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Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Tuesday In House News..

 Tuesday Hailings......


I Hail everyone eeeeeeeeeh...... I hope that your day is going as planned? I hope that you have avoided everything negative and stayed on your lane......?
I have a question to ask... All these Ladies that buy really expensive hair, how do you go to sleep at night?...... I can never do it!

I only buy cheap hair and if you see me with anything expensive just know that it is a gift and if it is too expensive i hardly ever wear it and that is why i cannot waste money on buying hair.....Cheap behaviour but i love it...

I was in Naija and gifted a friend who looked in need some money totalling almost 100k and i was so shocked when she proudly informed me that she bought hair with it...I have been in shock and not replying her chats.. This is someone i was planning to help..... Some people need to stop trying to use other peoples money to show off......I am so idsappointed in her but wont say anything so it does not look like i am insulting her..
Please if someone gives you money, instead of trying to compete wiith yourself, use it to solve problems that you have and be smart about it!
Some of you on this Blog have collected business giveaway and used it to shop....LOL abi i lie?

We move!
Enjoy the rest of the day.....
I have a crampy day and managing on painkillers that induces the kinda sweet sleep descirbed up there by pregnant

This love emoji was gifted to me by my ex spontaneous blog boo..hehehehehehehehe 'tongue in cheek'



What God cannot do does not exist. I don too suffer for this house issue and not only that, I did a rough estimate on how much I paid for inspection fee because I  write down all expenses. I calculated over 15k
I walked into one office like that because I saw the banner, stating that , they have a 2bedroom flat and a room and parlour self contain. I met a young man who is tall with a broad chest looking at me like someone who just got served with heartbreak.

We exchanged pleasantries and he asked me to have my sit which I was about doing before he gave an order(me wey don Waka tire). I told him what I needed and he demanded for his inspection fee which I paid immediately. We got to the house and it was nice and cool. I asked him about the rent and total package. He said the rent is 300k while total package is 450k, I laughed and asked if there is any discount but he said he can only give me 10k out of it then I told him I will get back to him once I speak with and agree with wify.

I went home and spoke with wify about the place and we both went there. Though the money wasn't good enough for me because I know if I pay that money then it means wify and I will drink garri for the next 7month(this is just me telling you the truth here, this one wey POS no bring money like before). We were about to leave the place when a young man walked up to us and asked us who we were there to see, then I explained why we were there. He asked if we have seen the lawyer but I said I only met the agent. The man smiled and said if we are interested in the house he can help us call the lawyer in charge and he did as said.

The lawyer asked us to meet him at his office and we thanked the young man but never knew he stays in that same house until yesterday. We got to the Lawyer's office the next day around 5pm and the lawyer agreed on 390k total package i.e 300k rent and 90k for agreement, commission and caution fee and we paid immediately without wasting time. That was how I didn't go back to the agent again and I know one day, he will get to see me there but nothing concern me because he shaa collected 3k for inspection fee.

House hunting can make one depressed and if care is not taken, you might spend half of your rent on transport and inspection fee..Bad experience I don't pray for anyone. I never planned that much because of my business but what can a man do?
We move!

Well done...... God bless you....
Pinky sent me photos of the house and it is very nice and private and looks brand new.....I pray you have good neigbhours...
Abeg small small with amebo ooooo



Normally I don't like or eat black amala, I chew my swallow so I don't like the after taste. Pounded yam is my all time favourite and I don't mind eating it every day with my favourite beans soup.
One pattern in all my pregnancies is that once I am pregnant I can't stand the taste of my all time favourite pounded yam, the only swallow ...

I crave when pregnant is black amala and I can eat it everyday.

Once I give birth its the only thing I crave as my first meal and after that I reset back to disliking it with a passion.
Also these days ,I am always sleepy, I mean round the clock drowsy, all I need is a comfortable spot and I am dozing off. I even heard my kids say mom is always tired. They are to young to understand, I will try my best to get all the sleep I can get because new born phase is another level on its own.

Chei, you will be fine Sweetie....



Those of you believing God for the fruit of the womb.
please take out time to read this post...

its an old post but we had so many Testimonies from it....
I dont know why but i feel an urgent need to post it again and would like someone to post it every day in the comment section of in house news for the next three months..
The libk is HERE



  1. Welcome IHN πŸ’œ
    Greetings everyone
    It's a wet day in Lagos Nigeria

    1. In house don land. Stella, that person didn't try o, imagine how Buhari left the country poorer all she could use the money for was to buy hair. #SMH

      Pinky, God that knows our heart came through for you at the right time. All glory to God.

      Motherhood, you will deliver successfully.

      God bless all the givers &, protect us from evil all through this month,, and may our positive desires manifest, amen.

    2. Good afternoon everyone
      Rainy day.

    3. Congratulations Pinky!!! May the New House favour you and your family in Jesus name Amen

  2. Dear Kings,

    Please permit me to share this wonderful piece from Solomon Buchi with you this afternoon.

    ''My kid sis got married at 23 to my friend, 25. He was working with Exxonmobil; doing absolutely well for himself. Six months into marriage, he was laid off because of COVID. I know a lot of men want to have strong financial base to get married, but that’s not what you need.

    What you need is a partner that understands the reality that you can lose everything, and they need to be there for you. Marriage thrives on understanding and contentment—come what may, both of you will hold it together. That’s the real control and security you can have.

    Men, money shouldn’t stop you from getting married. It shouldn’t. I understand the societal pressure, but there’s no guarantee that all the riches you want to build can’t fly away. Life happens, and you need a woman who will embrace you when life happens.

    I bet that if my in-law foresaw that he’d have lost his job 6 months into marriage, he most likely wouldn’t have gotten married, till last year that he was called back. Don’t let the aspiration to have money stacked up somewhere stop you from getting married.

    If you have a job, accommodation & food, you can get married. It will be better if your partner also has income flow too. Stop waiting to have your house/be a millionaire before you marry. I wanted to have my house before marriage, guess who’s married & doesn’t have a house yet?

    I daresay that many couples spend less than singles, because there’s a strong sense of responsibility, teamwork and accountability. My younger sister once told me that I spent more money as a single man than they spent as a family, it made me illuminated my mind.

    Marriage can be economical, especially when children aren’t involved, and when you cut your coat according to your cloth. It’s really not that deep. Most of our parents had only accommodation and food when they got married, and they grew with time.

    Before my wedding, I brooded over the financial cost that comes with marriage, and I shared with my friend cum brother-in-law and told me that I can’t control everything, and I should just get married & face life with my wife. That’s what I’d have done as a single man, anyway.

    It’s a highly consumerist world, but you still tailor everything to your budget. Wed on a weekday, invite a few friends, rent the wedding dress, get a photographer friend to help you, you don’t need an exotic honeymoon immediately. Please save some money for life in marriage.

    If your family complains, tell them you’re working with a budget, and if they want it bigger, they can sponsor it. Simple. Men, you don’t need the world to marry. Marry a reasonable woman; start small, never stay lazy. If you know your stuff, you will save more more in marriage.

    Financial stability for marriage is having a source of income that can feed, house and clothe you; as long as it’s legitimate work. This is the sign you need to make that bold step, unless you’re generally not ready for marriage, but if it’s about finances, go and marry!

    Good Afternoon Kings.

    1. 🀣🀣🀣 it's a Kings season.

    2. This Buchi boy can Cap..

      If the guy no dey work for that oil coy, or say him be no get good job, him sista for gree marry am in the first place?

      Dear Kings, choose who you listen to.. float is different from reality

  3. Welcome IHN.

    Sometimes,.it's better to buy expensive and quality hair. Those days, I used to chatter hair from jumia. Cheap and looking beautiful on the website. When they deliver and then you wear for just one day, hair will be like what I dont know. Even if it's just five quality hair, it is better than having 10 rubbish.

    1. I agree with you. I try to buy good hair because I hardly do makeup. Luxury hair last long.

    2. I can never buy hair, clothes, shoes, drugs or anything edible on that site.
      Maybe if I'm buying something like envelope or notebook of 10 pages that I can easily count, ehen something like that.

    3. 14:36: hahahhahahhaha, this anon, you are just a 'wuuuked wuuman beans'.

    4. Jumia of all places 🀣 I learnt my lessons to stop buying online hair after they served me sponge several times, Now if I don't physically see and feel what I'm going to buy, I don't buy shit

    5. If you want to buy things on Jumia, go for items termed Jumia express. Also check out the reviews before ordering. I have been buying things from Jumia express for years now. I have only had cause to return an item once. The return and refund was swift too.

  4. Replies
    1. Luxury is for people that can afford it.
      As a mother who has children in university and secondary school, I can't afford expensive hair. 100k hair is way above my expenditure right now.
      I must have solved family issues and send money to my sisters before I will remember personal needs. 😬

      Life na stage by stage.. Your scale of preference would definitely direct your path.

  5. Today's sign out post is for me. I'm never giving up no matter how hard it gets.
    Good cold afternoon everyone πŸ’™

  6. Good afternoon to y'all.
    Lol at what you said @Stella.
    It's absolutely true.
    Ex Spontaneous Blog Boo?
    How are y'all holding up?
    Stay away from negativity and πŸ‘‹ be positive for a minute.

  7. Lol..

    Congratulations Pink.. update your amebo method for here make you no cast, lol, no dey visit your neighbors for gist.. just dey codely peep them through your window blinds, you go see more cos people do shocking things when they think no one is watching 😁.. or you fit dey stroll go like 2 to 3 street away go do your thing with rest of mind😌😌

    Big Stellz I need business giveaway oh, I won open business 😐

  8. Pinky I can relate to your house search troubles. I'm glad you got a nice one. May God keep providing the money to renew it every year.

  9. Wet Tuesday,the rain waited for me to finish washing my piled dirty clothes before pouring...I don't like it at all.

    @stella,some people are like that oo,when you give them money because of their situation,they go for their wants instead of their needs.

    @pinky,Thank God for the young man,it's not as if houses are really expensive,it's majorly the work of greedy agents.

    Safe delivery to the pregnant poster.

  10. Stella, I heard some people spend as much as 500k on hair. I guess there are levels to these things sha.
    Pinky,house hunting should be one of the most frustrating things in this life, I dislike it so much. The ridiculous prices they charge as agent fee is Soo annoying, imagine paying 50k as agency free when house rent is 100k. Na you build the house? God have mercy.
    It's been raining since morning here in the city of Ilorin.
    Good afternoon people

  11. Pinky may you enjoy your new house. Congratulations

  12. Thank you Stella for that meme

    I am happy for you @pinky, these agents won't make heaven, a whole 50k extra

    Meanwhile Glo is the most useless network on earth abeg

    1. Holla Momma ❤️

      Glo is the most useless network oh

  13. This Gen Z children only God will help parents to raise them right and help them to follow their parents teachings.
    I am currently assisting my aunt to manage her business in a higher institution so I shuffle between my base and the school. My aunt lives in the staff quarters bq and her next door neighbor is a 17 year old jupeb student. This boy used to always have boys come around and disturb the environment. For the past one week now a girl has been with him, yesterday night I just stepped out and I saw when him and the girl came back. Only for me to come back around past nine and I heard his mother asking him who the girl was and what she was doing in the house, why did he have female underwear in the room, jewelry and sandals. He denied having anything to do with the girl telling the mum “mummy if I Dey do anything with the girl I no go dey talk to you with such confidence, na my friend friend”. He called his friend and as usual the friend was sticking to the story but been children I think they slipped so the mother caught the lie next thing I heard were slaps. The boy later threatened the mother that he was going to stab himself and the mother told him to go ahead that after all there mortuaries everywhere. Got tired of straining my ears so I went to sleep.
    This morning I woke up to the mother saying yesterday her spirit was just restless and been a prophetess she was asking the Holy Spirit what was wrong, which of her children was in danger and she was led to come to the school to see the boy that was why she left home and came as late as 9pm to check on him. Something she has not done since march that I started living there. She kept on lamenting that how can she counsel other peoples children when her own son is misbehaving, that since he wants to live with a girl then he should pack his bags and go home, she’ll get a wife for him that she’s ready to forfeit the school fees and rent she paid. I sha left for my work. When I get back I’ll bring update.
    I don’t know how to write please pardon any errors.


    1. It’s really not easy and there are so many vices these days that even make it more complicated it’s just so so sad.

    2. Na wa! May our children have sense in this life ijn.
      We dey wait update jor. Strain the ear EeziπŸ˜ͺ

    3. It is well, parenting in a crazy world no be beans...

    4. 17yrs old boy is camping a girl.
      The girl too will be in the same age bracket, oh Lord, my kids ooo.

    5. Pls assist your aunt let her cry in your shoulders, hold her hands and pray with her assure her she is trying parenting these days is God s grace ,and I pray the son will be back to his senses. Still call the boy and talk to him use counseling method I believe as an aunt he will still have small respect,talk to him tell him about daaangers of the world, that the mum wants him to be better person tmrw and he's the one that will benefit from it sometimes from your own perspective he will might be sober believe me he will remember that time when his aunt talked to him to be a better person .the girls visiting give them that big sister aura that no entry I assure the boy will change
      May God bring peace to the mum's troubled soul cos I believe God is already in control, her son will be restored back to her I wish to read a wonderful comeback from you detailing changes , ✌️

  14. It's a raining Tuesday.

    God, guide and protect us in all we do, in Jesus mighty name. Amen πŸ™πŸ₯°πŸ’™πŸ˜Ž

  15. Yesterday I bought "St Ives hydrating body lotion with vitamin E and Avocado". It's for my kids and I love the smell. I feel like abandoning my own cream and use it with them. I pray it normalises their skin again.
    Those that said shea butter is good for kids, I owe you one knock on the head.
    I bought Shea butter in the market, the thing was smelling like burnt ororo, I should have thrown it away. I used it on my kids, their skin was looking burnt black. Faces dark like ojuju Calabar. God abeg o.

    1. ALL the Shea butter in the market right now are fake.

    2. No wonder@castle,my child is also very dark now,just as you explained@anon.
      Please give review after two weeks.Thank you!

    3. Try Avila shea butter, you can get it from their agent

    4. That means I should stick to my Shea butter customer for life o. I mix my son's Shea butter with palm kernel oil... Skin goals🀭
      Abi na just so e skin be? Cos me sef nor too dey bother o. Sometimes I use blue seal Vaseline sef.
      I generally believe good food will make your child's skin glow sha. IDK

    5. Unadulterated Shea Butter is very good for a child's skin. Undulterated Shea butter is very good. The best way to use Shea Butter is making body butter with it. You get to add other oils and fragrance to it. Also, get a sunscreen for them, if they go out into the sun

  16. You're not on your man's profile, not on his wallpaper, not on his lock-screen, not even on his status, Aunty were exactly are you? πŸ™„

    1. @Praise - abi oh. Where exactly?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      @castle and Mariam -.. Out of the abundance of the heart, the status showeth.. 😏😜. If you dey heart, you must show for somewhere oh. Go and verify πŸ˜‰

    2. I am with Castle and Mariam. ALL the married men that have tried to be inappropriate post their wives on their status and sing their praises like there is no tomorrow.

  17. I can imagine the shock you had when the lady told you she used the money you gifted her to buy hair🀣🀣🀣maybe na hair be her problem. Some people spend a lot on hair. It can't be me. I no fit.

    Pinky, I thank God you finally got a good house to rent. May the house bring you peace and blessings.

    Pregnant mum, I love black Amala very much. May you deliver safely.

    It is cloudy here.

  18. Buying quality hair Worth it cos it will last. I still wear hair I bought 5yrs ago and still very good compared to those cheap ones that last only two months.

  19. I can totally relate to this hair issue. One of my friend’s mum is coming and I decided to buy wig. Selected two wigs from one IG page, 70k and 50k and I was just thinking to myself why I can’t take that 120k and buy just one quality wig but I know I can’t. Maybe later, my mind will be ready to do such but for now, na cheap wigs get me Abeg

  20. Rain rain! go way
    I hate being outside my house when it rains. Everywhere will be so messed up. You would even take cover, roof will be leaking and breeze will be blowing rain water on your body.

    Abroad people, is this how it is when it rains over there too?

    1. Are you me? 🀷‍♀️
      I love being under my roof when it's raining.

  21. Rainy Tuesday
    Good afternoon Bvs

    1. Eonni πŸ₯°

      Rain don do me shege this afternoon πŸ₯Ά

    2. Get thee a tush impermeable in a nice color.
      They come lighter these days and so convenient.
      Jumia and Amazon sells some.

  22. Sorry about your cramps SDK
    I don't like artificial hairs and wigs, they give me headache. The few I have were gifted me. I have given two out already.

  23. Flexing with the money you got as help from someone is just somehow. Use it well to open more doors of blessings. That's just it.

    Pinkman, I'm happy for you bro. The process of house hunting, getting what you really like and being able to pay for it in full is underrated. God bless you and your wife. Amen.

    It's a cold day in Gidi!

  24. Good afternoon everyone, Stella I am with you on spending that much on wigs, first I really don't like wigs at all I prefer braiding or wearing my hair natural. I myself wonder her ladies can spend that much, on Instagram there is a popular hair vendor and I read Comments on ladies purchasing hair over 100k ! Well to each its own, it is their money I guess.

  25. Kate Henshaw

    I love this woman. Sometimes I dont remember she is a divorcee. Never spoke ill of her ex or former, marriage didn't even give a horrible reason for her divorce back then. Now that is what what I call mature and classy.

    Her daughter with the white man, today is the first day I'm seeing the girl's face.
    I remember going on Google, years ago to type "actress Kate Henshaw's daughter"and no pics of the girl. She keeps her private life private.
    Sending you loads of love Kate.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️πŸ’—πŸ’—

    1. I love her too. I've searched for daughter's pictures online but got nothing. She's just on her own lane.

    2. Her friends and buddies have all her pictures.

      She was in the same apartment building with my older sister's daughter in the UK where they school.
      Thing is , these cool kids do value their privacy.
      They know that IMAGE IS EVERYTHING.

    3. Xp Na everybody you dey know? Chai

  26. Where's SBB sef?

    Thank God for you Pinky.
    Keep pushing pregnant mummy

  27. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs. Rainy day here 😌

  28. Stella, some people are into hairs. My sister can spend 1.5million on hairs. There's no new hair, by inches that she doesn't have. Her friends knows the only thing to gift her and she's really happy is hair. She spends money on quality hair.

    But, sell clothes, shoes, bags, she will never patronize you. Her clothes is once in 3 years, so with bags and shoes. Most of it are gift s. So I think if you really love hairs, you won't complain buying them at all.

  29. On maternity leave mood, it was a journey worth it, looking at my little angel I can comfortably say the beautiful ones are now born. God I'm still grateful o.

    1. Congratulations πŸ₯°

    2. Congratulations

    3. Awww.. Congratulations dear. Children are so sweet and joy giving

    4. Congratulations dear
      Good afternoon great people

    5. Congra... Inpatogar'shandwriting

    6. 🀭🀭🀭
      God bless your cutie

    7. Congratulations. God bless your cutie. πŸ’™

    8. I'm happy for you. God bless your little one.

  30. Thank God you you have finally gotten an apartment. God bless all seeking the fruit of the womb speedily Amen. Its a thankful Tuesday

  31. Pls someone should enlighten me on this form A Application process, that banks are sending to people's emails, I don't understand it. Good afternoon

    1. Form A are what you use to pay for transactions in foreign currencies, you raise a Form A, your bank pays on your behalf and debit you the equivalent, since govt said we can't do foreign transactions with our debit/naira card

  32. China owns virtually all the pandas in the world. They are often lent to zoos in other countries on a 10-year lease, for about $1million per year.

  33. Calculate how much you spend on attachments a year and it can't be reused, also calculate how much those synthetic hairs would cost ,only to last for few months, is it not better to close eyes and buy long lasting hair, wig it and wear your money out till eternity. I have hairs frm 2018 which is still as good as new.
    Stella,It's better to close eyes and buy it since you have the money than to be wasting money on synthetic, just buy like 5 quality hairs and you re good to go.

    Expensive human hairs give off this classy look but don't go and buy it with business giveaway money , if not a mumu is wiser than you.

  34. Good day lovelies.

    Day 2 of my lounging week, wakes up to an empty house, do a hot coffee, shower and balance on social media for some hours.. πŸ’ƒ on a ranting spree? Ndo nne.
    She used your money to buy hair ? you dey para?you don't know some beg you to sustain their sugarboy's lifestyle,buy him wears take him out,watch him stock some colos in his stressed jeans,money you toiled to make o. Ehen!

    See eh aftere my niece dealt with me in Abuja few years back, mmali ifve(I received sense).
    Was in Abuja for an official summit,this chic kept calling, cried and cried on the phone how expensive Abuja is, I said toh helping her once more won't kill because I knew she wasn't prudent with cash,so she came over looking lost and wan. Ok, few hundreds of thousands for her, I kuku received inconvenience package and some other brown choppee envelopes the previous day.

    3 days after, me and some colleagues hit a good Abuja mall to get this and that for family before bidding goodbyes.
    Who did I see pushing to the till the most occupied gorgeous shopping cart? My niece.
    In her kitty was ice cream buckets, one was about N11k, 4 bottles of choice wines, she was sipping an orange flavored Strute with a lonnng straw, chim o.
    Then many beverages, no cosmetics though but then she had 4 loaves of Gache Tranchee Pur Beurre, 4 fa? One loaf is N7k.
    Bread that if DH is coming back from Abuja he buys 5 and we'll give a family one and hoard to pieces the remaining loaves. Chic had 4πŸ˜‚ Naania.πŸ™†
    I asked her why she lied to me, she said she didn't lie, she's used to flexing the soft life and Abuja wasn't favoring her.
    I left her aisle with my head down and goosebumps, I couldn't belieeeeveeeeee it😲 At night she kept sending lovely inspirational text messages also begging me not to abandon her. Oriegwu!
    Till date, no 10k for her.
    She's in Porto Novo now,she don kuku see the man wey senior Emmanuel.

    Dont stop giving, know who you give.


    1. Kai!
      Dey have spoilt her from home with soft life

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      I am sorry but this so funny

      The chic over soft, she no dey carry her belle play at all

    3. Hahahahaha

      She used your hard earned money to do soft life.


    4. Smh at her
      But you write well
      I enjoyed the read

    5. Oh my God! You must have really felt bad.

  35. Good afternoon everyone
    It’s a rainy day.
    Congratulations Pinky on your new apartment.

  36. Sign out...πŸ‘ŒSo true.
    Keep keeping on,soon you'll be celebrated.

    This is a special shout out to all the bvs who are here on a steady posting reasonable mature comments yet giving quality time to their education.
    Congrats on hitting 700 days on a language APP. Yeah, I got the review page,don't ask me o. For 2 years you studied every single day, woohoo πŸ’ƒ
    It's worth it.


    Ste... expect more japaa news on here. Your bvs are not smiling.
    I believe you're part of their success story yet to be published.

    Stay cool guys.

    1. Have you japaed or planing to japa?

    2. Anony 16:47

      Today is exactly our second japanniversary.
      It's been 2 years.
      Best decision ever.

      Go learn a language if you're not a polyglot, face another radar. You go like yourself.

    3. So you are on that app too.
      Learning a second language is very important.


    4. What's the name of the app?

  37. Stella I'm 100% sure that the person you gave that money to is a single lady without a child.

    Pinky, so this particular agent wanted to chop a whole 50k? 😱

    1. Ennie don't be shocked she might have kids who are yet to pay their school fees sef. Some women priority is to pepper dem first, even if the family is hungry. Wig is the last thing I can use money to buy,and makeup too

    2. Kai!
      You are right o
      I remember those women that would buy gold and aso ebi while their kids go hungry

  38. Congratulations Pinky.

    May that house favour you in Jesus name πŸ™πŸ™

    Pregnant Mum, you are doing well. Enjoy jare

  39. It beautiful rainy day

  40. Waist beads or waist chain please. I need to get one to dey roll it for hubby

  41. Goodafternoon fam
    God is so good ...
    100k for hair, omo!
    and here is me looking for just half of that money to sort an important ish

  42. Pinky, thank God for the man that connected you with the lawyer o, same happened to me when I wanted to rent house.

    SDK, indeed God lives here,I remember how many testifies on that TTC post, may God bless every womb looking up to God

  43. Warm hugs to those feeling cold.

    May God come through for us all.

  44. Watch beautiful life and love again very good movies

    1. Beautiful life
      Love again

      They are good movies abi? I will download and watch

  45. An awesome day to you all 😘

  46. Wetin concern me with expensive hair. I kukuma make my hair by myself. I only visit the salon when I want to do a special braiding. 2019 was the last time I did that. Let me not say how much my weavons cost before they will start laughing. They are very cheap but when I style them you will never notice how cheap they are. I don't get moved by trends and I love that. I buy cheap fabrics and sew in a way that when people see me they'll think that this lady is financially loaded.
    Lol, I even wanted to write about all this last week.

  47. There is nothing wrong with buying expensive hair if you can afford it. Using handouts to buy luxury is an expression of long throat .

  48. Pinky at last, so happy for you. This new place should not stop your gist mbok. Bc I enjoy them. Gifted 100k used for hair and had the guts to tell the giver?At this hard time? Money that can go a long way in some business. God please remember me.


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