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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

End Time Story

An artisan, Samarola Musa, has allegedly beaten his apprentice, Ademola Adeshina, to death for his refusal to stop dating a lady in the Lugbe area of Abuja.

Musa, who is facing a homicide charge at a Federal Capital Territory High Court, Gwagwalada, Abuja, is believed to have had a homosexual relationship with the 24-year-old man. It was learnt that an autopsy indicated that Ademola died as a result of the beating he received from Musa.

The report also showed that the furniture maker had sodomised his apprentice before his death in May 2017.

Musa in his statement to the police, said he slapped the deceased after he caught him having sex with the lady, identified simply as Precious, in his workshop, claiming that Ademola died of malaria a week after the incident.

But Ademola’s father, Okuneye, faulted Musa’s claims, stressing that the son died from the beatings he received from the former bouncer, who he described as a huge man. He Said Musa had once informed him that Ademola was dating a lady he did not approve of, adding that he warned the deceased to stop going out with the lady.

The bereaved father said his son called him on May 3, two days before his death that he had malaria, adding that he visited him at the workshop and found him working.

About 48 hours after, I got a text message from Musa asking me to call him back urgently. I did and he simply told me that my son had passed away; I was shocked. He said he was at Asokoro General Hospital and when I got there, I found my son lying in the back seat of his Honda Accord car with his face against the glass window,” he said.

He explained that after returning home, he received a call from Precious, who narrated to him how Musa beat his son to death. The girl said she witnessed the assault and when she confronted Musa, he injured her in the leg. I asked if she was ready to make a statement at the police station about it and she agreed.

Musa was arrested and he admitted to beating my boy because he was dating the girl. We did a post-mortem on the body and it showed that Ademola suffered serious internal injury from the beating.

The autopsy also showed that the boy was sodomised; it was after this that we got to know that Musa is a well known homosexual in Lugbe and its environs; he had been sleeping with my son and he killed him because he was dating a woman.

It was gathered that the family had made plans to bury the deceased last Saturday, but the police declined to grant them the permission to carry out the funeral.

The accused was remanded in Kuje prisons by the court on Monday, while the case was adjourned till November 20,2017.

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Miss Ess said...

So this one killed a fellow human being because of a woman. Oloriburuku.

7even red said...

Hi, Guys. It's me again. (:

This is really sad, this is jealousy amidst brutality, at what stage did he not notice he has dealt heavily on the young man he was beating, can a human be this wicked, my word! Homosexuality is amoral here in Nigeria, not supported, but then again, they do nothing against it, unless when reported, my question is, is he going on counts of purposely killing the young man. because there is motive, or on counts of homosexuality, or perhaps both.

Saddening really, well I wish the family of the deceased peaceful grieving time.

Yours Blogospherially.


Poverty is the cause of 70% frustration in this country. May he pay for his crimes

Blackberry said...

I hope he's being sodomized with a baton in kuje prison

Lipstickalley said...


I am speechless.

Musa, you have also added murderer to your evil nature.

Your punishment from God just bought a full tank of petrol on its way to you.

Shirley said...

Oh dear lord...I don tire

Motola Famojuro said...

End time

Shirley said...

Pure evil

Rhoda Rex said...

He killed him out of jealousy. Stupid man.

Emeka Chukwurah said...

Such inhumanity. Over what?
My goodness!

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Na wa. sodomised. That means he did it through the anus on that boy and foolishly killed him because of a woman he did not want the boy to date.

Musa na God go punish you well

Hermosa said...

God have mercy on us...the things that are happening now are unbelievable.

Akuchinyere nwata 1 said...

Wickedness of the highest order

Great charming said...

Musa must die in kuje

MrsB said...


charitybino said...

Oh lord

James Ojapa said...

How does a test in Nigeria confirm that a particular person sodomised somebody? Story.

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