Stella Dimoko Social Media Critic VDM Drops Bombshell After Release From Police Detention.


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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Social Media Critic VDM Drops Bombshell After Release From Police Detention.

Social Media Critic Very Dark Man aka VDM has spit fire and venom on Iyabo Ojo, Tonto Dike and music executive,Samklef, after recent release from police detention.

In an online video, he was quoted saying;
"As you all know, I almost spent 1 month in detention because of a lot of circumstances
First is that I want to give a shout out to the MPHNCCC;the cyber crime unit, you people should do well to follow them, those people while I was in detention, if you see work wey those guys dey do
The kind of money them dey help people dey collect, it's so sad I was in their own cell but I saw the job they were doing, support them because them dey help me fight cases, dem dey collect people wey dem scam their money
Number two; this thing about defamation of character, Cyberstalking and all that, I sincerely don't think the police should be involving themselves in all those kind of things cause go look the advanced countries,they go say person do this one, you go sue the person
Why are the police involving themselves in gossips;this one say that one say...sue...then if the person doesn't appear in court, then the court go order make them go bring the person
Now, me i have 5 counts against me;
Number 1;Samklef
Number2;Tonto Dike
Number 3;Iyabo Ojo
Then ofcourse the police
If you remember the first time I was detained, okay I talk something against the DIGs', I was detained but guess what, after that I was taken to the inspector general of police.
Now when I got there, this man spoke to me like a son
He no look me like say em get influence and power to do and undo
You know...he spoke to me like a son;'fight for something good, if you have a problem, bring your petition, we would sign it'
Then I told him;'Sir, if I bring petition to the police, they always take time, sometimes they don't respond', then he said; 'from today, bring your petition, if they don't do it, come to me', he spoke to me like a father
Apart from that, me and police no get issue cause them dey help me help people, as I dey like this there's no money wey I no go collect online from person, if they scam me, no bother yourself, I go collect that money, the connection don dey, the police are willing to work with me anyday, anytime
But you see those other three people wey dey for the count; Iyabo Ojo say VDM said me and my daughter dey knack one man to get money, this one,that one...YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER DEY DO AM!
Cos if you can come online to say my papa knack animal take born me, dey call my papa and mama animal;wow!
And you say you and your daughter go stay because you be queen mother;OGUN KPAI YOU!
Ogun go kpai you Iyabo, add am to the court case
Tonto Dike said;'Ehh, he called me Gistlover' What are you? You are Gistlover na
Me and you dey for police station, I dey write statement, you snap me, police told you to delete it, first of all you are not supposed to take your phone inside that station not to talk of a room where they Are writing statement, they told you to delete it; next thing, we see the post on Gistlover page and you open your soakaway and say 'Ehh, he tell me that am Gistlover', OGUN KPAII YOU TOO!
And guess what, since I said you are Gistlover, Gistlover no dey drag anybody online again, I don shut those ones down, I did it, now they are irregular blog, they don't carry people's matter again
For you to know say I don shake them, them dey even fear me, this people no post me as I dey cell, normally them dey fear, they are scared of the outcome, I said what I said, Tonto Dike that's who you are, may the best lawyer win in court
And as for Samklef, una go dey here, Samklef go dey curse me up and down, me am not gonna sue nobody, am a public figure now for crying out loud, why person go curse me I go dey vex, no I can't do that, I will sue nobody if you like curse my mama and my papa, na revenge I go revenge, I no go sue you na, my mouth dey, wetin you talk, I go talk
For the Police, you know we have to walk together, you people are my guys, anybody wey get problem make them file lawsuit,
police you people should stop letting all these things happen,
I dey Cybercrime, I see you people recover over 4 billion for interswitch, flutterwave... different money wey una dey recover
All these women go come carry distraction give una, yeye yeye celebrities
Pack nonsense come dey give una say na cybercrime, say that I do this
Can't you sue
Don't be disturbing our police for garbage
The only way this can end is if una beg me
Una tell me make I no vex
Because before Tonto Dike posted my picture, I never called her name for once
She posted my picture for what
If no be Relationship wey I get with police, I suppose sue the police for my information going out
But i aint gonna do it cause I don't sue people, na street dem born me, we no dey do sueing
But Iyabo Ojo, make una dey go, una go go tire o
The only way is if una go beg me, ehh no vex, no vex o say we tok say your mama na animal
Then I go come say,'ehh, Iyabo, nice one my dear'
Because all those respect you don lose am because I see you like tata, there's no respect anymore cause you ain't got respect for yourself
So peace and love
You all gonna learn
When I say if you come for me, you are the victim, but if I come for you, you are the victim, una no understand why
It is because they fear me
Cause you all know I don't Cap, am not a liar"


  1. Nna, zukwanike,ka ndu gi dirii gi, na only you get mouth. So you don't know that silence is golden. Please be careful the world is wicked. Bridle your tongue.
    Chi loving.

  2. 🀦‍♀️. It's like he wants his "accomodation" to be permanent.

  3. I no get anything to talk as I no read to end.

  4. This one wan rubbish himself, continue ooo.i like that hole u are digging 🚢🚢🚢

  5. Him don start again

  6. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  7. What's is he blabbing about??

  8. TASTE BLISS CAKES AND PASTRIES15 June 2024 at 15:52

    Very dark Idiot/mumu.

  9. That's why you don't fight for Nigerians. Let them suffer. They will be the first to tell you to zukwanuike or rest and criticize you.

    1. Anon 15:54, you are getting it wrong, you can fight for Nigerians but you can't keep disrespecting people anyhow. No matter the gathering you belong to (Hollywood, Professional organisations, even where they are learning work), there's hierarchy, you can resolve issues without insults.

  10. And he is still talking?
    Okay oo,anything you see,you take.

  11. It seems this man like wahala so much. Nawaoo

  12. I knew it that he hasn't learn anything, vdm you going to learn in the hard way believe me. shm.

  13. Cho cho Cho he hasn't learned a lesson.

  14. This guy is high on prison shit, it's not even up to 1wk and he is talking like someone who have mental issues.
    Kai!!! where is his elderly siblings, they should advice him for future's sake

  15. What if he’s saying the truth? No one here knows what’s happening behind the scenes, so no one should bash him!.

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Inasmuchas I think vdm should tone it down a little bit, Nigerians are the worst to defend. If Jesus came at this time, Nigerians will still kill him again.
      I'm with you on this one Kevin

    2. Not even "if".
      He said some very hard truths in the post referred to here.
      He made some solid legal points.
      He made well grounded contextual comments.

  16. What are they even sueing for? Milkshake that did the worse here an many other blog visitors that did the unimaginable has not been sued, it's this their case that doesn't have head and tail that they are disturbing us with sueing here and there .

  17. VDM he dey your body Cell or no cell. U get mouth Sha ooo. Well done keep doing ur mouth work till cell call again. No sue anybody oo. Last last u Dem go all dey alright.

  18. VDM go and f(u)ck. Too much gathered sperm like that discolors reasoning.

    1. Kai this crack me up. I think he actually needs a woman to distract him. Or if he has how is she taking all these events

  19. Lagos Mainland Girl15 June 2024 at 18:23

    Are we still on this matter? Thought we have moved on.

    Haaa,na wah . Don't you get tired of being dragged and dragging.
    Time you would have invested in yourself doing something for yourself wasted in the cell

  20. Can't believe I read all of these.

    The ladies he mentioned should also calm down and stay off him. He's giving them what they gave him, I guess. Gbas for gbos.

  21. Interesting. Maybe he really does have some tea.

  22. I pray he guards his mouth now that he's out

  23. Stellz, would an exclusive interview with VDM be worth it, or he too wild?

  24. I thought he just came out from the cell na waooo...

    Hello iya boys

  25. Continue talking πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


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