Stella Dimoko Professor Wole Soyinka Says It's Madness To Think Nigeria Will Work..


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Sunday, March 07, 2021

Professor Wole Soyinka Says It's Madness To Think Nigeria Will Work..


How do we restructure? Some people think better at night!.. lol


  1. I'm in the group.

    Will read comments. E no concern me anymore.

  2. Operation how do we japa ti take over Stella. Restructure kini???

  3. I have sha washed my hands off naija matter. When una solve the problem abeg let me know. #chasingdualcitizenship

  4. I wan japa oh. I wish i did so early

  5. Wash your hands , cover your nose, use a sanitizer, and KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE FROM Nigeria!!!! Let's not kid ourselves, whether they restructure or not, Nigeria can not get better. You guys know! And GOD cannot come from heaven to make it work. BV Mark Morgan.

  6. Over 300 languages and I think Nigeria will work? Jokers

  7. No be curse o. But he told no lies. I laugh inside me when I see people still having belief that this land can be better sha. It's nice to have hope anyway. But since my own parents were babies naija has always been like this.....what makes u think it will change?

  8. No one wants to back down.
    No one wants to step down or aside for another to rule.
    No tribe was born to rule Nigeria, only.
    As it is, A country name as Nigeria should seize to exist. Everyone face and develop your region with your own resources. It is not by force to be together. So far, togetherness has caused us more grief, pain and blood shed. Hopefully, as individual tribes or regions, it will work. Apply for via to enter another region.

    Someone please tell Benin republic to Dey their Dey. The 36 states of Nigeria are yet to get their feet. We don’t need a Damn 37th state. Must they latch unto Nigeria!!!!!


    1. Benin Republic if its true they want to be the 37th state of Nigeria, which is not true will be part of Yoruba land as they were previously before the colonial masters divided the people for their own ownership and benefit.

      They are Yoruba people and they are welcome and part of Yoruba land.

  9. Restructuring or not. Working will only happen if we choose work and honesty rather than stealing, wickedness and favoritism. Ibos are not one, same with Yoruba and south south. Let hard work and patriotism be our uniting force and we will grow. Is Nigeria more polarized than america?


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