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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE



I don’t know how to comment as the poster so I had to comment Anonymously ( I AM THE POSTER) I see a lot of comments about me sticking to this man because he lives abroad or because he is financially stable.
 The truth is we dated in his Nigeria for 6months before he travelled out of Nigeria I stupidly loved him before he ever left Nigeria so it has absolutely nothing to do with him living abroad, The chances of me joining him in the US is so little even when I stated he wants me to migrate it is to another country and it is to be processed with my own money if he was bringing me to the country he resides or if he was going to process my travel with his money then I would have agreed that was the narrative.
 As for me being with him because he was financially stable to be honest in 2 years I have been with this dude off and on I have not eaten a total sum of more than 150,000 from him irrespective of his riches he has made it obvious to me that he doesn’t think I’m deserving of been financially provided for. 

My only crime is love when I love I love too deeply I wrote this story here not because I need validation from strangers like someone stated but because I knew deep in my heart something was wrong with this man and i know I need to let him go everybody I have told my ordeal in his hands have all asked me to let him go I just needed to share this to the public because I wanted to be sure that the problem I am seeing is really there and I needed the unbiased opinion of people who don’t know me to confirm my fears. 

I have decided to let him go can someone please help me with how I can share a link to this post I wish to share this post and responses to him so he can read and understand how terrible a person he is.


  1. You don't need to share any post to him,to show him,how terrible he is,read the post over and over again,and pick up your self esteem. Love yourself with the intensity of a reasonable adult.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

    1. please just free the man. let him continue to wallow in his ignorance. don't let him harm you because you want to walk away. he can do it because you want to rub it in his face. you dont owe him NADA. since you said he is married, let the wife do the honors. please i take God beg you, free this man.

    2. You claim that you are not with him because he is rich or live abroad, so i want to know, what is the attraction? SEX? Because i don't see how you started loving him deep. Girl, you were attracted to him because he had money, you though with time, he will change and take care of you but that still didn't work. I wish you can really get help, you are sick and you don't realise it. You still want him to change and that is the reason you need him to read the comments so he can feel bad and treat you better. You really think he is a child? he doesn't know what he is doing? Why are you doing this to yourself? Why can't you seek help and leave him? Please, help yourself... Don't do it to your future generation, you are the problem and you need to fix you!

    3. You think he doesn't know how bad he is? Dey play!
      In my daddy Joshua selman,s voice ' a liar is someone who already knows the truth, no liar is unaware of the truth' same goes with bad people they are aware of good behavior just that they choose the opposite.....

    4. Poster I can see small girl is still disturbing your brain.
      Send him.the link for what? Is he owing you?
      Bia woman, move on and unlove him. Wetin na.

    5. Na una wey dey advise the weyrey. Una no see where she pursue her sister from house? . Rubbish!.
      If you like, take my advice .
      Go and buy self help books and get to the root of why you are like this. Even kids are born with a sense of self preservation.
      If not, you’ll keep dating the same men over and over again.

  2. No need to send him the link. If you’ve really made up your mind to leave him, you wouldn’t care how wicked he is.
    You still need to work on loving yourself.

    1. Sending him the link for what? E be like you no wan learn your lessons and you want to learn the hard way.

      Hold accountability of yourself. You need to work on yourself vigorously.

      I hope this time you ll leave him for good and not send another chronicle again.

    2. Sending him the link for what? E be like you no wan learn your lessons and you want to learn the hard way.

      Hold accountability of yourself. You need to work on yourself vigorously.

      I hope this time you ll leave him for good and not send another chronicle again.

    3. I tire for your matter o! You want to send a link to him? I thought posting your story was for you to learn. Which one is his own inside? Were the advice for him? Make up your mind already!!!!

  3. I hope you love yourself more to stop tolerating BS from people. I also hope that if he buzzes you you won't take him back because you "stupidly love him"

    1. Even if you guys talk from now till forever, this poster is not letting that man go๐Ÿ˜
      The man obviously came back because no one can tolerate that behavior!

  4. You want to share link with him to show him how terrible he is. Because you think he isn't aware, abi? Dundee

    1. Dear poster, i'm anon 15:44, I want to apologise for calling you a dundee. I am just appalled at how you don't seem to love yourself enough to cut off completely from that man. Please do not send him any link. Block him from your heart and everywhere else. He is not oblivious of how he treats you. Communicating that to him will give him the chance to manipulate you and continue to string you along until he gets who he really cares for and dumps you. Please be wise and cut him off for good. I wish you the very best.

  5. This aunty is far gone, after all the plenty long advice bvs gave you on that post you still want to send the post and response to him? To what end biko? So that he will change and start treating you like a queen or what?
    Ngwanu, Martins nwoke oma, epp us and explain to her how to send him the link of the post. Don't forget to update us on his response. Taink yo.

  6. You are not ready to let go of him with what you have in the last paragraph; you are probably hoping he changes and becomes a better person.
    I perceive you to be a naรฏve girl or a novice at love matters that entered the wrong hand. It will be hard for you to disconnect because this is probably your first love or something that looks serious to you.
    Please seek professional help; even if you've been dickmatized, you can be set free. What you are suffering from is deeply rooted; find a solution to it before finding a man.
    I pray you get comfort and strength to start a new journey of self-love.


  7. LoL, then you still haven't let him go. Let him go like a firmly closed door.

  8. Lori poster , oluwa gba ope wa

    Lori boda Americana, oluwa gba iyin.

    I gats no advise to give you though, dog wey go lose no go ever hear SDK bv's whistling

  9. Na wah o!!! God please no matter how terrible my sins may be or how unworthy I am do not punish me with a child that will not know his or her worth.

  10. What has him reading the post via the link you intend to share with him to do with you leaving him? For him to see BVs agreed with you in leaving him or you never intended leaving him but BVs advised you?This still boils down to the validation part.

    "I just needed to share this to the public because I wanted to be sure that the problem I am seeing is really there and I needed the unbiased opinion of people" Really? You still need the validation of people to confirm that tomorrow is Sunday? The insults and advice you received from BVs are valid. You don't love yourself. Every one you narrated your ordeal told you to let him go yet you brought it here expecting to hear otherwise.

    You're not the only one in love but you're one of the people in love that are desperate to make the stats of fools in love. How can you hate yourself this much?

    BVs , I think wasted their time advicing you because you will still go back to him just like Words on Mable wrote which you confirmed.

    Go do you and add to the statistics of fools that died loving who did not like them how much more love them.

    "He is changing and talking marriage" I sigh.

    1. Na that one wey you quote off me patapata! I said the advice would be a waste!

    2. Honestly this poster wants to learn the hard way.

  11. Chai wetin hold u hold u well well
    U want to share the post to him mehn it's either you are in ur early 20ties or you were emotionally tortured in your younger years
    Like I said before darling you need deliverance and therapy.
    You are still in love with this guy.

  12. Share the link with him. If he doesn't deny the allegations you made against him, then we will know he is a terrible person. Here is the link to your first chronicle:

    1. Binam I take God beg you, please delete that link
      She will send it to him and it will confirm to him what an absolute mumu she is
      It will give him an opportunity to gaslight and continue manipulating her... and she will fall yakata for his mind games
      Binam delete am I take God beg you

    2. Binam
      You say wetin?!

      "If he doesn't deny the allegations you made against him, THEN WE WILL KNOW HE IS A TERRIBLE PERSON"

      "THEN we will know he is a terrible person"?!!!
      Don't you already know by now that he is a terrible person?!!!

      You and who?!!
      If you Binam haven't yet realized that the demon Poster described up there is a terrible person, then we the discerning ones have realized it already
      Don't lump us in the same ignorant group as you

      And please trash this dangerous advice you are given her
      She should send the link to him so that he will continue manipulating her abi?!!

    3. Lol

      Most of the people that don't want her to send the link are scared they'll find out they guy wasn't the problem.. e better make man get issues than for woman for the narrative to fly..

      Then some don't want them to make up just incase this might make them really talk, settle and become better.. those one are just jealous (in advance)๐Ÿ˜

    4. Anon 18:12 and 18:19, doesn't he deserve a fair hearing? If some accuses you of something terrible, wouldn't you like to be given the opportunity to fess up or deny any wrongdoing?

      Are we now judging people because of what other people say about them? What if the poster embellished her first chronicle to gain sympathy? She never did anything wrong. She was the angel in the relationship, abi?

    5. Binam
      I can see you lack discernment
      No need wasting time on you

    6. King Dante
      Why would someone be scared to find out the guy wasn't the problem?!
      What is our stake in this anonymous online story?!!!

      And what do you mean by...
      "Some don't want them to make up just in case this might really make them talk, settle and become better "
      "...those ones are just jealous (in advance)"

      Are you normal?!!!
      I mean, are you alright?!!!
      Is everything alright upstairs?!!!

      Who is jealous of this abusive, toxic, traumatic hellhole of a relationship?!!!
      Jealous of being treated like dirt?!!!
      Are you normal?!!!
      I don't believe you are
      Cos no sane person would spew this rubbish!

  13. To share stories on blogs, I forward or screenshot while on the story. It will take him straight there. I had to go back and read your story, I rarely get a chance to comment as I got busier these days but your story moved me.
    1. Were you abused as a child? I was and it affected my self esteem, I put up with nonsense from different people and became a people pleaser.”You cannot set yourself on fire to keep another person warm”
    2. Children of alcoholics have low self esteem. Is that relatable?
    Here is my advice (married for 32 years to someone I have known for 34 years)
    LEAVE HIM and don’t look back! Block him on all blockable media. Attend MFM just once, if you pray some of those prayers just once in your life I promise you the scales will fall off. I would have advised seeing a therapist but all the advise in this and the previous chronicle is not different from the exchanges that will happen in therapy.

    Children who were abused or born to alcoholics have low self esteem. You have low self esteem and you need ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— and to look in the mirror & tell yourself you are beautiful, fearfully made and created by God.
    Immerse yourself in a vocation or career and become the best version of yourself.
    Notice I did not comment on his character because the only person you can control is YOU. Leave him and get a grip on your life. Marriage is a marathon not a 100 meters sprint.

    Finally to all young ladies making excuses for abuse while courting:
    If he treats you bad while courting or dating, it will not get better but worse. The dating stage is when a man should be able to jump up if you say “jump”. If you are the one pushing for it ๐Ÿ›‘✋๐Ÿพ and wait for God’s choice.

    1. I just mentioned how you I send stories as Anon 16:30. I’m not endorsing you sending him a snapshot of who he is as seen by others. LEAVE him and don’t play therapist for him. Work on your self esteem. Leave and block or delete never to pick up. Sad as the miscarriage was, all babies go to heaven and I hope you find comfort in that. God may have wanted to prevent you being tied to such a person for life. LEAVE and don’t even second guess your decision.

  14. Hanty... Get this and get this now. IT IS NOT FOR YOU TO LET HIM GO. IT IS FOR YOU TO GO! You never had him! Get a grip on yourself haba! Frankly you are becoming annoying.

    1. Spot on! She should go! Did any body tie your umbilical cord to him? Haba!

  15. Don't send him any link,block him everywhere and please move on with your life.All will be well!

    You think he doesn't know that he is a terrible man.

    men like this will always come back and say,it's the devil's work,you give another chance,then they start blaming you again,then the cycle begins.

    Let him go Biko.

  16. He don't need ur lectures for him to know the type of person he is.
    Run,run for your life and mental health.
    Inshort,you are supposed to go for Thanksgiving that God saved you.Some people can pretend and hide al ot of bad trait until after wedding. You don" need to cry be strong and sing praises to GOD.
    Chi loving

  17. Oh dear, do you really mean you don’t know how to get the link yourself. Are you using it on an app? You need to block him from accessing all your social media pages and contacting you any where at all. You also need to learn to love yourself before going into another relationship, else you’ll attract same kind and suffer same trauma.

  18. Madam, please love yourself and let this man go. There is no need hoping for a change. I pray you listen to advice.

  19. You’re still talking about sending the link to him so that he does what? You still be mumu and dumb!

    Everyone you personally know told you the same thing about him , you didn’t leave , you wanted strangers to confirm your fears , how about HOW HE TREATED YOU?! HOW ABOUT WHAT HE MADE YOU GO THROUGH? Are you mentally unstable?
    I’m so pissed at you !
    You will go back , BV’s please let’s stop advising her .

  20. You are still writing long grammar. Tufiakwa why are you still talking about this man. is like you want premium manipulation and brainwashing. Better block that man every where. it's like you don't even know your enemy or weapon fashioned against you.

  21. My dear you don't need to share anything.Get closure and move on .lam sure God will compensate you.But heal very well before you start another relationship.

  22. It’s obvious you haven’t learnt a thing or two being here. Why do u want to share the post with him. So that you can start another banter and he will finish what is left of your self esteem? Don’t do it pls
    Face your front. Square your shoulders and move on
    And take time to reflect on this relationship and find out what u did wrong and what you did right. So that you will not attract these kind of men to your life
    You are the prize!! I repeat. you are the prize!
    Stop falling in love with animals in human skin. You will just be wasting and draining your life
    Get a business and put all your energy in it and show yourself love


  23. Poster, how old are you?

    Have you thought for a second why his wife left him?

    You are not loving him deeply but simply steewpeed at this point.

    Since you can't take advices from your close friends and family, is it strangers' advices you'll now take?

    You said you're not with him because of his money or him treating you right, are you with him because of bedmatics skills and styles? Because at this point your reasoning is like that of a 5yrs old.

    Hanty, go ahead and marry him, make sure you born at least 10 kids before your senses finally returns...

  24. Please send him the link so he can have a right of reply and for fair hearing..
    Hearing one side without giving the other person a chance to tell his side is injustice, unfair and unwise

  25. Na wa o na by force

  26. As senseless as ever๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

  27. Aunty you never ready to leave the man so I will help you to get the link and forward it to him but you are on your own ,just open the story page after login to SDK ,click on the heading you will see three nots linked by small link click it or put console on it right click then click copy then go to brother page or anywhere click and click paste. That is the link ,once he click it it will take him directly to the page ,good luck

  28. I read your story and i was filled with pity. Poster, you are now portraying yourself as a red flag. This is not love again, na obsession and if I know the guy, I'd ask him to RUUUUUNNNNN even if hes an a**hole.... Let the maga Goooo.. he doesn't want you sis. Forward it to him so he'd feel sorry? Be like you never suffer enough.

  29. Poster, don't worry about sharing the post with him rather make yourself more relevant. He will move on by himself. It is because of the small changes he discovered you have that is making him to look at you again.

    He is a self centred person. This type of people only realise it in their old age.
    Please move on from what hold you back.
    May love find you again.

  30. Poster , you don't need to rub it to his face how terrible he is, that kind person may even try to harm you. Just move on God will surely give you true love. Please be strong for yourself.

  31. You have stated all that is wrong with him, yea, he is a disgusting human being. But there are things wrong with you that you need to address. For you to think that is what you deserved and was willing to go to death’s door for someone who did not love shows how disconnected and disassociated you are. Forget about him and sending him any link. And go find yourself.

  32. My dear sister, pls let him go.Next time,never show a man you love him so much,he would take you for granted.A relationship lasts longer when a man loves his woman more.

  33. I'm glad this blog knocked sense into you. He's no good for you sis. You deserve better. All the best

  34. Love in Okrika oooo
    She came and conquer and then Stupidly, Foolishly Fall in Lost.
    Na waooo Sha make I give you injection ni before ya brain will reset...

    Aunty Biko Move Far.... Becos of one yeye He-goat you dey give yaself headache oooo.
    Okay Continue,๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ

    Hello iya boys

  35. Good decision and hope when he reads, write us back you will accept his own side of the story. Goodluck


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