Stella Dimoko Film Maker Blessing Egbe's 'The Woman' Movie Is The Best To Come Out Of Nollywood!


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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Film Maker Blessing Egbe's 'The Woman' Movie Is The Best To Come Out Of Nollywood!

Over the last couple of weeks, Nollywood filmmaker, Blessing Egbe has had the cinemas buzzing with her latest movie ‘The Women’. 

There is no doubt that this movie is Blessing Egbe’s best movie yet and one of the best out of Nollywood so far this year. However, the question still remains, is “The Women” as big of a deal as people are making it out to be?

With the movie still amassing great reviews weeks after its opening weekend, Blessing Egbe definitely hit the mark with this one. PR Guru, Samuel Olatunji, the latest and definitely one of the most read movie critic page on Instagram known as Cinema Pointer and of course the audience had a lot to rave about when it comes to “The Women”

One thing we find interesting is the review from Cinema Pointer. In recent times, Nollywood movies have been punching bags for this critic page as they never had anything good to say about the movies that have made their way to cinema however, this one is a rare exception. Known for giving true, concise and strong reviews, Cinema Pointer definitely enjoyed this one.

“The Women” follows the story of four friends who were caught in their web of lies, betrayals, hatred and jealousy. All these leads to drama they all couldn’t bear nor control. Blessing Egbe’s prowess as a director took this movie to a level where most Nollywood movies find hard to attain.

Trailer of the movie 'The Women'


Chikito The Professional Fire for Fire a.k.a Ugegbe Chike Teflon said...

Story!! @caption

De Imperfect Chick said...

the movie is ok shaa, shows some atom of reality about women. but is not better than the wedding party. that movie is the best as long as nollywood is concern till further notice.

it teaches you how to keep your secret to yourself.

Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...

I love Blessing Egbe and I'm a super fan of hers! She is one of the most under rated film maker in 🇳🇬.

Anonymous said...

I wanna watch.

May said...

Nothing spectacular about it.... but one thing it teaches is to be mindful of who you call a friend or best friend or what you say to them,cause they might use all your secret against you at the end of the day.

Blessing Egbe is good...... But Biodun Stephens writes better scripts.

GlamAffairs Makeover and Tailoring. 08111024477 said...

Nothing spectacular about this movie mbok.
I expected better from her. Just some few scenes(Kate and her husband) that made me laugh, nothing wow!
Biodun Stephens Oladigbo writes better scripts.👍👍👍

Anonymous said...

It was quite horrible. Total cast maximum 12 or even 10 sef
It was not good

nkiruka ikwueme said...

Stella hope you were paid for this advert.
The worst movie so far is "Dance to the beat" Mary Lazarus should be given 24 strokes for that Yeye senseless movie

Wonder Mum said...

I will watch then, thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Blessing Egbe is definately a great film maker. The Women is a bloody good movie and it is true that most nollywood films re rubbish. She is a great writer to have done such good work with a simple story such as this. Who be Biodun Stephen where Blessing dey. Please no need to caus unnecessary rift between both writers. I lovedddd the movie and yes it can contest as one of the best this year

Carina K Jacob said...


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