Stella Dimoko Twitter Tales Concerning Reaching Out To People Who Ghost On You..


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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Twitter Tales Concerning Reaching Out To People Who Ghost On You..

This story hit home for me....

I had not spoken or chatted to my friend Judith for a few weeks and after pinging her twice and she didnt respond,I just let her be but I woke up one Morning with this strong Urge to call her...I asked our mutual friend to help me reach out to her cos I was on Vacation and Couldnt make calls per se....

That was how our mutual friend called me back shouting that Judith had 'SLEPT''
She slept in July just after our last chat....So sad!

RIP Judith.....

Please reach out to someone today....


  1. I failed waec EnglishπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Funny man. I do check on my long time no see peeps once in a while, it is a good thing to do.

    1. Stella call Linda Ikeja then I will come back and listen to your advice.

    2. I told a woman working in a lab today Thank you. I appreciate you. She just started crying and hugged me. I don't know why she cried and hugged me but someone I touched her. I still feel something is going on wrong in her life but I didn't have much time to talk to her about it.

      I can't mention her employer but I hope she finds peace sha

  2. Very painful. Sorry about the loss. It is well.

    Let me reach out to friends that lost their jobs in my office. They say we forget them but I did not. It is just that money is really hard and once you talk to them, there is no way you wont feel like giving them something. Something i wished to do but am in a tight corner.

    Will start calling them now. Office line is free for me.

    May God comfort all going through stress, problems etc. Amen. It is well.

    Oh boy i laughed at your you failed waec. dont mind them jare.

  3. Been trying to reach out to one Micheal chuku from omoku....and Kingsley ukut, chika obilor...damn where are you guys?

  4. This hit me 😐

  5. I remember one morning in February I woke up with the urge to call my aunty, I kept delaying it till evening, and by then it was mid night in nigeria.. for the next 3 days I kept procastinating..on the 5th day, I went shoping with family and was on the queue to pay when I checked Facebook and saw RIP all over her page.
    I couldnt even move, I just stood there like a zombie until the person behind me started tapping me.
    She died after child birth, loss of blood...and she just had her POP from law school last November.. I wake up everyday wishing i had made that call, I would have spoken to her one more time..RIP aunty Waji....

    1. POP from Law School? It's Call to bar abeg.

  6. A vital lesson i learnt a long time ago never to judge anyone or pay anyone back with their own coin cos u never know what they are going through or why they acted the way they did.
    Using my own experience I know I have ghost out on many people and I alone know why and won't judge others when they do,life a times could be difficult.
    Recently wondered why a friend on Facebook wasn't chatting anymore like we use to do,went to his timeline to either like or comment only for me to see comments like "why did u hv to go so soon"," Rip" etc.I was like what! only to find out he was dead.
    I hv always make it a point to contact others once in a while just to know how they are fareing cos u will never what others are going through, hence d increase in suicide esp when they feel no one cares n their leaving won't make a difference.
    This topic is really emotional for me,it touches d heart.That's why we keep emphasing on LOVE but I realize that we are good at talking not doing, we never practice what we preach.

    *Feel like crying*

  7. Many old friends of mine are calling me recently to meet up. Some even went to my village to beg my mum to ask me to forgive them. But I have forgiven them but I don't want to meet up with them. They really hurt me when we lost everything, all my friends disappeared, some even travelled out and they never asked how I faired. I am not angry with them, after all I didn't give them money to keep for me but I wouldn't have done that to them if they were in my shoes. It's that wrong of me because believe me, they really wronged me. But the problem is that I am not even doing well now, so I don't want them to meet me like this. How I wish I was well to do, I would have shown them that it was their loss leaving me in that condition. But God win.

    1. Talk to them. The answer to your prayers may be there. Sometimes when your first move abroad, people think you're doing well but those first few years may be very tough. Struggling to eat and survive. Those that promised to help may have kicked you out of their houses for various little offences. Years later when u settle and have small change, you start thinking if those you left behind. Answer them

    2. Chidinma, it is well. Everything will be alright by God's grace. Just give it time.

    3. Thank you @Anonymous 17.45, @Cynthia and @Yori Yori for your kind words. I am really grateful that you took your time to advice me and encourage me. Thanks to everyone that read.

  8. Chidinma Grace never look down at your humble beginning. Dont worry things will be fine. Just believed that what God says He will do, He will do for you. It is well.

    I wish you comfort and e-hug Amen.

  9. I was the one that cut myself off. They all got admission and changed*. Not all though but I didn't have strength for drama and everyone just was busy. I got busy reading for jamb.

  10. This just made me to try harder to go and see one of my friends.
    She has been off social media, no whatsapp. And eventually, I got her Monday and we scheduled to see today and her phone is off since morning till now.
    I will have to go to their family house tomorrow.
    This friend of mine, she was a 'student' of Unical, got to know that her admission is fake, and in her final year.
    She has been depressed and sad. This happened over 4years ago.
    And, then her dad died 2years ago, and she's a true definition of 'daddy's girl'
    Well I must go to their family house tomorrow.

  11. This is really touching. God help us.

  12. Hello Chidinma Grace... Well, life is full of mystery and it takes only a true heart to forgive and forget.. You have the best within your might which is laudable and cherished but please don't shut your heart out on them.. God's ways are not our ways and who says your help can come from them or that you won't be a key to their own successes as well...
    Comments here have shown we all have experiences of our own or from others and as someone rightly said, we talk and "no" do which is typical in our society... God heal the broken hearted and grace to those with ability to do but has not done and too busy to find time.. Cheers


  13. I usually speak to my father in law every morning, except for that fateful day that i called and i couldn't get through. I told myself that i will call him later in the day. Only for my family to call me in the evening that Papa was dead. I cried like a baby. If only i had spoken to him that morning. Rest in peace Papa.


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