Stella Dimoko President Buhari Orders Ministers To Pay Out Outstanding Paris Refund To Governors Before Christmas


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Monday, 27 November 2017

President Buhari Orders Ministers To Pay Out Outstanding Paris Refund To Governors Before Christmas

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari on Monday ordered the Ministers of Finance and Budgets and National Planning to begin process of the payment of the remaining Paris Club Refund to governors.


Buhari, who met with governors on Monday in Aso Rock is believed to have taken the decision after an agreement with the governors.


***Shiny Boss*** said...

Na real christmas bonus

anonymous to bahd said...

An agreement reached? If the agreement doesn't include...

1. Immediate payment of ALL outstanding salaries and allowances to date
2. Payment of ALL pensions owed to date
3. Payment to ALL completed and certified projects executes by contractors
4. Proper documented plan on how to add value to the state using said refund
5. And evidence of having done 1-4 above no matter than 2 weeks after receiving said refund
...then the agreement is a joke.

Those foolish some calling for cheating husbands to be killed have misplaced priorities...use discernment.

anonymous to bahd said...

Many many BVs are directly and indirectly affected by this madness. Yet we wont get 30 comments if that. But toke and her wondering pussy, that's not their business, over 100 comments, 100!!! Ebuka'a agbada, goodness, countless! The shit eating pastor shagging flesh revealing actress...!? I give up!

Andre Cooper said...

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Not like this idiots will pay salaries

Anonymous said...

I'm sure gov like fayose will still not pay. He'd rather embark on jamboree of buying Xmas clothes for the children of the impoverished civil servants, anoda avenue to siphon the moni. Whoever gave immunity to sitting gov did Nigeria alot of injustice.

Ikebe Super said...

They want to enrich these governors this period abi?
They should keep the money because they will not pay any dime.
Ndi uchu!

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