Stella Dimoko Ace Comedian Baba Sala Is NOT Dead


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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Ace Comedian Baba Sala Is NOT Dead

One of the children of the veteran comedian, Moses Adejumo, popularly known as Baba Sala has debunked the rumour that his father is dead.

The son, Emmanuel, who spoke with our correspondent on the telephone at around 10:20 pm on Tuesday said his father is alive.

He said, ” It is not true that Baba is dead. He is alive and he doesn’t even have a stroke.

” I don’t know where those peddling the death rumour got it from.”

This is the second time in less than six months that such rumour would be peddled about the comedian.

In August, a similar rumour was published by many blogs, however, it was swiftly debunked by Emmanuel.

“Good morning Nigerians, I want to thank you all for your love… I would like to inform us that my Daddy, Hon Moses Olaiya Adejumo MON is alive, he is doing well. Please, ignore any death rumour,” Emmanuel had posted on Facebook.
from punch

*I wonder where Gbenga Adeyinka got the News from.He needs to do a rejoinder via the same medium he used to spread the News


CHI EXOTIC said...

Nigerian celebrities and their inching fingers to always post

See how boda Gbenga just fucked up.

Cynthia Iyede said...

Na wa o! Mr Gbenga Adeyinka, where did you get your own info from?

Thank God he's fine!

Lipstick said...

Hian. Nigerians like to kill people before their maker. Isn't that how they tried killing Pete Edochie 2x😯😯😯. Nonchenche

prettyPrisi said...


SteffySoFynSoFlySoJuicySoNaughty said...

oooh thank God oooh. that pix looks really funny tho.

*hangs leg on the wall*

CHI EXOTIC said...


Handsome Beast said...

Baba with multiple life.. enjoy!!

Fine Sisi said...

Lol @ "boda Gbenga" 🤣

Anonymous said...

Lipstick honey. Most of these things are spiritual. They use it to prolong the life of the celebrity involved. They are given orders by herbalists to announce the obituary as part of rituals to buy more years for the person.
This Baba Sala is quarter to die. The last time I saw him at the birthday party of a legendary actor some yrs ago in Ibadan, he was suffering from so many things including partial stroke and partial blindness. He was shaking seriously, he couldn't walk on his own, he was aided by two men on both sides as he was brought inside.

Bheem said...

Funny thing about life is that those peddling his death story will die before him.

Just Bella. said...

Thank God!
where did the first info comes from?

Anonymous said...

And from Wikipedia (the children should also correct this)

Moses Olaiya
Born Moses Olaiya Adejumo
Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria
Died 11/ 28/ 2017
Other names Baba Sala
Children Emmanuel Adejumo

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