Stella Dimoko Emeka Ojukwu Jnr. Dumps APGA For APC


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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Emeka Ojukwu Jnr. Dumps APGA For APC

Emeka Junior, the first son late Biafra warlord, Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, Ikemba Nnewi, Wednesday, joined the All Progressives Congress in Anambra State.

Ojukwu, upon his defection said he has handed over the Igbo spirit of victory and success to Tony Nwoye, the governorship candidate of the APC.

Anambra election is scheduled for this Saturday, November 18.

Ojukwu made this announcement at the APC mega rally held in Awka, the state capital.

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  1. Ngwanu May the best man win!
    Chidinma Grace can we be friends??
    Anambra election loading!

  2. What do you expect from a greedy man.

    1. He's a spitting image of his Dad.

  3. Even if all you selfish and useless thieves abandon Willie, God is with him. Quote Apc will never win Anambra State election. No matter how bad Willie has performed, he's 100times better than all the Apc Governors and the incompetent president put together. Efuruefu Emeka Ojukwu jnr.

  4. This is for people that is blaming Peter Obi for abandoning Ojukwu’s apga.

    Just krix!

  5. Anambra make una no gree at all for APC. They brought enough suffering in this country.

  6. Obiano : The Mistake We All Made.

    By Tai Emeka Obasi.

    I heard the name Dr. Willie Obiano for the first time sometime in August 2013...I went to his Aguleri home and met him same day, shook hands with him and promised to do everything within my little best to assist his emergence as governor if indeed Mr. Peter Obi endorsed him to be the successor.

    I got back to my hotel in Awka after that meeting full of uncomfortable thoughts. I was already working to ensure the emergence of one I had carefully studied and believed would have been the best to have taken over from Mr. Obi.

    His Honour Oseloka Henry Obaze was a man I had absolute trust in. I had no doubt he would have been the perfect choice to have taken over from Mr. Obi. The man who invited me over to meet with Chief Obiano was a very strong APGA BOT member and very close confidant of then Gov Obi.

    I went to the BOT member’s hotel in Awka that night to inquire, "please what of Oseloka Obaze?"

    He took time to educate me on issues about politics and its uncertainties. I couldn't hold back the tears, knowing what I knew then the former SSG had invested in time, resources and articulate programme to succeed a governor of Obi's calibre.

    He explained in details what it meant for Chief Victor Umeh to win the case in court and why Mr. Obi had no other choice besides leaving APGA than dance to Umeh's tones. He lectured me on how Umeh rejected Obaze, Dr. Alex Obiogbolu, Prince Chinedu Idigo, Dr. Chike Obidigbo...the only candidate from North Umeh agreed to was the man he mentioned - Willie Obiano!

  7. I never liked politics before that day but there and then I hated politics, with passion.

    The rest, they say, is history.

    And Willie Obiiano became governor.

    Yes, Dr. Willie Obiano became Governor Willie Obiano. But before he did I noticed some worrying inadequacies about him;
    I had reasons to hold private meetings of four with him for about four times in his hotel suite at Trig Point during electioneering.

    1. He was always drinking the best of brandies...always Remy Martins in astonishing quantities that always got me worried after every meeting.
    2. After his emergence as APGA Candidate, he was introduced to Anambra elites at the Women Development Centre, Awka and straight to Ekwulobia Stadium to be introduced to the party. About four days later it was at Protea Hotel Maryland to be introduced to the press. In those three very important occasions I discovered, to my discomfort, that Obiano couldn't express himself in public.
    3. As the campaign went on I discovered he was excessively arrogant.
    4. In the course of it all I discovered he was equally excessively sectional. His people of Aguleri meant everything and he was not hiding it. I saw through it and believed Mr. Obi did too. But the former governor was more interested in handing over to the North. In fact it was his commitment of living to his promise that landed us in the mess!

    But the rest, again, is history.

    Willie Obiano became Governor Willie Obiano.

    Yes, Willie Obiano became Governor Willie Obiano. But before he did there was a certain Gubernatorial Debate held in Awka. Before the debate I had approached the DG of the campaign, Chief Joe Martins Uzodike to warn him that our candidate would disgrace us in any debate and that, as a filmmaker that I had the script and right director to bring the candidate up to notch.

    The DG bluntly told me that Peter Obi's stature and influence in the state at that time would win election for even a cripple and there was no need to panic. I went back to my hotel room feeling misunderstood.

  8. At the Debate proper Willie almost lost that election for APGA despite the incumbency powers and Mr. Obi's stature. And for the first time in all the electioneering process, Chief Joe Martins called me and invited me over to the campaign office.

    My well-structured outline of making Willie a man that could face audience for the remaining part of the campaign required eight hours of uninterrupted session with him, involving three cameras, strong lighting and grade A director. Of course, I was there as the scriptwriter and my very dependable partner Kasvid was there as the Producer.

    The proposal was approved, Willie requested that I sent the 50 questions to aide him to his email which I promptly did. But the problem was getting eight hours off Willie. It never happened until he was elected. On hindsight I found out keeping him sober for eight hours, more than any other factor, was really the problem.

    But in the end it didn't matter. Willie Obiano became Governor Willie Obiano.

    When he eventually became governor we all partied, rejoiced our state would ever move forward with a 12-year uninterrupted APGA governance.

    But what did we see?

    An ingrate of the highest order who stuck to the man who smuggled him in, Umeh to completely wipe off the gains his predecessor made for the state in eight years. Gov Obiano's sins are too numerous to mention but the one that will follow him to the grave is selling the 156 million dollars his predecessor saved to build an assured future for dear state.

    But besides his atrocities, Gov Obiano approached another debate exactly in same frame of mind, if he has one, he approached it four years ago.

    After having been governor for almost four years Obiano still stutters despite the horde of experts severally imported to make him the 'Igbo Leader'.

    Despite years of arrogantly insulting his successor and lying all over the place this man that said he worked in a bank still can't express himself before any audience.

    So what is he suffering from? Excess intake of liquor? Gross incompetence? Excessive Lies? Insolvable Arrogance? Impudent Irresponsibility?

    Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!.

    On Sunday night at Emmaus House, broadcast live on Channels Television, Gov Obiano told the watching world two things –

  9. 1. He shouldn't have been governor in the first place.
    2. He has no business seeking for re-election.

    Just imagine the following:

    A. He said Anambra State is the only state in the Federation that didn't witness recession yet retorted later that he had to sell the dollars saved for the future of dear state because there was recession.
    B. He said he is the only governor paying salaries yet that he inherited a N127 billion debt.
    C. He said he was exporting veggies and yams to the US and UK and earning reasonable FOREX yet had to sell painstakingly saved dollars to meet up.
    D. He claimed to have raised IGR from Obi's N40 billion in eight years to N500 billion(his figures) in less than four years yet went into borrowing.
    E. He said his fellow candidates have no executive experience yet he came from a swimming pool.
    F. He said his former SSG should be working in Syria yet it was when the former diplomat left his government that it became unbearably chaotic.

    How much rot has Victor Umeh really caused in this state?
    Umeh might be hiding in his smartly orchestrated propaganda and lies that Mr. Obi should solely be held responsible for bringing Obiano but his efforts to re-elect him to finally enthrone impunity for Anambra’s way of life exposes the real reasons why he fell out with Mr. Obi in the first place.

    Mr. Obi was so jealous with protecting Anambra’s resources for the generality of ndi Anambra whereas Umeh was forcing the former governor to enrich the private pockets of party members. Umeh finally found a willing ally in Gov Obiano. Being a smart fellow for all the wrong ends of it, Umeh knew enough of Obi to predict accurately how best to push the former governor aside.


    Umeh led Gov Obiano through the plans successfully and the result? An Anambra in tatters! Because Gov Obiano is on the squandermania class Umeh seamlessly led him through squandering all the cash Obi handed over. First, the new governor’s Security Votes should be jerked up to an excessive N1.2 billion per month. And to keep the overbearing wife away from the largesse hers in the mould of N250 million per month was crafted out.

    An Umeh led the man from Aguleri to the most spend-free governor of our times. Every project was conceived with fraud in mind. Obi’s projects were abandoned because real costs of such projects were negotiated, hence no room for excessive jerk ups. Roads have standard costs per kilometre…bridges have not. So Gov Obiano concentrated on bridges just to excessively inflate costs and seamlessly rob the people blind. Umeh invented all sorts of lies against the former governor, employed all sorts of conscienceless youths and self-centred adults to insult, malign Obi so that he would continue to look the other way. It worked to perfection.

    But there was the matter of re-election. It caught up with them. With little on ground to campaign with, Umeh went to work again. Invent more lies against Obi. Hence the issue of N7 billion naira germinated. The issue of handing over liabilities sprung up. The issue of Godfatherism arose. The evil genius smartly diverted attention from issues to personal attacks. In the cause of it they hurriedly hatched the N20 million community projects, swindling more funds off poor state in the cause of its execution and invented much more lies to continue deceiving the gullible masses.

    It was again working to perfection until…

    Until the DEBATE on Sunday, November 12 at Emmaus House in Awka. The world had the opportunity of seeing the real person that would have taken over from Mr. Obi.

    Oseloka Henry Obaze took the lying incumbent governor to the cleaners. The world witnessed why Gov Obiano has been grossly underperforming. Anambra was robbed by Umeh’s antics four years ago. They now have the real governor back.
    Don’t let Victor Umeh trick you a second time.

    Vote for Oseloka Obaze coming Saturday and rescue your state from the mess Umeh tricked it into.

    Tai Emeka Obasi wrote from Ozubulu.


  11. why is it that our politicians are always talking about roads...building of markets..provision of water every campaign period.well not bad though..but for how long are we going to campaign with light,roads and water..

  12. Hahahaha 😁 don't mind this people oh,I pity anybody that follows this people sheepishly

  13. Why did he leave Apga now to APC politicians are greedy

  14. @Flutteringbutterfly yes we can be friends. But this Ojukwu son doesn't have any influence on anyone so his defecting doesn't change anything.

  15. Nobody is feeling his impact. He's just living on the glory of his late father. Attacking everybody including Bianca

  16. Even in nnewi who is he? After all his mother's bride price was not paid ask anybody from nnewi he is only our brother's love child

    1. Ah haba. I don’t like Emeka Jr but his mother, late Njideka Nee Onyekwelu’s bride price was paid and she had 3 kids for Ojukwu!! 2 boys and a girl.
      It’s Ojukwu’s other son, that they say he didn’t pay dowry for. Stop saying what you don’t know! The Onyekwelu’s in Nawfia collected dowry from Ojukwu o!!


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