Tiny Feet In The US


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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Footballer Onazi Ogenyi And Wife Welcome Their Patter Of Tiny Feet In The US

The love struck pair who tied the Knot in 2016 have just welcomed a baby girl a month after celebrating their first Anniversary.....Congrats to them!

Seems her name is Makeyla? same thing as Michella?



Congrats to them

*Larry was here*

CHI EXOTIC said...

Congrats to them

People no longer waste time
After marriage na belle and pikin
Awilo sharp sharp things

What if I want to enjoy being married for like 2yrs before having a baby?

Sweet Mother said...

Love love baby news. When I'm old and retired I want to open a creche where I'll admit only cute cute chubby babies. The facilities will be world class and the services will be provided for free so that I can get as many babies as possible. Once they start talking, they graduate. I don't have strength for plenty questions 不不不不不不I just love the smell of babies and the peace I feel when I'm around them.

Esther Okoro said...

Congrats to them. Glory be to God .

God Bless Everyone.

SANDY YO said...

Nice. Congrats!

SWEETIE said...

Beautiful name,congrats to the ogenyi

jelly said...

Congrats to them

Jasmine said...

Enjoy marriage for two years before the belle?

U want everybody to start putting u in prayer thinking something is wrong abi?

Don't mind me o. That's how Nigerians are it

Jasmine said...


sexy Daddy said...

Awwwwww congratulations bro!welcome to the club.

Anonymous said...

Only cute chubby babies, so the once with the opposite will take you to their coven meeting.

Anonymous said...

My dear it's a decision between you and your partner.

The General's Wife said...

It's ok.
Ideal if u ask me. Cos when these kids start coming,it's BANGDDADANG for a long looong time o!

Congratulations To them!
They must be soo excited
I love ur name Lil Princess!
May God bless u

The General's Wife said...

Are we sisters?
Or we just think alike?
I have had this dream for as long as I can remember. Not a cr癡che though. But just primary school不不

No secondary abeg不不不
Then I see all these cute cute teenagers in some schools and I am thinking of changing my mind不不 Esp very polite cute ajebo kids. Choi
And they be greeting me "Good morning Ma'am"
Choi Choi不不

Tetrina said...

Chi girl, listen to TGW o! I think TGW's ears are bleeding from my constant complaints 不...
I know I should be grateful and all but boy does it take a toll on one. Some real bangdadadang sh*t!!!

The office is my escape lol

IJAY said...

Congratulations to them

Lipstickalley said...

@ Sweet Mother, i am happy that some feels the same way i do about how babies smell.

I will carry any and every baby just to sniff them, like from head to toe sniffing ohhh. Loooool.

Weirdo like me.

CHI EXOTIC said...

My aunts Tet and TGW know their girl Chi is lazy like that.
Imagine kids screaming my ears down every now and then, I will just go one side and start crying. LOL
Jasmine, you get am oh
Womb watchers go just dey on my case steady.
Anonymous, I pray I marry a man that would atleast let me flex for like a year. A year should be okay by him.

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