Stella Dimoko Sad Story Of How A Heavily Pregnant Woman Died..


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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sad Story Of How A Heavily Pregnant Woman Died..


A heavily pregnant woman who apparently committed suicide after begging for a caesarean was seen on CCTV doubled over in pain in the final hours before her death.

The 26-year-old woman and her unborn baby died after she fell from the fifth floor of the hospital she was being treated in.

She had reportedly begged for a caesarean after the baby’s head, which was too large for a natural delivery, caused her intense pain.

But she reportedly killed herself when her family, who under Chinese law had to give permission, refused her surgery.

This video shows her hobbling around the maternity ward in the final hours before her death.
She is seen walking around, aided by an unknown man, and falling to the floor doubled over in pain.

At one point, she leans against a wall and looks almost ready to collapse.

She is also seen kneeling on the floor in distress as others, who appear to be her family, crowd around her.

The woman, who was reportedly 41 weeks pregnant, was unable to stand unaided and was visibly upset and in pain.

Doctors at the No 1 Hospital in the city of Yulin in Shaanxi Province, northern China, examined her and determined that she needed a caesarean as she was not able to give birth naturally because the baby’s head was too big.
But her family insisted on a natural birth and refused her the right to undergo the procedure.

Under Chinese law, family must give their permission for a woman to have a C-section.

The woman fell to her death from the window after repeatedly trying to leave the medical centre.

Her unborn foetus also died in the incident.

The woman’s medical notes read: "The pregnant woman twice walked out of the ward to tell her family that she wanted a caesarean because she could no longer bear the pain, but the family continued to insist on a natural delivery."

Police told local media that the woman’s death was being treated as a suicide.

Her death has sparked protests online with other women calling for greater reproductive rights.

One internet user commented: "Besides the pregnant woman, nobody else should have had a say."

Another noted: "A married woman isn’t a tool for producing babies, how can people still be so ignorant these days!"



Flawlessbae❤❤ said...

Oh lord have mercy on us😞😞😞

Miss Ess said...

What kind of law is this? This is so so sad. She died in so much agony and pain.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

OMG. This is just too painful

Slushious said...

This is really sad..

Rappakatakata said...

Bad! What was her family thinking?

keke driver said...

This is sad, i hope her family people are happy now

amanda favour said...

Na wah oh!!!
Why did they refuse signing the CS form for her?
Where's the husband?

Rhoda Rex said...

"Besides the pregnant woman, nobody else should have had a say."

So correct. I hope they are happy now. Ignoramuses.

Default Smile said...

Jeez! Not a good post4me to see today

#My case is different

Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...


Olivia Silk Loves Tokio Myers (OLSTM) said...

Her family refused surgery?
Asin her husband? or her own family???

They should be sued for murder.

Bee10(mummytwins) said...

Very sad story

7even red said...

Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, Guys. It's me again. (:

I honestly think they were all unfair to the pregnant woman, she was conscious, why not let her make her own decisions, only her should have the right to what means she wants her baby delivered, though scary, it would have avoided the unnecessary death of two, really sad in fact.

Yours Blogospherially.


This just got me so angry
A family of witches.
They have gotten their sacrifice.

Justyswt said...

This is so sad. But was kind of wicked law is that by the way?

Anonymous said...

It's funny some of us here find it appalling. Yet the incidence of refusal to have C/s is higher in Nigeria than China. Trust me it won't go unpunished in China but your own pastors and alias that have given false prophesy to would-be mothers and preached against c/s, who will punish them? I'm considering sending in my chronicle as regards this and my pastor-MIL.

Anonymous said...

They should all be arrested and thrown in prison . In this a day and age . Do these fools even know the purpose of surgery? Useless family from hell.

Kendrick's mum said...

Very tragic end


So a woman can't consent to her own CS surgery again.
I bet it's either the husband or his family. Asians especially Chinese and Indians see their daughter inlaw as property they bought. Alot see their daughter in-laws like slaves meant for child bearing and house chores.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, this is so sad. Some still living in the stone age.
Sad sad sad. Arrrrrrrghhh.

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

They should give the dead body to her family to eat since their pride won't allow them sign for simple CS.

I hope the husband can sleep at night knowing he killed his wife.


IVORY said...


Eminado Onimisi said...

The reproductive health right of a woman should be expressly included in the human right to life, UN should ensure that, after all women's right is human right. The deceased's family should be punished and that inhuman law abolished.

Omeh said...

God knows that when I get pregnant as much as I will pray for an easy,'natural' and not too expensive delivery,I will also start saving towards any eventuality. I cannot come n kill myself after a whole 9months journey.
Family of demons. This story just pissed me off

Uberhaute| +234 8151914305| Makeover| Training| Product Sales said...

Women has always been at the receiving end in all things but this, is the height of it all. Why should the family be the one to have a say when they aren't the ones in pain? I pray her spirit cones back to kill them all

Anonymous said...

Why are we acting all surprised as if this incident (asides the suicide part) doesn't happen everyday in Nigeria
Pregnant women die everyday in Nigeria because their husbands who have the right to sign the consent form did not sign it. A woman lost her baby last week in my neighbourhood because her husband refused her having surgery. Her family members begged and begged but the stupid man refused to consent. She laboured for days before the baby died, thank God she did not die too.
CS was later used to remove the dead baby at last. Idiots.

RIPUDEX Quality Slippers shoes.Wholesale & retail said...

so, so sad! They should abolish that law please.

Anonymous said...

Abeg, I will divorce that husband and family there and then.

People should learn to mind their business oh. What's your mother in laws business about how you birth your child?

I hate all these omo mummy who don't have a mind of their own, my mummy said, my mummy said.

I am almost 33 weeks and I am having a csection. Let me see the person who will get in my way and the person will know that marriage is not do or die for me.

Anonymous said...

Bastard family , awon eleribu gbogbo.

PoshyJay said...

I'm so pained.Women have always been subjected to all manner of pains.Let those involved go and eat her corpse.


The General's Wife said...

Very angry!
Very very angry!😑😑😑😑😑😑

Family of witches!
They should all be rounded up,tied and burnt at the stake!😑😑😑

The General's Wife said...

Yes they should eat it and after then they all should be burnt. Soo angry!

Poor wifey!😒

Omeh said...

Her family begged?? Why were they begging. Must it be d husband to sign? Abi dey cudnt foot d Cs bill. No man can try DAT with my child. I'll simply take her away from dere or sign d papers. D man can come n collect his dowry. Nonsense and ingredients


What kinda crazy archaic law is that !!!
Awon China ya werey niyen o
So they'd rather have her dead than a cs performed on her.....may she rip.
That barbaric law should be abolished immediately.

Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...

End time family; instead of saving two lives, they lost two. Mschew 😟😭😭😭

Anonymous said...

Exactly my sister.
Who does not want to give birth without surgery ? At least a lot of women would prefer to birth naturally and forget the pains.

Nobody can love me more than I love myself , if the situation warrants a cs then so be it, after all, it is my cs.

Nemerem said...

The question should be what kind of foolish family is this? To think they were even there, and saw all the pains she was going through, plus doctors' explanation. No!
May she and her baby rest in peace.

This also happens in Nigeria, in most cases it's the woman insisting on 'natural birth', forgetting that safe delivery is mother and child alive.

jelly said...

Very sad chai!

Anonymous said...

Had my baby via cs bcos she was large especially her head. My husband even suggested it to avoid the pain n enlarging his ponyor. We didn't inform anyone except my parents n siblings after the procedure. My birth, my bizness. Some people r wicked to allow a woman go thru such pain in dis modern age.

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