Stella Dimoko Chronicles Of A Married Man - 29


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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Chronicles Of A Married Man - 29

Wahala Dey......

Two weeks ago during the champions league final weekend (oh, how I wished Chelsea lost!); we had our usual fellowship. It was time to catch-up and have some good time. It was a full house even though we had to go home early, no thanks to Gov. Wike and his curfew.

While we were having our usual gist about some of our mutual friends and life in general; Baba K threw in the bombshell. “Osy’s wife is divorcing him!”. I almost choked on the beer I was sipping as it went into my wind pipe. To say the rest of us on the table was shocked was an understatement.

Osy has been married for over 11years years and everything was near perfect except that they have not had any child of their own. They have done everything humanly possible to have a baby. Osy had to quit going offshore just to be with his wife. He even had to change his church to The Redeem church just because his wife felt their previous church (Jehovah’s Witness) wasn’t a “praying” church; all in a bid to have a child.

Osy married his childhood sweetheart and they have practically been friends for the past 26years. They moved from Asaba after getting married after Osy secured a job in an oil servicing company in Port Harcourt. Because of their cooperation, they built their own family house in Port Harcourt after 5years with both of them contributing to it. The wife is a hardworking lawyer who has always supported Osy in all his venture. They were so in love and we admired them as a couple.

Naturally, we were all eager to hear the fully story from Baba K about what actually happened. What would have made such a wonderful marriage collapse? Baba K gave us the full gist an when he was done, our beers tasted stale as we all lost appetite to drink.

Two years ago, Osy got a little contract through a company working for Exxon in Eket. He will always be travelling there to get some things done as part of the requirements of the contract. So, last year during the covid lookdown he was stuck in Eket. He had made friendship with one lady in Eket. Of course, we all know what happens when a man and woman become friends.

 The lady got pregnant.

Osy was in a fix. He loved his wife no doubt, but what is he going to do about it. As for him, abortion was not even an option. That was how they kept the pregnancy. The lady gave birth in December last year and has be causing all sorts of problem and asking Osy to come and “pay something on her head”.

 The whole thing blew over when the lady called Osy’s wife and played all the tape. How she got Osy’s wife number is still a mystery till date.

You can imagine the disappointment and the ensuing anger that followed. The wife was heartbroken; and like the saying goes “hell has no fury like a scorned woman”. 

Osy has parked out of his house since April and the wife has already filed for divorce. She has threatened to bring Osy down. And to think that this was once the gentle and nice-looking woman we have all admired as Osy’s wife still beats my imagination.

Friends, family and the church are still begging her as at this point of my writing. 

She said she would have forgiven Osy for cheating on her; but having a child out of wedlock while she doesn’t have one of her own is unforgivable. Osy has become a shadow of his old self. But guys are rallying round him to ensure that he gets back on his feet. Just because he made a mistake shouldn’t be the end of his life.

I know Osy will be fine las las irrespective of how things turn out. It was a wake-up call to all of us to do better and be better as family men and as husbands. It was a moment of sober reflection for us all, that there are always consequences for your actions. If the divorce should go through, Osy will definitely lose his house and other possessions and his marriage and friendship of 26years! 

That’s talking about consequences of your actions.

Fellowship ended and we all rushed home. Nobody wants Wike and his Police wahala.

Later that night, the whole got me thinking with a critical question: “What is my marriage and family worth to me?”, “will I be willing to lose my marriage because of some careless tryst?”. It is important that we all determine what our marriages is worth to us. The amount of value we place on our marriages will determine the extent we will go to keep it.

Some days later I told my wife about the story and wanted her opinion. Her first but not an unexpected question was “why do men cheat sef? Why would Osy leave that his lovely wife and go out to cheat?”. 

 I was just looking dumbly looking at her, as if there will be any good reason enough why a man would cheat in the first place.

Then I asked her my own question too for good measure. “If it were to be me that did what Osy did, what will you do?”. She looked at me sternly and replied “Just do it first, you will find out”.

Gat to go now. See you next week.



  1. Poster you last paragraph is the bomb.

  2. The consequences of sin is so wide and far reaching..

    It is better she leaves..

    A woman who sleeps with a married man, gets pregnant and has the audacity to call the wife and tell her is nothing but mega trouble..

    She will make life terrible for the wife at home.

    Hopefully, Osi will not die of psychological and mental torture because that concubine is nothing but trouble.

  3. Na soo. Do am first and find out. Men they are never satisfies

  4. This is really a sad situation. I feel for Osy's wife, honestly.

  5. If no be for our coconut head, following the set out rules in the Holy book is actually less complicated and cheap.. But na the complicated and expensive one we dey like..

    To arrange babe, na so you go plan cash to flex am, 'tfare' to give, fuel for car and gen, plus other Micelleneous engagements, both pecuniary and otherwise, at the end end of the you don spend roughly 20k or more including waste of valuable time.. Ontop sin oh..

    Then you go go church and to put 1k as offering or spend few quality hours go dey hard you..

    Imagine destruction being expensive and building being cheap, but we prefer to invest in the expensive destruction.. I don't even know if we should blame it on the flesh being weak or we're just plain stupid and devil dey use our destiny take play volleyball..

    I go still type this one finish now like say I get sense.. give me few mins now, I don begin plan another investment into expensive destruction.. may God help us Lol

    Blessing Sunday

    1. You said, "I go still type this one finish now like say I get sense"

      Your write up shows clearly that God has blessed you with enough sense but you just don't want to make use of it. You think it is there just for typing sake.

    2. Lol, receive sense In Jesus Name

    3. DANTE one of the few great comments I've read from you.

      Sinful lifestyle is truly expensive - not just in money but in consequences.
      It wrecks havoc in life here and in eternity.

    4. DANTE did anyone hack your account?

      True true you go church.

  6. Mr. Storyteller you forgot to treat the most important part of the issue on hand.
    Clearly, the woman is the one who can’t have kids. How selfish of her to hold him down n keep him childless. She should have been happy for him and forgiven him and as a lawyer tried to look for legal ways to pacify the other woman while having frequent access to the child.
    She’s actually a very selfish woman and not as nice as they’d like to believe.
    Even if they decide to adopt as a result of her barrenness, shouldn’t the man be entitled to his own blood child too.
    So he cheated. Big deal. Is he the first is he the last. She’s lucky he’s not even trying to divorce her or leave her for the other woman.
    I just don’t get women sometimes. So now in her late 30s / early 40s she wants to go start all over again? Doesn’t she have parents to advise her 🤷🏾‍♀️ What’s the guarantee the next man won’t cheat. How totally immature? Are the not cases were 3 woman are sharing one dick?
    And, this case he’s apologizing and begging and pledging to stay with her.
    Imagine a man changing his church because of his wife. Go your way now, why make him change I’d church too. A very manipulative woman hiding under pretense of being nice and gentle.
    Husband, I beg free yourself. Plenty of fish in the sea. Nonsense.
    Yes. it’s a woman writing this.

    1. Am thinking just maybe the wife did an abortion in d past for osy when they were not ready ,just maybe it affected her, and days why she feels she can't forgive her husband for having a child outside...

    2. What is the guarantee that child is his. In your mind the side hen was faithful. I didn't see anywhere a paternity test was done. You are a v stupid woman to call another barren.

    3. Wow😲😲😲.. .Are you a second wife or a side chick. Did Osy tell his wife that he had a child outside

    4. Dear anom 13:44, it may be easy to think the fault is from her but it will be better to hear their story about that journey first. I know of a family that was childless for years and after all medical checks, it was traced to the husband, but the good thing is that it was treatable. The wife lived with him for about 15 years while helping him seek every possible solution to their child bearing problems. Luckily, the man got treated and was fine and fertile, but then, the woman was now down with serious case of multiple fabriod which developed within the years of waiting for oga to be treated. While she's seeking for solution to that and preparing herself for a surgery, oga went to impregnate their house keeper. The lady was devasted, to make things worse, oga wasn't exactly sorry as he watched the house keeper constantly malign his wife though the wife took her in and accepted the child. Madam couldn't take it any more and had to leave a house she and oga built with over 70% of her funds. Now oga and house keeper are still living in that house and have 3 kids already, madam had to take care of her health then went on to adopt. A lot is happening in today's marriages, nah God go continue to see us through.

    5. Anon 13:44, so if the man was sterile, please tell me the man would have been happy for his wife birthing her own blood? And would not be selfish enough to send her packing?
      Onye si kwa obulu ya! (Put your self in her shoes!)

    6. @13:44, you are a wicked person. Marriage is for better for worse. Nothing justifies cheating on your spouse, not childlessness, sickness, loss of finance, nothing!!!

      So you just assumed the wife was at fault because some lady claims the child is for the man. What if she was lying?

      May you or your daughter never have to go through what Osy's wife is going through.

      I support Osy's wife's decision to get a divorce and the financial benefits. So another woman and her children should come and reap where Osy's wife had sowed?

      Some women are evil sha! I'm sure she knew Osy was married and had been searching for a child, hence she chook her head inside. She saw oil money and want to chop what she didn't work for. May people like her get their punishment in full measure.

      Even the writer is concerned about Osy. No one is concerned with the emotional hell Osy's wife is going through. After all, Osy has finally had a child. Society expects Osy's wife to be grateful he didn't throw her out because she didn't bear a child and just accept what has happened. Nonsense!!! I'm happy she has her own career. Imagine if she was dependent on Osy.

    7. God bless you

    8. Anon 13:44: You are no woman! And if indeed you are, you are callous to say the least.

      1. What is the guarantee that Osy really fathered the child? What if the Eket lady passed on someone else's "blood" child because of the money she's getting from the man and also because she heard the wife was TTC?

      2. Why did Osy sleep with another lady without a condom? What if the wife wasn't dealing with just a pregnancy/child but a serious STD due to her "trusted" husband's carelessness?

      3. Would you have said the same thing if Osy's wife had had an affair and passed on the child to her husband only for him to discover after 20 years?

      4. Would the opportunistic Eket lady have kept the pregnancy if she didn't consider Osy a successful man whose wife were TTC?

      5. If the wife (who might have used her connection to get him those jobs) takes all the property, ensures he's sacked and financially useless, would Madam Eket stay "faithful and loving" to Mr. Osy in poverty?

      6. Why didn't Osy spare his wife the embarrassment of hearing the 411 from his side piece by telling her immediately he "decided" an abortion wasn't an option?

      All of a sudden, it's the wife's fault that her useless husband messed up with an "I never chop" parasitic lady and now wants to secure her bag since she doesn't want anything to do with a razzo begging for marriage?

      Let me pray for you "woman": May your husband pull a "pregnant Eket lady stunt" on you, transfer your jointly-owned property to her and eventually send you packing for no fault of yours. If you don't say a big Amen, you are a 1st class hypocrite and witch.

      Osy should choose either his wife + property on the one hand or his mistress and "blood" child on the other. He cannot have both. All the insincere friends, family and church members should save their stinking lying breath mbok. I'd rather be labelled a rich/comfortable "unforgiving and wicked" wife/woman than a "cheated mumu". I am on the wife's side all year round.

      Osy should clean up his mess ALONE. After all, he didn't lose weight when he was committing adultery. Let him save his extreme weight loss program for when the Eket lady starts dealing with him. That's when he'd know his [ex] wife was an angel afterall.

    9. Well done anonymous 13:44🙌🙌
      I just hope the writer brings back the continuation in few years so you know the meaning of MARRIAGE TRUST and HEARTBREAK!!!
      There are a lot of options to consider AS A COUPLE,not even thinking the child is likely not his!
      Would u type this is the wife was the one who got pregnant?mscheeew!

    10. Oh woow, so because she can not have a child dhe should condone adultery? If the man told her he wanted to go outside and get another woman pregnant to have a child of his own, that would have been a different matter...he should go his way, and get married to the mother of his child then! The way some of you reason on here beats me!

    11. Thank you amebonawork. Anon with the first comment, you are EVIL!!! So you mean to tell me that child bearing is the only reason for the union between a man and wife?? Don't worry na, body go tell you, experience is the best teacher.
      Let's see if you'll hold this same believe when you or your sibling or even female child is betrayed by husband in this manner. Elenu jatijati.

  7. For me women first should stop asking why men cheat. Men need SEX!!!!! get to your head. Stay away from your woman is not easy. For this days of I stay away from sex for 3 weeks I develop prostate pains. So I need to have sex not that I want it but because I need to.

    1. Oga sir, it's not only men. If I stay away from sex for too long, I develop severe headaches that don't get easily relieved with painkillers, except I have sex. It's a vice versa thing. If I decide not to cheat in my husband who works far away it's just because of God and personal discipline, not because of love or anything.

    2. As long as you understand that women too have nipple pain when they don't have sex for two weeks, please enjoy. While you entertain mobile STDs without protection, don't get offended when you hear madam too has been "generous" with your landlord, neighbours and close friends while you were "away". Everybody "needs" sex. Men do not have a monopoly of that physiological need sir. Discipline is what distinguishes us from animals.

    3. You are nothing but an asheqo who can't control his 2 seconds dick. Only 3 weeks and you wan die? What happens when your wife gives birth and can't have sex for a couple of months? God I thank you for not bringing a selfish man with no self control my way, Oluwa your girl is grateful.

  8. Why didn't Osy and wife look for other means of getting a child?
    In this Africa wey we dey not many families will tolerate a marriage without a child.
    At the end they will both be OK.
    Since Osy valued a side chick and a child more than the friendship he had with his wife and their peaceful marriage then he won't have any problem facing these difficult times ahead of him.

    1. From the write-up, you can deduce that Osy and his wife must have tried every avenue to have a child.

  9. Pls you all should go and plead with his wife not to divorce him. If possible she should adopt the child only if the man is sincere and the man should cut off communication with the mistress.

    1. If it was the wife that got pregnant for another man, would you say the same thing?

  10. That's why a married man or woman should avoid having unnecessary relationship with the opposite sex,it can lead to anything.
    I am talking on straight couples.

    1. Tenth, Osy has been having extramarital affairs before now. Only say this one hook am for neck like fish bone. Even if his wife had 20 children and he was not "locked down" in Eket, he'd have done it anywhere. Were people not told to observe the social distancing rule during the lockdown? Instead, that's when he chose to be exchanging sweat and semen without a condom. Onye iberibe. The sidechick is not to blame in my opinion; na Osy use him Pr**k price market for Eket. Let him carry his cross.

    2. God bless you for the sense Anon 16:28. Did they mandate two by two movement in Eket while the rest of Nigeria was on social distancing? Osy should look forward to telling his child the love story that surrounding its birth and also enjoy his marriage to the woman he priced on the road.

  11. He should go and face his new family. The wife may never heal if she remains in that marriage.. She will just be massaging her pain everyday. She did what was best for her.

  12. OSU wife should go and get herself pregnant,but make sure the man is std,herpes,HIV free period case close

  13. Adultery, fornication, sexual immorality are just too costly. Just put that thing between a man's leg inside
    that place in another woman that is not your wife and you begin to pay and lose things.
    Nothing lost is comparable to one's soul in eternity if the person does not repent. It is appalling.

  14. Men will always be men.

    That you friend is wicked, instead of him to keep his prick in one place and help his wife conceive nope he is fucking every cookie.

  15. Dear poster,I am 101% sure that your friend is happy that he is a father. He wishes the side chick would prefer to stay in the background,his wife forgives and moves on and he gets to eat his cake and have it back.

    Which yeye friendship is he missing other than the fact that he feels guilty for the fact that the wife of 26 years of friendship has aborted for him sotey pikin no fit enter again and he feels responsible.
    Ofcourse the woman is hurt.

    It's situations like this that make me wonder for women who date men for so long. I mean you are having sex on a daily,aborting for him and he knows. The day he will break up with you it will be for a flimsy reason but inside his mind he knows why. Ofcourse he won't tell you why so you wouldn't swear for him.
    I wish I didn't have to say this but if perchance you happen to abort for a guy once to his knowledge,never tell him again if you are careless enough to let it happen again. Make everyone dey deceive themselves.

    If I'm the lady,I won't go anywhere because obviously that's what the girl wants. Let her be a baby mama because she knew what she was doing. Exactly what my friend did that I talked about yesterday. Because the wife hasn't gotten a child yet you decide to upstage her. So that in future she will carry shameful face and tell her child that she was trying to hurt another woman and had him/her

    By the way poster,tell the man to be careful else before you know,they will just put him inside bottle and he becomes a husband without knowing

    1. Na wa o, so you were able to deduce that she had several abortions for him from what part of the story nau? Abeg I didn't read well ni?

  16. I feel sorry for the wife..

  17. We need to understand children are just part of the blessings of marriage not the sole purpose of it. Marriage is firstly for companionship but we Nigerians/Africans have thwarted the primary purpose. I heard a similar story yesterday about a couple in diaspora married for about 13 years with no issue meanwhile the husband has two kids before the marriage which the wife doesn't know about till now. Imagine, keeping that secret for over 13 years, now his friends are telling them to go and test other people. If couples must have children, why not exhaust moral and legal options like IVF, surrogacy and adoption why must it always be try this or test that?

  18. Even if Osys wife had 10 children of her own,the guy go still cheat.A cheating bastard never repents.Ive been there.
    I only feel sorry for the lady.She should just find a way to get past this whole mess and not be at loss for the years of sweat and blood invested into the relationship.If theres a divorce,she should be settled well,enough to take herself out of nigeria to start a new life,else the useless side chick cum new wife will come and reap from where she did not sow.Life is a bitch!

  19. Hmm. God will help us all. And I pray that God will heal every sick marriage in Jesus name. Amen
    Above all, always remember that you will give account one day on how you spent your life here on earth.


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