Stella Dimoko Police Arrest Suspect Linked To killing Of Rivers DPO Bako And He Spills The Beans On His Boss 2Baba


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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Police Arrest Suspect Linked To killing Of Rivers DPO Bako And He Spills The Beans On His Boss 2Baba

The Rivers State Police Command on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 arrested a suspect allegedly responsible for the murder of the late SP Bako Angbashim. 

In a video circulating social media, the interrogated suspect claimed the leader of the gang, Gift Opara Okpolowu also known as 2-baba had over 40 guns with many unknown sponsors with the backing of a native doctor from Ogoni. 

He said: "Sir, am not lying to you, sir, when they kill the DPO am not among them, I am on the other side of the river, when they brought the DPO, sir will not lie to you I swear to the Almighty God who created me, am this kind of person that cannot lie to you because have my own conscience. "When they brought him I couldn't even see him myself because I was hiding but I can carry you to the place they took him but I don't know where he was buried, I swear to the Almighty God but I can take you to where they took him." 

"Sir 2-baba has plenty of guns up to forty, but I don't know the person who supplies him the guns all I know is that whenever 2-baba needed guns he called the person on the phone and sent the money to the person through the account before we know he will tell us the guns have been delivered and he will go and collect it. "I can assure you sir that I can take you to where we are staying before I leave, 2-baba have peoples who always call him and work together but he doesn't disclose it to us.

 "The native doctor he brought was through the phone he called and told him to come, the man is from Ogoni not tall, and wasn't too dark in completion, and anything the man and 2-baba were doing was none of our concern because we were never involved." 

Source: X | DrTambari


  1. ...sir will not lie to you I swear to the Almighty God who created me, am this kind of person that cannot lie to you because have my own conscience. "


    1. Are you minding him? conscience gbaa kwa oku.

    2. He cannot lie indeed.... stupid boy,I pray others are caught

  2. 2-Baba & co, nemesis will surely catch up with you all.

  3. Unless you're not in Rivers state, then you won't know much about this story. This DPO death touched me to my bones when I heard it. I was so sad. He was an instrument to the peace in Ogoni land.

    A musician sang his praise in Ogoni dialect. He chased away cultism and criminals from Ogoni. Majority of the bad guys were gunned down.

    Peace and normalcy returned in Ogoni land. His death left many people sad in the state most especially the elderly.

    The man was heavily armed in charms that bullet couldn't penetrate him. He usually goes barefooted and fight alone in shootout operations.

    After his successful operations in Ogoni land, he was transferred to Ahoada and that was were he was killed. *sigh*

    I suspected betrayal from his people that led to his untimely capture and death. I'm glad some of the people involved have been arrested. 2baba will be caught in no distant time. It doesn't matter how
    smart he tries to evade arrest.

    1. Very correct. Ezege you sabi! The man really tried in Ogoni land.

    2. That’s quite a good testimony of the good this police man did got people. I pray his killers and all those involved are arrested.
      However, I am worried by this broadcast of the interrogation of this one who was caught. Is this not going to tip off 2Baba and all his other accomplices? Why is the police allowing this kind of leak? The truth is that this 2Baba must be linked to some influential persons, might even be police related. This announcement has a tendency to botch the entire operation. When will Nigerian police learn to do things quietly?

  4. They will surely get him.
    No peace for the wicked

    Mao Akuh

  5. The way my heart skipped when I saw 2baba till I read through,God abeg o

  6. Imagine being your child on the earth and seeing this picture of them.

  7. Cowards, when they carry guns and starts to show off you will think they are very brave. But inwardly they are coward, hurting, and broken individuals. The lessons they refused to learn from home ,they will now learn it outside, the hard way

  8. All of you would be caught, using the Lord's name in vain,wickedness.


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