Stella Dimoko Footballer Kayode Olarewanju's Estranged Wife Reacts To Alleged Negative DNA Test Results


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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Footballer Kayode Olarewanju's Estranged Wife Reacts To Alleged Negative DNA Test Results

Ezinne Dora Kayode, the estranged wife of Nigerian footballer Kayode Olanrewaju, has refuted rumors that a DNA test was conducted on her children. She claims that the rumors, which suggested that none of the three children belonged to her husband, were spread by Kayode himself.

Ezinne released a statement through her lawyer, denying that any such test was conducted. She demands a public apology from Kayode within 24 hours, warning him of the consequences of his actions. She also mentioned the emotional distress caused to their children due to these rumors.
She says that if no apology is tendered,she would demand full custody of their three children.
Earlier this year, Kayode had made headlines when he threatened to commit suicide after reportedly discovering his wife’s alleged infidelity with a popular UK-based pastor.


  1. Wow. Looking at that photo, everybody looks stressed, I can only imagine what things were like behind closed doors.

  2. Let him provide the DNA test that proved to him that all 3 kids (2 of which even looks like his carbon copy) are not his.

    1. I have been waiting for your ilk to jump on the female defence train:

      "2 of which even looks like his carbon copy"

      Its no longer the usual excuse of: "the baby was switched by nurses in the hospital".

      I mean that wouldnt stand would it?

      Which hospital would switch 1, 2, 3 babies of the same woman born not born at the same time?

      The first son is for a different man while the two younger sons are for the same man, none is for Kayode.

      Nedu's first child, or the one he thought was his and is said to be his "carbon copy" , after DNA, was discovered not to be his.

      So keep defending paternity fraud until it hits home.

      We will be here to watch you change your tune.

    2. He should oh and if I’m the wife, I won’t stop at this, I will sue him to court to summit himself for DNA and make him pay damages for trauma caused unless of course her hands are not clean.

    3. E.B things. This woman has said she has her DNA test and has told him to produce the DNA that claimed they were not his kids. Did u see the so called DNA test. Your kind yen yen yen. Once you people are not able to subdue a woman (case in point Isreal, Harry song, and now this man, they start looking for how to malign the woman), abeg abeg abeg.

    4. The woman's lawyers letter says and it is underlined for emphasis that no DNA testing has been done on the children.

      The woman's own post says she is willing to provide DNA; that read in context means DNA samples. She and and lawyers cannot be saying two different things.

    5. No mind them Eka Joy. It's glaring for all to see.

  3. If this is true eeh
    This man is not worthy to be called a Father.
    How could he do this to his Children?
    The trauma and everything...

  4. Looking at the kids, not even one looks like him, before they say, prolly his wife’s side, errrrm, outta 3 not 1? Miss me wit that bullcrap tho’…. Women! ☕️

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. This is an old photo, the kids are a little older and sooooo cute......Must they look like him? what kind of mentality is that?

    2. @Stella, I guess they must not look like him.

      They can look like their driver, or their security guard, or maybe, just maybe look like their pastor who it is said, she was having an affair with.

      Women and logic are is like oil and water.

      They can never mix.

      Till today, some depraved women are still defending Amaka Ohiri, who was impregnated by her brother-in-law and pinned the paternity on Nedu.

      You forget that you have brothers, you have sons who will also go out into the world to mix with the same women who have this kind of mentality.

      Its really a sad state of affairs.

    3. I’m tired of all these he said , she said. Let a competent court of law order monitored dna test and any false accusation should be punished accordingly and paternity fraud should also be punished accordingly. These tarnishing of image and causing trauma to innocent kids by paternity fraudsters and false accusers should be dealt with. Enough is enough.

    4. None of my kids looks like my husband nor me. Sometimes, people even argue over who they look like between us. But, very few have attested that they look like none of us. I'm 100% sure there was no baby exchange at their births. If anybody likes tomorrow, let them demand DNA, I'm not moved.🚢🚢🚢

    5. Must they look like him you say? Like all three kids won’t display any dominant genes gotten from the blood from which they were formed?? Are you kidding me madam germany?? Lmao

      I pity any young married woman who learns from the women on this blog.

    6. You are the air filled one 13:03. Basic biology will tell you that kids can get their dad’s voice, eye color, hair patterns and take every other thing from the mother. Hence not looking like their father. No matter the number of kids had.
      Each pregnancy comes with the same chance . It’s always a CHANCE

  5. This one carry too much tear tear eyes, carry am enter marriage without a single drop of love for the guy. too much open eye enter marriage no dey good.. Ladies, leave your street vibe for street when you marry, e get why. I'm not falling for this her 'victim card' and trying to recruit followers. Na women we be, we know the card.

    1. Even if the man is impotent like some people are implying, she should have divorced him to go be with the potent man she loves.

      Why pin 3 illegitimate kids on a man?

      because he has money?

      Some women are wild.

      Now someone should pray that this same thing she did to Kayode should be done to her 3 sons, lets see if she would dare say amen to it.

    2. You’re a pick me

  6. Hmmmm
    Life Shaa

    I hope the Man knows what he’s doing shaa…

    I understand his Pain and the Mental Trauma he might be going through because of the Alleged SEXCAPADES of his Wife and that bedazzled Self Acclaimed Mann of God.

    I pray God heals the Man and those Kids looks so cute.

  7. Please ttc mothers. Never agree with your husband to get pregnant outside if he cannot perform. You will be setting yourself up for failure. It is better to leave a childless marriage than agree to rubbish. Don’t be deceived with stupid loyalty to cover your husband because he won’t cover you if the table is turned.

    1. Same thing happened to my aunt. She had an agreement to go outside, years later he scored outside and started claiming that their kids weren’t his.

    2. This woman never said she was asked and she went outside to score for the man.
      Why do we need to muddy clear waters.

      Ordinarily, one would expect women to challenge the claimed "infallibility" of DNA testing because no medical science procedure has been infallible. But rarely would we find women doing so.

      The defences women create and put up against or to discredit this DNA testing issue re-emphasize the fact men do not want to ever accept - that the woman is more intelligent than the man.

      Woman says I want to prove my innocence and show my estranged husband is the father of "my children" by doing the DNA test.
      We say on her behalf that another one man was impotent.

    3. 12:27


    4. 12:27


  8. Oya Kayode provide the result if you secretly did the test without your ex-wife's knowledge... that's the only way to settle the matter..
    Cute kids tho!!

  9. Nne na wa o.
    Depression can push one to do some kind of things. Poor innocent kids.

  10. I don't want to believe a father would post something like this,no matter the fight between couples,you hardly hear men say their children belongs to other men.
    They should post the DNA result,this is just too much for one person to bear, because the woman is saying the man has mental issues.
    it is well

  11. Stupid woman that was sleeping with Gboyega all about the place.

  12. My own is that these wives that are accused of paternity fraud and they keep quiet or with lame rebuttal, what are they thinking. If you know your hands are clean, take him to court and force him to summit to a dna to clear your name and take him to cleaners for causing trauma to you and your kids. But you all can bark on internet and refuse to do the needful because your hands are not clean.

  13. A closely court ordered DNA test is enough to sort out all this back and forth.
    I only feel bad for these beautiful children whose parents foolishly decided to bring their issues to the internet court to set themselves up for all sorts.

  14. This kind matter dey tire person, a proper DNA should be conducted Abeg.

  15. "My kids"
    Women teach your daughters - the children of their marriage belong to them; teach your sons - the children of their marriage belongs to their wives though your sons have the duty to work to maintain and provide for the children until they are 21 years old.

    "My kids"
    Women teach your sons - where their wives have the financial wherewithal as it is rightly prayed for, the children of their marriage belong to their wives if the marriage fails for whatever reasons. But that does not mean your sons cannot be sued for maintenance support in addition to what the woman has already.

    "I will demand for custody of the children"
    Second side of the same coin. The children belong to the mother anyway. Allowing visitation or joint custody of any form is at the caprices of the mother.

    But why do we then have the phrase: "Deadbeat fathers" Who has heard of the phrase "deadbeat mother". Here to learn.

    "I did not sell my car and properties"
    The accusation was that she sold the man's cars (properties).

    All said her boldness and readiness to do the DNA testing is the right way to go.
    But the threat of collecting the children of a marriage if their father fails to disclaim blog reports not proved to be his instigation is unnecessary.
    Better to ask for full custody with full chest as with the readiness for DNA testing.

    Fathers (and Mothers if you wish) -
    Teach your sons to be good husbands.
    Teach your sons to master the principles of Briffault's Law and know well its lessons for even the best husband may not be enough for his wife always; especially when he is out of contract, or at the twilight of his capacity to provide the goodies, or when his refractory period gets longer.

    People dissatisfied with their marriage should leave it before they start fraternizing with members of the opposite gender under the guise of seeking help. The right place to seek help in leaving a bad marriage is family and traditional institutions (for customary marriages) or the State (its Agencies and or the Courts).

  16. I feel for these kids who were not asked to be brought into this world to face all these problems caused by two ''mature adults''πŸ™„

  17. The woman is beautiful.
    That's all I see.
    I no dey comment for family matter

  18. Pity the poor kids. They will suffer real lifetime of bullying and uncertainty.

  19. Oga Kayode if you prove,bring it out,you both are saying different things.
    You conducted DNA test
    Your wife said,no DNA test was conducted.
    Who do we believe now.

    Let proper DNA test be conducted..

  20. ChIka (hello iya boys)26 May 2024 at 20:19

    Wahala every where ooo

    But let be Realistic
    The first son actually looks like the Daddy but carry mummy Color...
    It is well with them o..

  21. You people should take it easy, try to resolve your issues and leave innocent children out of your drama.


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