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Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



It all started as a fun, you know full housewife without a job or a friend. Met a guy online, started catching cruise, now he's coming home because of me in December,I tried breaking up ,next thing he's on admission-

he said he's used to me, and he knows I'm married, tried to call it off yesterday, again he started feeling sick and couldn't go to work, someone I know every working hours count for,so lossing a whole day wages --

how do I break this nonsense up?. 

Men allow your life to have life, boredom can lead to anything,see where boredom led me to? If I was busy I wouldn't have time for this . God help me, I can't even go physical with him,he's bought tickets, dome plenty shopping for me even though I told him no.

You are enjoying this well well from your Narrative and you will gbensh him when he comes otherwise he may kill himself....
So you are so mumu that you dont know that some men specialize in sleeping with only married women and they will cry day and night and even go on their knees just to achieve this? Watch what happens when he is done with browsing your lonely hungry kongo....
Continue oh, come back to give us update, I will not advice you at all on this....You know how to end this if you want to.........Hissssss!


  1. OgaooooπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    Don't just know what to tell you shaaa

    1. You better block him. He's not coming to see you alone. He has parents.

  2. So, you blame your husband for your boredom?? Ok. You can't block him ba! If you like don't stop communicating with him.

  3. I like your reply Stella, for her mind she think say the man love her. Poster you just dey play with your marriage.

  4. This one falls into the category of women with light brain or fish brain. Sick indeed... Olodo rabataπŸ˜„... Be blaming her husband for her ahewo moves.

  5. Boredom didn’t lead you to go anywhere you didn’t choose to go. The same boredom could have led you to volunteer, to helping others. But you chose to waste time and play childish games. I hope he shows up at your home. You wanted attention and now you got it. Mtsscchhwww

  6. Oniranu obirin πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  7. Why not block and delete every contact? Not that hard

  8. Stella, you're right about some men's love for married women. I know someone who only sleeps with married women and he pays them very well. Guy works with one of the oil firm here in PH.

    At first I thought he was doing that as a form of ritual but he said it's not. He says only married women can turn him on.

    He said the mere fact he knows you're someone's wife he's knacking, it makes the sex pleasurable to him.

    Woman, the truth be say, your eyes dey outside. Forget all the plenty talk you dey talk. I fit bet say you go knack that guy. Maybe you are just seeking for your kind of women here to motivate and ginger you.

    1. There are wicked set of men and women like that. That's how they confirm their powers over other men and women - to sleep with their husbands and wives, or sometimes man/woman friends. And when the offended person cries or rants before them or to their knowledge, their joy from oppression overflows.

  9. Hf_beddings/fiber-pillows/honey/English-fabrics IG: hf_emporium_ 090723003916 December 2023 at 15:16

    The moment you guys meet, he will sleep with you. And that won't be once. Hope you are ready to say bye to your marriage and follow an known path/destination/future.
    Otherwise, cut off and block him all round.
    And take responsibility for your actions instead of pinning it on Γ½our husband. Cos when the consequences comes, nah only you go carry am. You will be replaced, nd d nee wife given Sam rules, will maximise it.

    You can decide to join an online course. There are so many of them. Mostly free, but are time consuming. 8 hours a day won't even be enough.
    You can start an online business, and be a dropshipper etc.
    So many things to do with your time.
    Being lonely is a choice. Despite your loneliness, you still chose to make a man your lover. You would have used same energy to have many female friends too around the world; but no. You decided to be cheating..

    1. Why should she say bye to her marriage. Her husband can even find a paternity fraud child/children. Was that not what he signed up for instead of telling her to go work and share bills with him. At least then she would have a better alibi than loneliness.

  10. No Advice...Just to laugh at Stella's red pen...Bye Bye See you!!

    1. Abeg make I join you laugh. Kikikikikikikiki

    2. As in........... Stella is a funny woman. What the hell is "lonely hungry kongo" nitori Olorun??? 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  11. See gbege,omo see gbege πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ

  12. Some BVs get mind o! Una go dey advise people come open fire for others but when una own chronicle comot person mouth go knack for ground.

    Hanty!! It is not being a lonely housewife that has pushed you into the nonsense you are in. You are a cheat and a born one at that. If you were actively engaged in a possible office setting, your colleagues will have finished passing you around since! Your oga know de kind person wey you be na im make him keep you for house.

    If you must cheat, tell your husband you want a divorce! Because you are of no value to him. If you had enough time to be going on line and trying to seek toasters, that is time enough for you to have gotten any certification that will aid you in working from home.

    Laziness coupled whorish stupidity that's what's disturbing you. There are housewives working online and making good money for the benefit of the home. Shame no even catch you o!

    Lose your home and see if that efulefu that's traveling from another country to come and see you will even regard you after he has tasted you to his fill. You possess no value. Not for yourself nor for anyone. A woman who stays in her husband's home and cheats is a woman carrying a dagger behind her smile. I pity your husband.

  13. Keep it up oh. Sickness kor, admission ni. Na you dey believe am. And what if he falls ill which may be all lies. Won't he recover? Abeg leave that man and face your marriage. He's a dubious character to be claiming sickness untop a married woman. Don't wait till he ruins you totally. Advise yourself oh.

  14. Lmao @ lonely hungry kongo. Stella abeg na. My belle o.

    Poster, you better end it before you break your home. Don't think of blaming this on your husband cos there are other things you could have engaged in like taking courses on line and learning a skill.

  15. Madam continue to dey play with fire, you will send another chronicles very soon if you are not careful

  16. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

    Nkogheli dot com.πŸ₯΄

  17. Abi Stella? Your red pen. Me i dey reason the guy wan run am street sef collect small coins from her,he just dey perfect his plan sef.
    But you see men allowing their wives get a life is the koko.

    1. Whorish wives who "have lives" cheat.

      Cheating is desire meeting opportunity.

      Women workers/income earners gbensh as cheats in offices, market shops, in the farm, in the prisons (as warders)
      Abeg, na adults dey dis blog.
      Leave yarnings for woman or man wey wan do adultery or dey do adultery.

  18. What if there are so many like you he is coming for? Hope you sort it out before it gets out of hand. He has nothing to loose.

  19. What an annoying chronicle

  20. Lazy jobless housewife. I pity your poor husband. I know he is a good man, na them dey marry bad women.

  21. Your red ink, Stella is it. She's trying to use joblessness to justify gbenshing the guy.

    And you believed he could not go to work because you tried breaking up the lustful relationship? Smh. What men tell women to browse their website ehh.

    Be ready to explain to your husband where you got all the gifts he's bringing.

    A case of trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am.

    Keep us posted, poster.

  22. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ, Stella say na Kongo
    Madam please do the needful and avoid this temptation o which one is you don't know how to break up with him? Block him every now as e dey hot if not your eyes will clear when he finally visit your Kongo .

  23. Lonely at the top. Lonely ! Lonely! Lonely!🎢🎢🎼🎀🎡🎸

  24. Stella you a bad sha poster kpele ooo God be your strength

  25. There are so many ways to kill boredom, eg reading SDK blog and all the comments, read your Bible one chapter everyday, go to YouTube and learn a skill or browse anything browsable, watch videos, listen to music etc.
    Nor lie for boredom head na ahewo dey your blood.

  26. What is the meaning of this rubbish you wrote up your age you don't know when a man is just whining you just to sleep with you..hisssss out..

  27. See person wife..
    Woman wey man go through stress to marry put for house..
    Worse is how she's still trying to blame her innocent husband for giving her that baby girl life they always ask for- "I just want to marry a rich man, enjoy his money and stay beautiful, my name is oriakwu"

    Later she'll also join other women to call men cheats..
    Was it not the other day that chat between am employed lady toasting her married boss and continue insisting that she loves him,. Only to change it that it was a prank cos Baba turned her down #yimu

    Let's imagine it was the married boss that was "pranking" his employed female staff, or let's say a single male staff was the one 'pranking' his married female boss.. we all know the curses, insults, and call out that would have trended all over social media..

    Useless women everywhere you turn to🚢🚢

  28. Is your husband holding your hands not to work? Didn't your parents send you to school?

    Truly, an idle mind is the devil's workshop

  29. Madam lonely housewife, please your husband did you no wrong by asking you not to work. His intentions maybe well-meaning seeing the stress, abuses and disrespect that some women suffer at work and because of these chose to shield you from them. Unbeknownst to him, you are the most unworthy and undeserving person to have such honourable thoughts for.
    Google Millionaire Housewife and see how she was able to maximize her being a full time house ife to earn a 7figure income to augment her husband's earnings.
    The internet where you found this your lover boy is a goldmine of opportunities that you could have exploited productively. But no, you chose to use it as a medium for adultery. Chatting up a guy online, what were you expecting the "fun" to end in?
    From your chronicle, you are obviously excited and eagerly looking forward to going on a rendezvous with this your lover boy and collecting all the "things he's been shopping for you"
    Just like Stella said, what are we here for. We dey kampe to read the sequel of this chronicle after you have been used and dumped and, probably thrown out of your matrimonial home because of your greed for cheap foreign stuffs.

    1. He did wrong pls

    2. Anon 16:28 How did he wrong her by giving her the opportunity to live a soft life which is the prayer point of most Nigerian women?

    3. @16:28
      True talk.

      By no letting her work to share bills with him, he caused this matter.

      Any woman who can be gainfully employed should work and share bills with her husband. In turn, he should share domestic and all home care work if they are not part of the bills.

      A full time housewife can only be bored if the domestic work is being cared for by help paid for by the husband.

      When a man saw madam has lit eyes anytime she is in her age grade and school settings, he told her to work for her school fees. With the work she has, she would need to follow her eyes to pay for school. In that case, no loss for her husband because the man she puts her eyes would pay for her school not her husband. Case closed.

      Why should a man feed a woman being gbenshed by another man or willing to be.

      The man is at fault.

  30. I can't stop laughing. Poster, the guy is just using you to catch cruise. You really believe he did not go to work because you wanna break up or he is sick and on admission because of you. Hahahaha so you are this gullible. Continue looking for what is not lost ooo, you will soon turn to a victim. Just don't send your nude pictures or videos oooo so you no go send chronicles that touch the heart.

    1. A-times I wonder if some of you think??? Your brain is still stocked at your birth year 1970s??? A woman this jobless who shamelessly entertain other men definitely do video calls too and she knows what his bed and work place looks like. Nice advise Stells you have dishing hot advises back to back these days with the red pen.

  31. @Stella, your comment tho 🀣🀣🀣😩

  32. "Men allow your wife to have life"... As usual, you are blaming your husband already. You're very indisciplined and ahewo full your body. Even if you were working full time in an office, You will still cheat.
    I have seen a lot of stay-home wives very busy and creative, wishing more hours can be added to their day.

    See as you downplay Cheating to "catching cruise".
    Na those gifts wey him buy for you dey hungry you, Longer thoat!

    If you truly want to stop, you know you can right this second by telling him it's enough; that you're back to your senses and block him without looking back.
    But hot paent no go gree. Even when you guys are done with fuqing each other, you'll get stuck with another guy.
    Keep deceiving yourself, the pleasures of sin... keep playing with fire!

  33. Does he know where you live?just block him. He will be fine

  34. 🀣🀣🀣🀣, Stella make I follow you laugh, my advice is that since he can't live without you is to marry him as your second husband. Mumu woman with a touch of olosho

  35. The Original ShugarGirl6 December 2023 at 16:12

    Do not take part in his foolery.
    It's all an act.
    If e like make e eyes cry catarrh, it ain't none of your business. Value your home. Build your home with your husband.

    If you like work like a bee you will still meet goats like this one that is about to play you hard.
    Get sense please.

  36. Metchweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    You are an Enabler
    Women always know how to shut down Badardash. So, collect another metchweee πŸ₯°

  37. Honestly speaking Madam, no doubts about the fact that an idle hand is a devil's workshop.
    .No matter how disciplined you are, once you're a completely idle person; the only option you have if you want to be free from lust and temptations is never to be friend with the social media (any of them).
    The man will display all forms of attractions to you, once he sizes you up, he will capitalize and major on your weaknesses.
    in fact, he will buy you away from your home. If it happens to be your first time in such affair, madam, the man would have gone so deep in you before you will pick up your senses back.
    As per the scenario you painted here, it shows you're new in it. Please, if you don't want to loose your home (that's if you're not willing to compromise your home with external affair), DAMN WHATEVER THAT HAPPENS TO THE GUY. Keep to your home.
    If you're not careful, very soon, you'll be seeing everything about your husband as wrong; and whatever he does as WRONG.
    If you should give the Guy a minute welcome, he will gbeshing you till he goes back.
    Kindly consider the consequences of everything ma.
    A word is enough for the wise. The 11th COMMANDMENT (as fondly say) is Do as you wish.

    @KSB Truth

  38. 1 Timothy 1:15 poster oooo especially the last word. I no get strength to type

  39. Good afternoon Sdkers
    I am grateful to God for this year. Ummmmmm modupe OLUWA
    I am grateful to my family and friends for having my back during my darkest moment πŸ™
    I pray for more grace and favor year 2024
    Sign out meme on point πŸ’―

  40. You people will be using ur hands to destroy ur marriage. I don’t get it, if u are bored, you don’t have movies to watch or friends to call? Na man be the next thing. If ur husband finds out what you’ve been doing now and asks for a divorce, you will start crying up and down.

    No respect for the institution of marriage at all. 😑

  41. πŸ˜’πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  42. The shopping did you receive it via courier already ,in my mind all I'm sewing that he will run you street he will use those format and eventually ask you for money.
    You re blaming your husband for you being a housewife you no see online courses do, do content creating that puts food on the table, do pap and supply , start a supply where you supply to stores after buying from distributors by 2 you re home, learn a craft online hair making ,sewing did you join a meaningful group that shares condiments during Xmas true true you get plenty times on your hand but you chose to be wasteful with it
    Are you not above 25 years with sense madam na you chose to do rubbish even teenagers get sense how much more a married woman flee from all appearances of the devil be wise

  43. We will be waiting for your subsequent chronicles .

  44. Madam wetin you dey find na wetin you go gate. But don't turn later to call men scum .
    The most complex B

  45. The best way is to speak to your husband about it and see how you will forget this guy sharp sharp. Ashawo dey your eyes before you enter husband house else what happened to making friends with female???

    You can be a housewife and still be productive, you couldn't learn a skill or use your free time to do online business but you choose chatting is your best. I pray your husband don't forgive you when you tell him what is happening. The guy is sick and you fell for his mumu whining πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

    How old is this woman self cos she is sounding like a 12 years ago girl child. My gender you people should try and wise up na, so you cannot form sick when you want to act a movie. Just continue and I hope you go back to your father's house.

  46. Una dey hear nonsense?
    Madam you wanted to catch cruise abi? You have caught the Cruise, now it's time to catch the Tom, *Dick* and Harry.
    You don't deserve your husband, full stop.
    *walks out of smelly post 🚢‍♀️

  47. Just be blunt with your decisions.No is No! Haba,does he want to ruin your home? pls be careful before the devil complicate and destroy your life.

    1. The Original ShugarGirl6 December 2023 at 19:20

      Yes he does and she is a willing accomplice.

  48. Keep it up girl if only you are searching for something missing oh and he ticks all the boxes after all men also found their soulmate while still married to their wives, abandon their wives and move on to marry a new ladyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Women don wise up

  49. I was in this situation some years back and honestly biredom drove me into it. This was before I knew SDK blog.
    In fact my marriage almost crumble because my hubby found out. Thanks man loves me honestly because he forgave me. We'd already plan on how to meet face to face before everything bursted. My hubby changed my sim and deleted his number. I thought I was catching cruise too until it became an obsession.
    Poster please cut him off,it won't end well. He might sleep with you and video it and use it to blackmail you.

  50. Please, Poster is a good woman.
    The last post of this nature of the full time housewife gbenshing the estate gate man in her matrimonial home, the poster said her husband was arrogant. Poster here did not abuse her husband or alleged any bad against him. In that post, a female Bv offered to teach her and link her to her boss and his friends who do and pay handsomely.

  51. Do you think the man loves you?
    You are joking!, Just block him, it will definitely not end well..

  52. You must be very young and very naive.
    Very very very naive.
    You actually believe this man was sick, did not go to work because of you blah blah blah 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  53. You sound like a retired runs babe though. So your lonely didn't make up online courses on Udemy,Coursera e.t.c. Ochuchu.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  54. After you have collected all the gift you will spread your legs for him... it's obvious you have fallen for him already. We are waiting for part two .... Foolish reasoning.

  55. Respect yourself ma. As a married woman u have no right to accept gift from any mam without the approval of your husband. Be careful so that he will not blackmail you .


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