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Sunday, March 03, 2024

Sunday In House News - Comment Section Gists Boulevard

These are important gists you robably missed!

On Sunday spontaneous post, BV Tyler announced the birth of her overly cute prince charming to the world. Big Congratulations to and your family Tyler.

On Sunday spontaneous post, an Anon echoed the thoughts of most BVs by saying she misses the days of "rumour has it". Stella replied by telling her that; Wo, things have changed and her blogging style has changed paapaa. She said she no one write story now and the Instagram mogbomoya bloggers go carry am, twist am dey run down the person's name and go blackmail and collect money ontop her story.....

On Monday spontaneous post, BV Nnukwu Nwayin narrated to BVs how she learnt small bad things from the best, XP. Nnukwu Nwayin took XP's teachings very seriously by drinking a mixture of Smirnoff ice and Guinness stout. She confessed that she used her head take Waka reach her house. More BVs said they're willing to experience walking with their heads. BV Candy also advised BVs to try the combo of Heineken and Sprite, she said the songs of praise no go leave their mouths. BV Dante revealed that he has the mentioned drinks in his fridge and would definitely try it. His statement didn't go down well with some BVs, they felt he was bragging and that na empty komkom dey brag the most.

On Monday spontaneous post, beautiful, brainy awarding winning BV, Phoenix Elsewhere narrated to BVs how she butchered her examination questions and came out in flying colours. Another certification for her in the bag. She thanked Paris Savannah, Black Slimzy and Stella Jeweluchi for their support. Congratulations Phoenix, the sky is your limit.
Monday in house news landed with an Al generated photo BV SDK psychologist generated for Stella.
Stella also told BVs that in the spirit of support, she'd be gifting 20 people the sum of 10k each and chose BV Milkshakes to compile the names for her.

On Monday in house news, BV Kelvin revealed that despite being an ahewo with wayyyyyyyy over 67 body counts, God proved to him that what he cannot do does not exist and his ways are not mere mortals ways. God blessed him with a virgin, decent, medical doctor. He declared how much he loves his Dr. S and told his fellow "Kings" that he's gotten the ultimate prize and hoped that the God that did his own go run am for them. Many BVs didn't believe his story, they felt all he said na lamba. He told them to gedifok and also made it known that in his corner, it's no fabu tales.

After taunting her fans with her absence, BV Ekajoy finally commented and she told BVs that she had madt fun at comedy show she attended.

On Tuesday Spontaneous post, BV Mao Akuh shared a testimony of how mercy said NO and how God saved her house from getting completely burnt down. The fire happened due to gas explosion. Thank God Mao Akuh and her entire household are fine.

On Tuesday Spontaneous post, BV Courage gave a detailed analysis on his vendors and business owners increase the prices of old stock they have in stock when prices of commodities increase. Pls, take time to read her well, detailed, educative comment.

On Tuesday in house news, BV Paprika was full of thanks to Stella on how she blessed with 35k in these hard times by choosing her as a giveaway recipient twice.

On Tuesday in house news, BV Ijeoma asked Stella how e be with her weight loss journey. Stella confirmed that she dey on track and that she dey see results.

On Tuesday in house news, Stella and Pinky thanked the Anon that gifted him 100k because of his(Pinky's) positive aura. They were full of gratitude.

On Wednesday spontaneous post, BV Dante and BV Games Mistress had a mild drama after Games asked Dante weda he dey crush on Milkshakes by "looking for his trouble" always. Dante replied Games that he kuku know where her "hanger" is coming from. He said that since he casted Games mistress and her stylish beggy beggy attitude by asslicking and being shameless, she's pained and has been moving in some certain type of ways towards him. Games Mistress in her defense told Dante that she doesn't have anything to say to MC Oluomo lawyer wasabi protege like him. She told him to come out publicly to ask for giveaway and stop drinking painkillers because she was chosen and not him.

Wahala be like plagiarism. On a beautiful, very hot Wednesday morning, BV SDK psychologist was called out for intellectual propertx theft and plagiarism. Apparently, all the psychology wey she bin dey post since, no be she be the original author. Mr Ian Bright who be the lawyer of the person wey get the intelligence all the way from Auckland warned SDK Psychologist to stop posting excerpts from the book titled " The vessel and authored by Mr Lucas Graham" He was told that failure to adhere, she'll be slapped with a lawsuit.

On Wednesday in house news, Stella was on her kneels, pleading and begging the copy and paste BVs not to put her in trouble. She begged them to always quote the original author and that she no go even post copied comments gan paapaa.
BVs; Kelvin Edo boy, Ali B and Teacher NK were chosen as recipients of WCW giveaway...... Teacher NK did not contact me and Ali B says he did not get his own even though i sent it, only Kevin acknowledged receipt

After Stella's plea to BVs posting copy and paste, BVs took it upon themselves to call out some people they think are guilty of the offence and Motivational speakers, devotional posters like Essa Attelier, blog Prof Vicky Posh were all called out.

On Wednesday spontaneous post, BV Miss H narrated how she's a strong and hard working young girl. How's she was mocked and called several names because she sells roasted corn despite being a nursing student. Some BVs think Miss H is a liar and wants to obtain giveaway by pitycard. They told her to mention her school for verification and they would bless her with massive giveaway. Miss H said she has nothing to hide and that the name of her school is " Standard college of nursing sciences, Minna, Niger state."


On Thursday in house news, BV Winner, Yes I am gave a shout-out to old BV, Push up. She said she misses her comments and would love to read from her. An Anon no allow winner talk her mind finish before she alleged that Push up and Castle are same person. BVs bashed the Anon for being a trouble Shooter.

On Friday in house news, Stella posted BV Milkshakes list of 20 people for 10k possible giveaway recipients. They included; Excited courtesy, Goke, Mama Dee Alaso Oke, Jay-Sparks, Esther Okoro, Mariam, Nnukwu Nwanyi, Sandra, Tochi, Courage, Makason, Starr, Pretty Girlie, Morayo, Mystic Hub, Disco Dancer, Gifty, Chardey Alade, Helen.
Stella noted that she's still observing the list and might or might not use the list. She also wondered why Milkshakes didn't include himself on the list.
In Milkshakes defense, he said he didn't want to seem greedy hence, he omitted himself. He called upon Stella to pls consider and also make use of his list because it's fair. BVs also agreed with him.

On Saturday spontaneous post, Stella sounded a Stern warning to BVs that drop emojis on the comment section. She told them that the Blog's comment section is not for emojis and if they no get anything to say, make them just rest.

On Saturday spontaneous post, after BV Games Mistress complained bitterly about how her street people business, she said they don't sell cold drinks because of Nigeria's epileptic power supply. She said that if they are as sensible as she is, they'd go to the next street, buy ice blocks and increase the prices of their drinks but shishi sense no gum their body, always ranting and complaining. BVs Dante, Miss Aboki and Teejay called her out, told her her strategic positioning for giveaway doesn't make her reason rationally. They said if they do the whole wahala and increase their prices, na she go first rant about Nigerians being the enemies of each other.

On sighting their comments, she said Teejay and Miss Aboki are insignificant. So, she won't dignify them with a comment. She said she's not surprised about Dante's comment because he's dull.

Till, I come your way next week, drink water, smell breathtakingly sweet and leave wahala for the owner.

BVs, abeg, you people should not stop patronizing my business, let's eradicate odoyewu together and make the world a better place with our sweet, yummy allure.


  1. Replies
    1. Super Onyi..Thank u.More Grease to ur elbow...Good work.... We're proud of u...hurrah...

  2. lol @ Odoyewu.
    My name is Nnukwu Nwanyi not Nnukwu Nwayin.
    Happy Sunday Oyin.

    1. Which one is her name gangan;

      Miss H...don't understand this your drama. A nurse roasts corn? With which strength after lectures? Extra time from where?
      Please sort this. Not looking good.

  3. A special shout to all the good mothers in the house. I knew taking care of kids could be challenging but damn! I sure had no idea just how challenging it was.

    The wife had to go to Abuja for a federal government sponsored cyber-security training program. She went with two of our kids leaving me with our eldest.

    I'm a hands-on dad so I pretty much handled taking care of the young chap well. But considering I had to work, attend coding class and also care for a child of 4 puts what women do in perspective. I developed a new formed appreciation for the sacrifices mother's make after that.

    We still have four months to go so we are just getting started. I'm already burnt out sha make I no lie. This week like this wey we enter na God hands I dey.

    Have a great day everyone!

    1. You don see am na. No be small work, I must say but the Lord keeps helping us.

      Well done to you. Don't worry, you both will be fine. ☺️

  4. Onyin,

    Abeg naaaa. Make you dey quote me correctly. That wasn't what I said on Game mistress. What I wrote that day is entirely different from what you're reporting.

    I was cruising by telling Dante can't someone play with him small again for him to carry grenade on Game mistress. I didn't even attacked or talked to Game mistress like you wrote.

    This is the third time you're misquoting me. I won't take the next one lightly.

    Be guided.

    © TEEJAY

    1. Lol..

      Baba say him no go take am lightly..
      Onyin be guided oh lol

    2. Misquote everywhere. Even call some names to matter way no concern them.

      If compilation don tire you biko tell. One love ✌️

    3. Anon 15:39, you noticed too. Lol

      Be accurate in name calling and exactly what they said. There's no need to mention names that weren't called or even saying that which someone didn't say.

  5. I missed some of these gists. Thanks, Onyin. Phoenix, congratulations on smashing your exam.

  6. Lol..

    Today's compilation get as e be oh..
    E be like say Onyin dey vex for me low key..
    Onyin, ogini na fio? Lol
    One of my yarbings touch you?

    Oya no vex ehn🤗🤗

    1. By the way, I tried that Smirnoff and stout mixture.. nothing sup for my end.. it was just swwt to drink

    2. Exactly Boss,just sweet to drink,Nnukwu is not a heavy drinker

    3. I'll be available later to compile list of ndi ishi kara aka just got 2. It's okay.

      Dante...who's teaching you Igbo?
      The babe fanning you? Please stop attacking female bvs,some are soft mummies,I don't want to hear heart attack. Kilode na?
      Presidential Elections are over.
      Let's focus on Edo and Anambra State; upcoming gubernatorials.

      Phoenix St. Elsewhere... congrats nne. In case you're selling any part of your brain, I'm interested 🥰
      More wins.

    4. Oyin Well done,keep it up,anyone can make a mistake as she isn't a robot,pls take it lightly on her,but Dante wasn't arrogant when he said he had those drinks in his fridge na!, make una free am, anyone can have any drink of choice in their fridges,it's normal ohh.

  7. Thanks Onyin and Well done for your write-up. More ink and plenty sales fall on you

  8. Thanks for the update Onyin,I wish you massive sales.

  9. Thank you Onyingate for the recap.
    I wish you plenty sales.

  10. Congratulations Phoenix and Tyler.
    I pray for everyone expecting good news to get one soon.

  11. Hello Onyin, a trouble shooter is someone that solves problems not cause it. This is in respect to what you wrote about in Thursday In House News.

    1. That's right👌
      Weldone Onyin.

      Mao Akuh...God is the Banner over your family.

      Plagiarism... Stella the Lord loves you if not eh,e don tey wey you for dey hire lawyers.
      Biko make una comply abeg.

  12. ...."Games Mistress in her defense told Dante that she doesn't have anything to say to MC Oluomo lawyer wasabi protege like him".🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I do laff piss for 'grand o', na when this drama con happun na? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣 last week was crazy busy for me... I think I only stepped into the blog on Thursday afternoon for FAQ.

    I thank God though. This was what I prayed for. 🙏


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