Stella Dimoko Lalong Imposes Curfew in Jos As Hausas, Igbos Clash


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Friday, 15 September 2017

Lalong Imposes Curfew in Jos As Hausas, Igbos Clash

Following the Thursday clash between some Igbo traders and Hausas in Plateau State, the state governor Simon Lalong has imposed an indefinite curfew in Jos, the State Capital.

According to the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor Samuel Lalong, Samuel Nanle, the curfew was as result of a clash that ensued between the Igbo and Hausa communities in Jos.

Sources said the clash has left many persons injured.

He said the incident was as a result of report from Abia State that some Hausas were being attacked in Umuahia by members of IPOB.

In order to forestall further break down of law and order, the State Government has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in Jos.

His statement reads in full.

“Following the unfortunate reaction and spread of rumours within the Jos Metropolis in response to the agitation by Independent People of Biafra in South Eastern Nigeria, the Executive Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong has directed an immediate imposition of curfew from dusk to dawn (6pm – 6am) within the Greater Jos – Bukuru Metropolis, until further notice.

“This is to forestall any break down of law and order. The Executive Governor has directed the immediate deployment of security personnel to all flash points within the Jos Metropolis to ensure compliance with the curfew and to avert any further breach of the peace.”



NNAMDI KANU SHOULD BE RE-ARRESTED AT ONCE!! can one man single handedly cause so much havoc and brain wash so many people_i dont get all swearing to die for biafra,please know that Mr kanus wife and son are safely in the UK out of harms way........nothing will happen to them and if it gets too hot he will go into hiding and you all will get yourselves killed fighting for him...that is what brain wash does to people...u die for another mans cause whilst he lives on.

Mr kanu has planned for war to happen in Nigeria on OCTOBER 1st,he must be arrested,not tht it might stop the war but he must be taken out of circulation and normalcy brought back...Nigeria may be going thru recession but we are not a nation who go about killing each other becos of one crazy man and his selfish interest

Anonymous said...

This is what I was saying, Nnamdi Kanu should be arrested, what sort of rubbish is this, causing trouble in Nigeria, if you are an igbo person like me but supporting Nnamdi Kanu you are a big fool and the wrath of God will fall on you for supporting evil.

IsaacBABA (N1300 for 2GB, N1800 for 08066929956 for more info) said...


Anonymous said...

He planned war for 1st October, really? Please tell us more. I want to know

Eka Joy said...

So hausas cannot for once try to be the bigger people. I mean, igbos have been attacked several times without any retaliation. Why can't they also try to so same, just one fucking time.

That being said, all ye IPOB apologist on this blog. Biko, pass this message to your boss, 'E don do!!!

What in God's name is all of these. Are human lives not sacred to him??? Is he happy about this bloodshed???

I don't want Biafra!!! I don't want Biafra!!! It can only lead to bloodshed.

The igbos have been surviving just fine with all the marginalization.

Anonymous said...

A million likes for you. Kanu and his followers were never peaceful, they were lawless and arrogant. They always come we the excuse of unarmed and peaceful group but in honesty they were a big threat to national unity. Creating that secret service was a huge red flag that even the United States will not tolerate in their country.

Anonymous said...

Pls tell them o. I don't understand how one person can successfully brainwash that number of people. Just look at his crowd- weed smokers,touts and other never-do-wells. I blame Bubu for even listening to him in the first place sebi Jona left him to rant like a rabid dog.
He should contunu, he will soon know that God is not asleep.
Learn to use sense not muscle. Violence does not achieve anything


These Ipob people no get sense. They were attacking and killing innocent Hausas in the East instead of them to face the Military as if they don't know that they will suffer the more, as if they don't know that to every Hausa man in the East, there Re a hundred Igbos in the north. Jos is not a Hausa state and all this one they are doing is just gra gra. They should not allow any of the major Hausa states to answer sha

Justyswt said...

I just pity those gullible ones that follow his path. They will be the ones that would lose their lives.

Teddy said...

I talk am. Hausa people that got no chills. Take this from someone that went through all 4 sharia riot in kaduna, igbo people in the north are fu*ked if something is not done soon.

Oh and yes KANU is a big GOAT. I don talk am, come and beat me. Mstweee, just beacuse he wants power, see as he has brain washed plenty animals like himself. Turkey ambassador was right when he said buhari is a fool if u doesn't deal with kanu soon, because this might end up becoming another extremist group like boko haram.
I rest my case.

SANDY YO said...

Jos that used to be a veryyy peaceful town. Gosh! They should leave that town abeg. What nonsense!
Just see what this insane Kanu is trying to start.

xoxoxo said...

Anti,jos is not a hausa state๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

SANDY YO said...

You have a point @ your first paragragh. I equally thought of that but whosai. The blood sucking things will always seize any slightest opportunity to shed blood. Mscheeew


I saw on channel that him and parents way about are not known and people are here fighting

Anonymous said...

Kill all them Igbos in the north unless they pack their load and go back to Biafra since all of them can't come together and tame the toothless dog called Nnamdi Kanu.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Eka idiot. Bigger what? You people always have a way of thinking everyone is a fool.

Shirley said...

The innocent Igbo's over there are the ones I pity
This albino of a man should be trown in a hole and forgot there

Anonymous said...

Bigger people my foot. When your people are slaughtering them like goats, they should fold their arms and watch.

You ibos or igbos think the world revolves around you.

Why are you people even killing the hausas? Why not face the soldiers who invaded your territory? Awon alainironu.

Anonymous said...

Let them be fucked bow, sebi they started it. They have been beating the war drum since now it is time to face the consequences.

Eka Joy said...

Because u are dumb, anon, u will never understand my point

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