Stella Dimoko Rapper Phyno Reacts To The Reports That Ladies Were Assaulted At Phynofest's Concert


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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Rapper Phyno Reacts To The Reports That Ladies Were Assaulted At Phynofest's Concert

Nigerian singer/rapper, Phyno had his annual Concert a month ago in Enugu and then recently a Tweet went viral after a twitter user, @obuteaku1 claimed that at least 20 girls who paid money to attend the music show were assaulted during the event ......
Phyno has responded to the accusations in this series of tweets.



  1. I think it's someone that has a beef with him that started he said, why did the rumor spring up after a month.

    Phyno nwa mama. The truth will prevail.

  2. That's the question have been asking myself too
    After a whole month before someone spoke out?

    1. Phyno and the entire internet needs to be educated about sexual abuse. See eh, the amount of shame that comes with being raped or sexually abused is immense. Very often than you’d expect, rapist don’t get punished because the victim feels too ashamed to speak up. In the US, claims of sexual abuse have been springing up and in some cases 20yrs has passed. Are we to ignore their cries because it’s a month old? Tbh, this response from Phyno is quite lame as the first I heard of this rape issue was the day after the event so claiming it’s coming late is not even true.

      But the real issue here is the failure of our fathers to raise responsible men. Men who are in control of their lives, emotions and urges. It’s quite pitiful that a lot Nigerian men can’t control their urge to hit women, rape them, body shame them, name it! See this stupid series of tweets now, no empathy shown for people whose lives were altered Just Cos they attended a concert. About 150bouncers and 300policemen. What if some of them were involved? The lady that reported it first said there were police officers present when she was raped. From what I know about the Nigerian police, this is plausible. Pls Phyno, delete these tweets and first show some concern for these people and their welfare. Whether it was a setup or not, you’d be seen to be concerned about the issue. This makes you seem like a real twat. You just lost a fan dude.

    2. Failure of the fathers to raise responsible Men you said? Why are you embarrassing your family here? Who told you raising a male child is the sole responsibility of the father? Sure you are feeling like a feminist? Hope you are financial independent? Because Nigerian women will be shouting feminism feminism and they will still ask their partner money to buy pads.

    3. @Anon 22:22, Oh pls cry me a river. Be lost and gone. Phyno never knew u even exist. Nobody was assaulted period.
      BTW, you can take the middle finger with you. 2018 is gonna be a very good year.

    4. Anon 03:48, how insensitive! nobody was assaulted right? until your daughter or sister falls victims. Your type will blame ur daughter for being raped sef.

  3. Phyno fyno
    Ezege Nwa mama.
    Na eje na ukwu agaghi akpo gi.
    Nwa Chi na emelu.

  4. Replies
    1. I believe the tweet
      The same thing happened at dbanj"s show in enugu.

      Any girl who attends all this classless night concerts (,esp if u cant afford vip ticket) does sp at her own risk.

      Nwunye korkors I dey cum.

    2. It wasn't dbanj's show. It was actually phynofest in enugu in which dbanj had to stop his performance


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