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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



I am a 43 yrs old woman and hubby is 56.i have high libido and hubby is finding xes exhausting and less fun. He can't go more than a r#und at once.
My question is will my high libido reduce as I ag? I am asking because I don't want to be tempted to cheat.

Ah ah at 56 your husband is weak like this?Anyway dont worry, it will reduce, no one ages with high libido nau....Even if you enter old age with high libido, its not a bad thing, and you can 'Epp' yourself with toys.....
Please those responding should refrain from using strong xes words.


  1. Do more fondling to dissipate energy before the do,it will slow you down

    1. Any man above age 40 should go and see a urologist due to his prostrate. They will tell you what needs to be done to keep it on.
      1. Exercise to build stamina.
      2. Lifestyle change.
      3. Dark chocolate helps the heart. Once the heart is healthy blood will flow down there.
      4. Beets roots helps blood floor.
      5. Reduce daily carbs intake.
      6. Stop completely sugary drinks and alcohol.
      7. Rest .. sleep and rest well.
      8. Try as much as you can to maintain your blood pressure with the normal range because if you go on Bp drugs, forget it..
      9. There are herbal tea that helps the blood pressure e.g hibiscus tea, mistletoe, lemon and ginger tea.
      10. As a man, I recommend you take tea (ref 9) daily. This helps a great deal with the pressure.
      11. As you age, your body needs supplements. Vitamin D , k and zinc supplements must be in your kits.
      12. Take the above to the bank.

  2. When you've chook your preek into every hole, these are the consequences. Same for ladies.
    Virginity and virtue is key. It is for both male and female .

    1. Maybe She needs hormonal vitamins that will help balance her hormones. Your hubby may need to see a doctor to recommend exercise and good diet that will help him.

    2. Read the Bible.
      People are made different.
      Some men are even made as eunuchs.
      Okay, leave the Bible.
      Stand in your office next Monday.
      Check how many people have equal height and body size as you.

  3. Me I even fear for myself… My libido is over the roof. Any man God sends my way better know how to do the do. If not 丹‍♀️

    1. Praying you get someone that matches your high libido

  4. I have a high libido too, I pray I end up with someone with an equal libido as mine or even higher. Lower is not an option my God in heaven who listens to his children and grants them their heart desires.

    1 reason I can't be on team keep it closed until marriage. I wanna know if your energy matches mine. Period

  5. Madam take it easy o. If it is one round only he can do please just manage it. I'm sure you'll rather have him alive than him humping you until he come and yamutu不不不.

    As for the libido thing, God played a sick one on us men. As we age, our libido tends to drop while that of women does tend to increase. A bit of a conundrum there. I have never found sex enhancing drugs appealing so I don't know any that may be of help to your husband. But if he is a drinking man, he can take a bottle of stout or two. It will help him get it up sooner.

    Please do bear it in mind that at his age, he will definitely have a longer refractive period. That's very natural. To make up for that, he can give you good head if that's your thing.

    If I was him though, I'll just get a doctor to put you on an SSRI. I can't come and go and kill myself. 不不不

    1. This is the funniest and factual comment I have read here on this post. #TSays

  6. Maybe get involved in exercise, a sport and volunteering. Channeling that energy into other things could help.

    Have a discussion with your husband and do some research on how other couples handle this issue. Maybe there are some practical tips that could work. The penis is a fickle organ, I don’t think it should be depended on as the sole source of relief. Penises tend to have a short lifespan and as young as you are that is unfortunate. Keep also in mind that although your husband’s age is considered youngish, if he is living in Nigeria his age may be older based on average life expectancy data. So his 56 could be another man’s 75 in another part of the world. Him getting on a healthy diet and regular excessive could boost his libido. Cutting out greasy foods, alcohol and smoking could help. Introduce watermelon juice into his daily diet, it should help too.

  7. My sister count yourself lucky o. My husband is around the same age range (50s) and his thing doesn't even rise again due to BP issues.
    Manage and cherish what you have o.

  8. This is what marrying older men (or women) sometimes brings. At 43,you are still very young,apart from your high libido. Just help yourself with sex toys instead of cheating. Get good dildos,vibrator,pussy lickers and breast suckers and help your self to augment whatever your hubby can do for you. You can even use them together if he is open to some freaky,freaky. But pls don't push him to do more than himself or start taking Viagra in a bid to keep up with you.

    1. Stop this rubbish! How's 43 young? If you mean young compared to her husband then I'll agree

  9. Mine is 42 and can't even last for 2 minutes. I am getting addicted to porn because he can't satisfy me. He doesn't even know how to give head.... I wish I married and experienced man rather than this good boy when no satisfy gensh, but that is life.

    1. Oh no. Have you addressed your lack of satisfaction in the other room with him? P@rn addiction is not the way to go and will only create more problems for you. Sit down and have the hard conversations, encourage him to see a doctor. If he balks at seeing the doctor then you both should go to the s3x shop, there are things he can purchase to help him. C@ck rings may help, there are techniques that can be taught to delay irgasm/eja@culation. Seek some expert help. Books are out there and devices. Don’t suffer in silence, he is not a stranger you should be able to have an open conversation about it. If you keep silent you will grow to resent him and hate the marriage, so speak up!

    2. Mehn, so which is better? If he had a lot of sex and gained experience


      If he was a good guy with no sexual experience?

  10. My husband is in his 50s. He cant do more than one round at a go but may come back 30 mins later for more. Despite his constant sugar intake to boost his sugar level (hypoglycemia) I find it rather strange that he always wants segz..

    Tell your hubby to do at least 13.000 steps everyday. That is the only thing my husband does everyday.

  11. Chika(hello iya boys)25 May 2024 at 18:57

    High Libido痰痰

  12. Some men do not know that 'doing' everything in skirts have repercussions in old age, same with women..and also men do not understand that females age and some have very high libidos as the age, but for men the reverse can be the case...@ Poster, take each day as it comes, and do not use that libido excuse to cheat on your husband.

  13. Xes is not food. Channel your energy into task that are mentally tasking. Get busy and stay contented with your husband's energy level. Stella is saying xes toys , hmmm don't start what you can't finish o.

  14. My husband is 51,and his libido is very high, Infact night and early morning gbenshing is a must, and his game is topnotch, My husband Sabi aswear.
    My saving grace now is he traveled outside naija for business, so I'm resting for now.
    Tell your husband to exercise very well, drink healthy herbal teas, you guys would be fine.

  15. We all cannot have or keep the same momentum over time. So it’s entirely normal to question how ageing might affect your sexual drive. Your concerns are shared by many, and it’s a good thing that you’re actively seeking guidance. Predicting changes in libido with age is challenging due to its dependence on various of factors, such as hormonal fluctuations, general health, and mental state.

    Typically, there is a tendency for libido to wane as one grows older, influenced by these factors. In women, this reduction often commences in their late forties to early fifties, or sometimes post-childbirth. But for men in most cases it could be deeper than that. Yet, the extent of this shift can differ significantly among individuals. It’s crucial to recognise that libido is not solely governed by physical aspects like hormones; psychological and social factors, including stress, the nature of relationships, and overall well-being, also play substantial roles in shaping sexual desire.

    In matters of human connection, consider the following solutions: Engage in a frank and empathetic dialogue with your spouse regarding your needs and worries. Mutual understanding can pave the way to a compromise. Consulting a sex therapist or counsellor could provide tactics to bridge libido disparities and enhance closeness within your partnership. They can offer personalised advice and explore methods to navigate libido changes, aiding in sustaining a rewarding sexual bond and addressing any infidelity concerns. Exploring alternative forms of intimacy and sexual activities that are less physically intensive yet equally gratifying for both parties could be beneficial before engaging in intercourse.

    Adopting a healthy lifestyle, that includes regular exercise, a balanced diet, and effective stress management, can have a positive influence on both partners’ libidos. Should your husband’s lethargy and disinterest continue, it may be wise for him to seek medical advice to exclude any potential health issues.

    Although changes in libido with advancing age are possible, it is a process everyone will go through at one point or the other. Actively seeking assistance and advice is a normal and proactive measure in comprehending and managing age-related changes, which is vital for nurturing a satisfying relationship.

    1. Really wish they stop free access to chatgpt, gemini and the rest lemme see how you'll survive cos what is this?


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