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Friday, April 19, 2024


Stop calculating people's ages using their kids ages......

Recently, my wife was not feeling well, she was down with malaria and typhoid.
So there is this nosy neigbour (we have them in all houses).

She saw my wife that Sunday morning when she went to the backyard to check something, I was inside. They greeted and she asked wify why she did not go to church, when wife told her the reason, neighbour said that it is baby, insinuating that it is pregnancy. Wify told her that she doesn't need another baby and that it is not pregnancy. 

This woman asked my wife that how old is she that she wants to stop having more babies now, she is still young, just three kids and she wants to stop? My wife asked her if she knows her age to insinuate that she is still young. She answered and said "sebi that is your firstborn that is just in 11 or 10yrs, patapata you will be 30 something".

Wify flared up and gave it to her. Asked her if she knew the age she got married or the age she started having kids after marriage, she warned her to mind her own life and never say rubbish to her again.
I was fuming in the sitting room but you know, na woman matter, I no fit chook mouth.

I wonder why some people are like this, you use the age of people's firstborns to
calculate their ages, are you normal?

So my friend that impregnated his then girlfriend (now wife) when they were 19yrs and 21yrs old is older than me because that child (in his mid 20s) is done with school and working now, while mine is in junior secondary school?
If you are reading this and you have this mentality, pls change this year!


  1. Why do some like to age- shame or laugh at ones age, as if aging is a crime or they will not get old.
    Someone in his 20's is mocking someone that is in his 30''s that he is getting old as if he won't get to 30's and also get old .
    You are 20 today in few years to come you will get to 30 . ....Such is life .

    1. And why do older ones have this feeling that when someone talks about age, it is age shaming. Some are always scared of telling you their age, they are always bothered when issues about age is brought up. They too should be grateful to God and stop hiding or being ashamed of it. Everyone will definitely get old by the grace of God.

    2. I am telling you...It is the limited and low-grade minds of human beings because they think there are some sort of race and competition with everyone especially when the person they are in a 'race' with is better than them in something they want so bad...

      That is why it is good to gauge the mentality of people you meet to avoid low capacity conversations...

  2. Hahahahaha
    So me that my first child is 7 and half years old; I’m kukuma in my late twenties!

    People assume a lot and they forget the impact their assumptions can have on others.

    For someone like me who had miscarriages / still birth / Molar pregnancy from 2009 to 2014, and lost 7 unborn babies before God answered my prayers 8 years later and blessed me with my first child in 2016; people who don’t know me will start talking like Yeye fowl dem.

    There’s a story behind everyone’s situation. Ask if you nor know.

    1. Well said, the best is to treat the speakers as ignorant and let it slide than get angry or sad.

      Very difficult to do. Easier to d when we realise that we all slip up despite our education and guardedness.

  3. LMAO
    Some people are so annoying
    You will hear them say "is that not their first child?, They are both not up to 40 yrs"
    "That one, she is not young o, her first child is in university"
    Yeye dey smell.

  4. true talk . me self dey do am

  5. The older your child the more respect they give you.

    1. Low thinking people who still think age is wisdom , yet old thieves and wicked people full this society yet them still never get sense

  6. Some people do that alot,very stupid and unintelligent mentality,some will even be full of themselves assuming they are older than you just cos they got older children than yours,my mother's last born got married early,her children her older than mine,make some people dey use their brain and stop using children's age to guess pesin age

    1. Especially when they look older than their age and you look younger than yours.
      Really annoying!

    2. It is a cultural thing in almost all cultures in Nigeria.
      We all are not learned in the Oyibo ways.
      We need to cut ourselves some slack where malice and malicious gossip is not involved

  7. Omo! I com dey petite join.
    Brainless people everywhere

  8. People do this alot,it's annoying but I don't mind them,I have a friend,same age and her first child is in SS1 while my own is still in upper primary.
    Also in my former church,they use the age of your child to measure your age till I told them I left secondary in 2004 and they maintained their lane.
    There is someone I know that became a grandma at 33,she also has a big stature and people older than her will almost kneel for her thinking she is an old woman while we are elders in the family will just be given her side eyes...

  9. Its so annoying,my sister lashed out at one aproko lady in my area during Xmas,She thought my sister would be younger because she is slim,tall and unmarried but my sister was even three years older just because my sister is respecting her as per being a respectful person.Since that day respect is reciprocal.

  10. Lucky me. You can't predict my age.

  11. Chronicler, there was nothing to be angry about. Your neighbour spoke within her limits.

    It is from the same mindset some blog visitors respond to other blog visitors' comments. They assume that all on this Blog Yard are mates at all levels and have the same life experience.

    That day you wrote about your cousin or nephew, it was commented under your Post that there are 21 years old lawyers, a Blog visitor called the comment a lie because that is the person scope of knowledge of facts and public conduct.

    1. Exactly o. No need for your wife getting angry. It's very childish of her. Thank God you did not put mouth. If your neighbor na winch now, una don buy market. Make una dey try see beyound some things abeg.

  12. I hate nosey neighbors. I'm so fortunate to live in a place where everyone minds their business. Even if they think it, they would not say it

  13. Abeg chill, it is not a big issue.

  14. Your wife should have acted whatever her age is and simply ignored the woman who was baiting for content. How many neighbors are you going to give it to? Heaven forbid smokes bellows from your window when you are out, it is these same neighbors that will run around.

    Apply wisdom when dealing with people especially since you know their idiosyncrasies. A gossip should not be led on by open ended questions. Simple yes or no na wetin Lagbaja talk.


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