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Thursday, December 07, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



Good day my SDK family.
Please, say word of prayer for me. I have an unmarried elder sister in her late 40s and a younger sister who is 26 doing her NYSC...
My own ish, l have been experiencing rejection by men, the ones that ticks my boxes don't ever like me, but the ones with unstable jobs, married men and small boys will be professing love up and down. I'm 34, and never been in love, and l want to love and be loved.

Father Lord, your daughter needs love.... she has never been in love...Father Lord please make her to fall in love with herself so that she can find true love thru your eyesand stop looking at boxes to tick....
Thank you Lord cos you will answer the prayer of your daughter...

Please prayer warriors fire prayers!


  1. May the good Lord send you and your sisters your missing ribs. The men shall find you people and celebration of long lasting relationship, blessed with children and good things of life shall be you and yours portion in Jesus name, Amen!!!
    If you are a Catholic say novena of Saint Rita or Ann. Please testify soonest.

    1. Which one is saint rita prayers again naw. Make she just pray directly to Christ period.

    2. 15:12 Shyla, specified Catholic. What ever works for poster. Why the attack. Una get problem ooo

    3. * the ones that ticks my boxes don't ever like me----My sister please leave tick boxes ones
      * but the ones with unstable jobs—--the man can have unstable use today, but if he is serious with his life/goals. Please work with him
      *. I'm 34---age is number…just follow GOD plans for your life.
      * Never been in love, and l want to love and be loved.--you will and you must, May your heart desires be answered in JESUS Name

      NOTE: Go for deliverance if possible and follow your spirit to choose a man for yourself…Marriage is Sacred,
      *Ask questions about your family marital linkage…
      *being sowing seeds into people marriage..e.g paying transportation for couples, as the spirit leads you.

    4. That your sister in her 40s ,can you drop an email that she can be reached on

    5. Chika (hello iya boys)7 December 2023 at 21:57

      Our Heavenly Father In Heaven will Grant You
      Your Most Special Heart Desires in Jesus mighty name πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    6. Oh Lord your intervention for our sister πŸ™ in Jesus Name

  2. May your heart desires be answered in Jesus name, amen.

    1. Father God, I come before You in Jesus’ name.
      Abba Father, I want to thank You that You care about everything we care about. You have numbered all the hairs on our head. You know everything about this beloved Sister and her family.
      Father, You know that she earnestly desire to have a spouse. Not just any spouse, either, Lord; she want the exact spouse that You have in store for her. She wants Your best, to have a marriage that will be blessed the rest of her life. I believe You have such a spouse for her, Lord, because You knew she would want one before You even created her.
      So Almighty God, in Jesus’ name, I present Your own Word back to You.
      Your Word says that if we delight ourself in You, You will give us the desires of our heart. Your Word says that it is not good for man or woman to be alone; and You said that we will receive anything we ask You for.
      Lord, You would never withhold any good thing from your daughter and her sisters, for they are the righteousness of God in Christ and they are walking uprightly. I thank You for that, Father.
      Abba Father, because You have promised us these things, I am lifting Your promises back up to you regarding her and her sister’s desire for their spouse. Father, they desire their husband. Your Word says that every man should have his own wife, and every woman should have her own husband. So we join her and sisters in asking right now that You would bring them together with the spouse You have for them.
      Abba Father, I thank You for their respective husbands. Thank You and thank You for it in advance right now.
      And Father God, I decree acceleration into the process of receiving their divinely-appointed spouse. Speed up the process, Lord, as long as the acceleration is a blessing to both them and their future spouse. Bring them all the desire of their hearts.
      Thank You, Father. I love You. I bless You, and praise You; and I ask Your blessing on all in the waiting In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

      Dear BV, ahead of what God is doing and about to do in your life and sister’s life, I say A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS DEAR & HAPPY MARRIED LIFE!!!
      Looking forward to your testimonies. It will happen like a lie

  3. May you find, and experience love. πŸ€—

    1. Stella ma pami nΓ£oπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Your red pen really cracked me up.
      Poster, sometimes when we get too desperate, we tend to miss out on loving ourselves.

      That your elder sis is unmarried doesn't mean that you'll share same fate. Concentrate on loving and building yourself and the right man will find you.

  4. Is better for you to go for a man that likes you more than you like him
    There's no perfect man out there,

  5. May the Lord Almighty locate you with the love of your life,your family must be maritally celebrated in JESUS Mighty name Amen

  6. May the almighty God grant your heart desires, may He direct your prince charming to your location sooner than later in Jesus name, Amen

  7. Poster truth of the matter is, naija’s economy is horrible. If you see a man who’s job is not all that great but you know he’s hard working/not lazy, has a vision/potential and a prayerful man with good upbringing and character, I’ll say go for him and build together. The men with stable income are far less due to naija’s economy. Make you no push your God given husband away because you’re looking for one specific criteria. No one is perfect. And NO to married men and small boys. I pray you meet the man God wants you to marry. The man of your youth. In Jesus name. Amen. πŸ™πŸ½

  8. Poster,God almighty will bring good suitors,your way and your sisters. God has answered your prayers. He will grant your wishes. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  9. The Mighty Man in Battle will take over all the battles of your life. Jehovah will shine His light upon your dark paths, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Every hand that carries evil against you will wither. The legs that work for your destruction will paralyse. The eyes that monitor you for evil will go blind and the hearts that devise evil against you shall miss target. You will receive good news and the sounds of celebration will not cease in your house.The Lord will bless you with the ordained one for you in Jesus mighty name amen.Your testimony us comingπŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’ž

  10. You will experience love and I pray the right man that God has ordained for you locate you Amen. Whilst waiting, show yourself so much love and kindness and live your best life...Be happy and God will grant your heart desires (Amen)

  11. We men has realized that there's no benefit in marriage, we do everything yet we don't get the peace of mind and respect we deserve. It's going to get worse for women of this generation because men are not willing to be disrespected in the name of marriage any more. The late night tears for the few good women out there will bs too much cause the bad ones has destroyed marriage already. The good thing is that men has realized they can have children without getting married. Sad and bitter truth.

    1. You are speaking for yourself, alone.

    2. Points made. Really wonder what is the gain of marriage for a man. Especially where the marriage fails when the children are toddlers, pre-teens or teens who cannot really understand the whole matter. but get brainwashed by their mothers.

    3. he that finds a wife finds a good thing and OBTAINS FAVOUR FROM GOD. Anonymous @15:23, there's lots of benefit to men in marriage. Ask God to lead you to a woman who is a wife, who will give you peace of mind and help you to prosper.

    4. Everything you said applies to women too. Many of us have realised there's no point in buying a whole pig for a little sausage. Women are the ones not dying alone and abandoned in care homes. It is men, as childless unmarried women have been proven to be the happiest and healthiest with lone men being the most unhealthy and unhappy. Good luck!

    5. Respect has changed over the decade from what it used to be.

      My male cousin (40 yrs), married at 35, told me he had to adjust his expectations on how his wife should respect him. What he grew up with was an extreme surbodination of females.

      The males that complain vastly on this respect thing are mid 30s upwards who have refused to adjust their reasoning to current realities.

      Times have changed and many of your expectations can not be met.

  12. Lord answer the prayers of your daughter and grant her all that her heart desires amen.

  13. Join Stella's single mingles or send her a mail so she can post it. Then also keep trusting God, all will be well. Wishing you all the best. I will be praying for you. I met my hubby inside the single mingles. Your own will come. Amen

  14. Nawa o... What could be the cause of this bikonu

  15. Amen
    May God grant u ur heart desires

  16. May God grant your heart desire in Jesus name, Amen.

  17. If you have some cash, leave that country
    At 34, some men there think you’re old for them. Nigerians outside Nigeria are more open minded or uou marry a non Nigerian
    Let your sis try same

    1. Nigerian men outside Nigeria are not more open minded. Rubbish entities most of them.

  18. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars7 December 2023 at 15:48

    Dear poster, why not get your sisters together and do a fast for 3 days and make declarations and cancel whatever it is plaguing you three from marital settlement.
    Look for scriptures like Isaiah 54:14:17
    Pslam 5:12
    Isaiah 49:24
    Who can snatch the plunder of war from the hands of a warrior? Who can demand that a tyrant  let his captives go? 

    25 But the LORD says,
    “The captives of warriors will be released,
    and the plunder of tyrants will be retrieved.
    For I will fight those who fight you,
    and I will save your children.
    26 I will feed your enemies with their own flesh.
    They will be drunk with rivers of their own blood

    Numbers23:19 & 23
    🍭Declare that no enchantment nor divination shall stand against you and your sisters.

    🍭I pray every garment of disfavor upon you be roasted by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
    🍭Be delivered from every scourging of the tongue in Jesus name we break every hold of. The enemy upon you and your sisters in Jesus name.

    Best wishes. Let us know how it goes.

  19. From your mouth to God's ears. Love is a beautiful thing. This day I pray for you, you will find love IJN. Meanwhile, I will need you to work on your mindset. pattern has a way of building fears and sometimes, those fears can become your reality. Work on your mind and pray, always be positive, you will see results but never agree that any negative thing is a pattern with you or your family.

  20. May all your prayers be answered πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ love is a beautiful thing πŸ’“

  21. May God Almighty grant your hearts desires in Jesus name. You all must experience love.

  22. Poster May God grant your heart desires in Jesus mighty name Amen

  23. Please don't take it as a joke because I'm serious about this. Kindly locate any MFM church around you. Try and attend any of their deliverance programme.

  24. True, first love yourself poster. Let love radiate from your inside, you will glow 🌟 Then attraction becomes easy

  25. While searching for love enjoy yourself

  26. I can state with confidence that the reason why it appears as if men hesitate to settle is for a main reason. Economic instability. No reasonable man wants to bring a woman into a home and not be able to provide for her.

    Some number of men who can marry and comfortably provide for the home but choose not to get married, are simply jumping from one woman to another and seemingly living the life.

    The cultural norms of our society also pushes young men into shying away from women with financial stability when the young man may be struggling.

    Money is the currency of marriage. It is hell to go into marriage without stability of finances.

    In the meantime, OP keep preparing yourself. Be the kind of woman that is deserving of the kind of man you desire. I trust you are actively engaged in something that yields you some form of income. Stay prepared! A prepared man is out there searching as well.

    I trust in a short while, he will locate you and you will share that chronicle of joy here. Good things will happen to you. Keep your head high!

    1. Just love ur write up's here

    2. You just mention my husband Younger brother with that ur second point. 39yrs with a house of his own, cars, nice career as a naval officer but don't want to be tied down to one woman in the name of marriage

  27. I am a man. I think you have missed it before even starting.

    The few criteria you need to look for in a man, among other factors, are:

    1. Does he love and fear God genuinely?
    2. Does he have vision and goals for his life?
    3. Is he a serious person who handles his life well. Not yahoo guys scamming people around (one day a scammer will use you or yours).
    4. Does he love you and respect others.

    I met my wife when I was earning slightly above N55,000 a month (about 14 years ago). She was a banker then, though she earned less than that as well. We started dating with marriage in sight.
    But I was doing ICAN program to become a chartered accountant, doing my master's program as well, seeking for a better paying job, etc.

    In few months, I got another job of N100,000, then N170, 000, then N400,000, then N650,000, then N850,000, then N1,700,000 then we relocated out of the country to a very good country. I left Nigeria with 3 houses, and I had used about 10 cars in between.

    The day ladies begin to see marriage from the angle of love and commitment and not an escape-route from poverty and problem is the day you are free indeed.

    Learn how to identify true love and have eternal peace.

    1. Hmmm....

      This is so deep.

      Poster, please pray and choose among those that love you without any incumbrance (meaning not a married man).

    2. The most sensible response here. Find a Godly hardworking man with a solid vision and the rest will follow.

  28. Participate in SDK blog single and mingle.

    Participate in singles programs of your religious faith.

    Are you a professional, join and participate in the physical gatherings of your professional association.

    Attend single programs of MFM or get Dr. D.K. Olukoya's books on marriage issues unless your religion firmly says not to cross lines.

    Find out what the men who tick your boxes want and need.
    Do a sincere self assessment to find out if you have them.
    If you do, find a way to accentuate them when you relate or go near those men.
    If you do not have them, the TRUTH is that you just have to acquire them.
    Just as you do not want to step down, men seeking wives too generally do not want to step down.
    Some men may get confused by shape and fake wigs.
    But some men are laser focused on choice of partners.
    Experience has taught some men that women find husbands with A+ determination to "settle down" and the husband gets unsettled for life.
    Some men want to "settle down" too in marriage.
    Question is: Do you have what it is to make a man settle down for life as an husband?
    A lot of women do not ask themselves that question, in their quest for good marriage partners.
    The street version of it is what can you bring to your marriage table?
    If you have the qualities to make a man settle in marriage, market those qualities. Husbands will find you.
    Yes! Plenty men are looking for wives.

    In this quest for marriage partner, there is a place for prayer, action, value contribution, some patience, and acceptance of reality (not acceptance of how-for-do).

    I wrote from practical experience as a man.

    1. Plenty men are looking
      Fine men get rejected too
      I know one find boy, I thought this young lady will grab him when I introduced. She carry face like hell no. Ah!

  29. May your heart desires be granted in Jesus name.

  30. May God direct a wonderful man to your way a great man that would treat you like a queen.

  31. Yield yourself to the holy spirit.spend time in prayers.if possible speak the language of the spirit (speak in tongues)God is merciful.Commit all to him in prayers and he will surely bring all your expectations to pass.

  32. Please people of God pray for me too, I am in the same situation only married men come my way. I have near-success syndrome too. I don't even know my purpose on earth I'm just existing I'm 31 I fear for my future. No Job at the moment I'm a graduate. Truth is I don't know what I am doing on earth. I loved to Act in movies but I stopped because of the way the industry is. I cry myself to sleep sometimes because nothing seems to work for me all my mates are better off than me. My birthday is this month please pray that God answers my prayers on or before my birthday.

    1. Pray about your situation and believe God truth is when as a graduate there is no job there are other things you can do since the showbiz business no go ,try other skills when you have something keeping your mind busy and waking up to solve some personal bills yourself and look good that sad stage will reduce the only thing left for God to do in his time is to show up and the living God we serve will , everybody pace is not the same God can remember you any minute check some ladies on TikTok that into shoe making,tailoring,baking just think of what you can do and have a positive mindset towards that Oluwa will pick your call, check business to something you can do mineral juice drink/ indomie selling / jewelry/ladies and men's wear undies,falt slippers for ladies and men they are plenty
      All the best and may your missing rib locate you soon

  33. Is it an abomination for a struggling man to profess love to you?

    You make it look like there's something wrong with it.

    As long as the person has realistic and proven vision, plans and prospects, they can be given a chance

    1. You are sugar coating with struggling
      She said they don’t have work. If she saw potential there she would have followed them

    2. 18:21
      She never said she did not see potential. With the way low income earning men are treated generally by most Nigerian women, only the truly discerning woman can see beyond the low income of today's suitors.

      We have read it here how women got quickly tired and gnashed their teeth later to find out that the men were not low income earners as thought.

      Let her pray for God's will to be done. That is when the end is always better than the beginning.

    3. Many low income men have complex and self esteem issues, they are unhappy about their condition and instead of improving it, direct or transfer their frustration /anger/aggression on the women

  34. May the Lord direct the bone of your bone your way in Jesus name.

  35. I pray for divine marital settlement upon you and your siblings and may God grant you all your heart desires in Jesus name. Amennnn πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  36. Na WA oooooooh

  37. May God provide your rib for you Amen

  38. "Men with unstable jobs" Na wah. Men, dem no rate una at all. Many men marry women who have nothing. Many men train their women in school. Many men sponsor their women to learn skills. Well, men there you have it. Your only worth is your pocket, not your humanity. What a sad and bitter truth!

    1. That is the sad truth for most men this side of the world - a man is a pocket. If it is empty, it is of no value. As that street wise entertainer Port... puts it, his caring, emotional, etc. is nuisance to the typical woman on this side of the world.

      Note that Poster did not say if she has a stable job or any job.

      Note also that Poster did not make any effort to market herself/qualities as a potential good wife per chance a bachelor or a female Bv seeking a wife for her male sibling / relative may read this post, and ask Stella for a link up.

    2. Abegu
      Most Naija men with no money won’t marry or stay with the rich girl that helped them
      Try at your own risk

    3. Nigerians men are generally ungrateful, with chronic inferiority complex and will coldly use the woman to level up if given the opportunity then move on to the one they can feel superior to.

  39. Poster first of all, rid yourself of thoughts of being deficient because you are unmarried. Even the Bible advocates singleness 1 Corinthians 7: 37& 38. Our lord Jesus Christ lived on Earth as a single man, and there is no marriage in heaven.
    Priorities self esteem, love of self and personal development. Be realistic in the marriage mate you seek. Change your circle, career wise and socially. Think less, wear a smile, and if it is God's will that you and your siblings get married, your soulmates will definitely find you. After all, the Bible says he who finds a wife, and not he who finds a husband. So the onus is in your rib to find you.

    1. Cheks55 @18:19
      "he who finds a wife, and not he who finds a husband"

      Not 100% nowadays.

      Truth be told. Women, quality women look for husbands. And it has been so since the days of Ruth in the Bible.

      I went back on prompting here the COVID-19 lockdown post on "how you found or met your partner". The eye-opener was a young christian lady's focused, purposed and ordered steps in getting and marrying her husband right from University!

      Please if Stella or Chief Martins can give that link, it would help this Bv.

    2. Hi @19:16..

      I think it’s this right?


    3. Thanks Oga Martins. You dey turn up when trusted. I hope Poster finds something useful in that post.

      Again, thanks. Let me go read your answers in FAQ.

    4. Positioning to be picked , yes
      Ruth did that

      Pursuing man,no
      He who finds a wife not she who finds a husband

  40. Poster what’s your location and age.

    1. I'm 34 years and in the outskirt of Abuja.

    2. Is someone younger than you okay?

    3. Hey!
      I'm just seeing this, it's okay as long as you're fine. Please contact Stella let's take it up from there and see where it leads us to.

  41. This might sound harsh, but:

    Are you your type's type?

    If no, then upgrade yourself to be what they want or find someone in your league

    1. Blunt but true.

      Fewer men want to run the rat race of life because of marriage.

    2. She is fine
      Not every time blunt truth

  42. I pray that God will grant you your heart desires but I have few tips to chip in which I feel can be of help.
    Firstly if you are igbo consider travelling to the village while travelling if you want to fix nails or lashes consider short ones it will help create an impression of a responsible girl. If you belong to orthodox churches consider going for the harvest and thanksgiving please if you get to the church please greet and dance while in the church don't act as a snob you never can tell who is watching men usually use that opportunity to look for wives and mothers look out for good girls for their sons.
    Please attend traditional marriage and wedding of others don't stay indoors. Ask of any activities going on in the village and attend like football etc .
    Be open to recommendations tell your friends both married and single, colleagues that you are searching it is not a crime.
    Join groups for youths in the church and make sure you are very active don't be an oh yes member it is called positioning.
    When you meet a guy don't be in a haste to take things to the next level take time to build good friendship stop choosing because of money check the person's character is he hardworking, does he respect me above all commit it into the hands of God. Lastly avoid long term relationship you are not in your twenties, above all be of good behaviour.

  43. Take Stella advice, love your self more. Pay attention to yourself and also built your life. Love will found you one day.

  44. Your prayers are so powerful, ma'am πŸ‘πŸ€—

  45. May the good Lord in his mercies settle you and your sisters, amen.

  46. May God come through for you and your sisters Amen πŸ™πŸ™

  47. I pray she meets the man of her dreams

  48. Lord do the best for child. Lord you created her and her siblings grant their heart desires

  49. Lagos Mainland Girl8 December 2023 at 07:06


    it's good that you realise that there is an issue somewhere.

    Aside from us praying for you guys, discuss with your parents, let them be praying for, the prayers of parents availeth much.
    Don't say you are not in the same location, they should call you and your sisters on phone to pray.

    Also this is the time for you and your sisters to go to God by yourselves as well and use your own mouths to pray, when everything fails in situations like this ask for mercy, have a personal relationship with God and locate a Bible believing Church, as you move to Him, He will begin to reveal things about the situation and yourselves to you.

    Also, practice positive affirmation, all the beautiful things that you desire in your marriage, write them down and begin to chew on them, see yourselves getting married in a glorious way

    You will testify in Jesus Name


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