Stella Dimoko April 2011


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Introducing Actress Grace Amah's Baby Boy.

This is a lovely pose of the actress with her new born son...the one she said ''stella i never born,when i do you will be the first to know''.
The baby was birthed in a london hospital and both mama and pikin look great!

Congrats Grace,abeg next time know that our forefathers outline the three things we cannot hide.
2-when we fall in love.

Next time think twice before you deny this bundle of Joy.

Goodluck and all the best with motherhoood!

Youth Corps Members:Victims Of Nigerian DemoCRAZY!

It is no longer a joke that the youths of naija are the worst hit by her desire for change in this democratic process.Parents who toiled to send their children to school and are about heaving a sigh of relief that their child is about to finish the 'all mighty'NYSC are crying.....tears of pain,regret and shock.
Please use the word of mouth to make this petition faster,call up friends,family,friends of friends and loved ones  sign this petition and then ask the NYSC members you know to leave the trouble prone areas at once..enough is enough and we have lost too many lives already!

The NYSC program was established under Decree No.24 of 22nd May 1973. Among its goals according to the decree is to promote ties among Nigerian youths aimed at further enhancing national unity, tolerance and understanding. Upon graduation from higher institutions of learning in Nigeria, the graduates are sent to states in Nigeria to serve a mandatory Youth Service Corps program for one year. Over the years the program was extended to Nigerian students graduating from foreign institutions.
Recently many Youth Corp members were slaughtered in Jos following the sectarian riots in the city. Many of the Youth Corp members are being killed by hooligans following the recent presidential election as reprisals for the loss of their presidential candidate
If you know more names of NYSC members who died on the line of duty please post a message on this story.thank you.

Read the following stories if you have time please.

Obi is one of the Youth Corpers killed in Bauchi in the last few days.  Obi was a person, he had a life, he had a family that loved and sacrificed for him. Obi as you can see from his picture was a good looking young man full of life. According to friends, Obi had run to the corpers lodge to seek refuge and was worried enough to contemplate running to the barracks. But before he or any of the other corpers in the lodge could actualize this; death arrived in the form of a CPC murder squad.
The terror Obi and the rest must have felt can only be best imagined. They were forced out and beaten up and not quite done, the baying crowd of CPC fanatics slaughtered them and set their bodies alight!
RIP Obi!

We heard the story of Mr. Ukeoma Ikechukwu who was serving as an electoral officer in Bauchi State. This was his last facebook posting before he went missing:
“Na wao! This CPC supporters would hv killed me yesterday, no see threat oooo. Even after forcing underaged voters on me they wanted me to give them the remaining ballot paper to thumb print. Thank God for the police and am happy i could stand for God and my nation. To all corps members who stood despite these threats esp. In the north bravo! Nigeria! Our change has come.”
 Latest report indicate Ikechukwu ukeoma was Killed in a bauchi police station where he was taking refuge with other youth corpers while serving his country.  a lady, a medical doctor said that during her Church's Prayer Meeting a few days ago, a member of the Church received a phone call from his brother who is serving in Bauchi and worked with INEC as a polling official during the Presidential Election.That he and six other Corpers were being pursued by an irate mob and they were running to seek refude in a nearby Police Station and that prayer should be rendered for their safety. Sometime later, the brother called the Bauchi Corper again but this time a male voice picked the call and started raining abuses on him. Days later he confirmed that his brother, Ikechukwu and the other six corpers were killed by the mob which over-ran the Police Station!!
Other casualties......

NYSC member in gwagwalada hospital.

 serving corp member...she is temporary (or permanently) deaf.

Two of her sisters were affected....One, an immediate corps member lost her life...the other, a serving corps member is in critical condition...
                                the lady with her arms in the air? Two of her sisters were affected....One, an immediate corps member lost her life...the other, a serving corps member is in critical condition...

At the same time in Zango Local Government, over 20 corps members living at the Central Corpers Lodge had to take refuge at the Nigeria-Niger Republic border.
Chaos unlimited
Within the next 48 hours, the situation worsened across at least seven local governments, notably Funtua, Jibia, Kankara, Faskari, Malumfashi, Dandume and also Katsina, the state capital. Several lives were lost while scores of churches, property, shops and businesses worth hundreds of millions of naira were completely razed.
“Katsina has always been peaceful. This crisis came as a surprise to all of us. This is the first time in my 17 years in Katsina this type of thing is happening,” said Adewale Adediran, the Katsina State chapter chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). In Katsina, the state capital, hoodlums razed the house of the head pastor of the Cherubim and Seraphim church together with the church bus along Dutsin-Ma road at about 11p.m., despite the 9p.m to 7a.m curfew imposed by Katsina state governor, Ibrahim Shema.
The fire also destroyed the apartment of four corps members and another female occupant scheduled to wed next month.
full story here

The whole thing just boggles the mind! Are you angry? sign this petition

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photospeak:NAIJA For Life!

Comedian CD John Laid To Rest.

The late comedian who passed on some weeks back was finally laid to rest on friday april 22,2011 at atan cemetry in yaba.
John was known for his very funny christian jokes.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nollywood Actor Ashley Nwosu D-E-A-D!

I write this with heavy heart and tears in my eyes!.

Just last night i did a breaking story that the actor was in hospital and badly needed our prayers to pull through his ailment.
Just today the actor could no longer hold on and has decided to return to his maker to rest.

Man proposes but God disposes!

R.I.P Ashley,you fought a good battle!


Photospeak:Eko Oni Baje Ooh....

The man on the right is the present governor of lagos state and he needs your vote this tuesday april 26,2011 to finish the goodwork he started in lagos state.
Please ignore the picture of asiwaju bola tinubu,the ex governor of lagos state on the left,the controversial trouble maker is not relevant in this campaign for fashola.
Lagos has become a city to reckon with under this mans administration.and whilst other governors are sleeping,frowning,grumbling,looting ,bleaching e.t.c...fashola is working.
Go to lagos and see change is progress.

eko oni baje for fashola so that he can finish up the good work!

President GOODLUCK Speaks...

To All Nigerians.

I thank those patriotic Nigerians and friends of Nigeria who participated in this event and projected to the International Community that Nigeria has had free, fair & credible elections. Now that some of the elections are over, I need to repeat what I said during the campaigns-There are only two types of people in Nigeria-good or bad-not Northerners or Southerners. Let us work towards bringing out the good in us. We are all winners.
Thank you Nigeria. We did it! I knew we could but seeing it come to fruition brings back the pleasant memory I had as a child listening on the radio as the Union Jack was lowered and the Green and White Flag raised on October 1st, 1960, our Independence Day...

There is a shared desire of every Nigerian and that is a desire for progress. Now consider this-how can Nigeria make progress if we are all pulling in opposing directions? This is what we do when we operate from a sectional perspective. We can only make progress when we pull together. Take my hand and let us pull towards progress together as one indivisible nation under God.

I am optimistic that the issue of North/South dichotomy will gradually fade away; in the new Nigeria, we shall be talking about Nigeria, not ethnicity, or religion, we shall focus on the economy, infra-structural development, employment and security. This is my covenant with Nigerians; With God's help I promise I will not disappoint you.

Before my sojourn in politics, I had no house, account or property outside Nigeria and all my kids schooled in Nigeria. When I became President by the grace of God and the wish of Nigerians my story did not change. Everything remains the same. My political offices never altered my taste for things Nigerian. Till the day I die, Nigeria will be the centre of my world.

Some say I rely on luck, but was it luck that got rid of fuel queues, revived our textile industries, rescued our banking sector, ensured total radar coverage for Nigeria, is reviving our rail infrastructure or expanded the economy by over 8% making Nigeria the 4th fastest growing economy in the world? Those are the result of hard work. Only hard work can make Nigeria work.

I want to assure Nigerians that crude oil is not our 'Black Gold'. The real 'Black Gold' of Nigeria are her people and they can grow in value from gold to diamond via education. That is why in the history of Nigeria NO OTHER administration has budgeted the amount we have allocated to the sector. Nigeria is not going to grow rich from oil. Rather it is an educated people that will make us a wealthy nation.
The first skyscraper in this country, the Cocoa House, and the first television station in Nigeria were built from procceds of cocoa by a visionary, Obafemi Awolowo. That is why the PDP government wants to tap from that vision and revitalise agriculture. We must do it and that is why in the next four years, I make a vow that we are going to revitalise all our dams to boost irrigation

When we sing our National Anthem and say "the labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain", I want our youths to know that those words are true and be motivated to be like those heroes which is why this administration has named the new Foreign Affairs ministry building after Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria's first indigenous Foreign Affairs minister and later Prime Minister.
Recently, I laid out my goals for Nigeria when it comes to the most important issues like women's rights, our economy, foreign policy and our oil& gas sectors. However, as I have said before, Nigeria's future lies in your hands. Please visit the website, comment, and give your ideas for how we can address these issues: I am here to listen and continue to engage in dialogue with you.

To Nollywood...

''Thank you Nollywood for your endorsement. I believe in your talents and have shown my belief by dedicating $200 Million as low interest credit to support your industry. I have the firm belief that Nigeria's wealth is not under the ground but between her citizens ears.

President Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ex Queen Adaeze Igwe-Yobo gets new step daddy!

Adaeze(left)and her drop dead pretty mum

The ex beauty queen who is married to footballer Joseph yobo has a new famous step daddy!
Her hot hot mummy Abigail has just become 'Mrs Abigail John Fashanu' and the newlyweds have seven children between them.

 Abigail is a beauty to behold  and heres hoping John Fashanu  can/will/should shame the devil and stay true to this very beautiful woman,please!

Why are people wickedly insinuating that John only goes for women he can milk?is Abigail the new 'cow'?....I hope not and i really hope the celebrated ex footballer will prove the naysayers wrong this time around.
Love is a beautiful thing and Abigail looks like a woman who knows how to dish it out!.


BREAKING NEWS: Actor Ashley Nwosu in Coma!

Veteran actor ashley nwosu is presently lying at the military hospital in yaba and he is in deep coma.
eye witness reports say the actor ''cannot talk,eat or walk and he eyes and mouth and hanging open and food is being passed from a tube inserted  through his nose into his stomach.ashley is now so black its unbelieveable.''.

  The actor who has been in hospital for close to a month is suffering from severe liver problems and at this stage needs a miracle to pull out of the condition he is in...''even though the doctors assure his family and friends that he will pull out of the coma,he looks very bad and  needs the healing touch of Jesus Christ''.

 Please this is not about donating money,it is about saying a prayer for the actor as you are reading this.
We need to pray for him to pull out of this coma.he is being guarded by military men at the hospital but what he needs is Jesus' healing touch.

Please ashley pull through this one and come back to doing what you do best because nollywood will not be the same without you!
......Dont forget to say a little prayer before you go to bed for Ashley Nwosu.

''Ashley Nwosu has been in Nollywood since the early days. In most movies he often plays the role of Husband, Dad, Pimp or Sugar Daddy. He is one of those actors that doesn't disappoint their fans.''


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Damage Movies.....Coming Soon To A Cinema Near You.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Save Our Souls Premiere Pics.

Actress Oby Edozien recently premiered her movie 'save our souls'in amsterdam.
The movie which deals squarely on cancer related issues was motivated by the death of the actress' father via cancer many years back.
The movie  is about to be released but has already been premiered in both Naija and Amsterdam and both cities SOLD OUT!
I honestly cannot wait to see what oby has cooked up this time.

Enjoy viewing,

Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Random Pictures.

omotola, eddie griffit and director leila djansi, L.a

micheal bolton and L.a

                                    omotola and fans.

                                   omotola with her music manager and executive director grammy office,atlanta.

                                                        @ the 2pac foundation

omotola with boris kodjoe at paff

omotola@ a reception in her honour in atlanta

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Dimeji Bankole kicked out by Naijas.

House Speaker Dimeji Bankole (PDP) has lost his bid to return to the Federal House of Representatives.

Hon. Dimeji Bankole iwas reportedly caught and arrested with some thump printed ballot papers at Ake as youths pursued him!!!

dimeji na ballot paper thief?na wah oooooo.

Well bye bye to the you and welcome change!!!

Friday, April 08, 2011

ANOGIRI---'Na You Know'

This song just rocks..if you disagree na you know!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Rift Between Actors Mercy Johnson and Mike Ezuruonye Not Settled.

Contrary to recent reports in an online publication that mercy and mike have made up,those in the camp of mike who read the report and are fuming had this to say.

The report says ''One of the most sought-after actresses in Nollywood, Mercy John, has claimed that she has settled her difference with star actor Mike Ezuruonye.
The Kogi State-born actress, who has been busy working from one location to another, particularly in Asaba, Delta State, disclosed that what happened between her and Ezuruonye was just a disagreement over a professional matter and that it has been resolved amicably.
She further said that her cordial relationship with the actor is still intact, while urging her fans to disregard any rumour that she is at loggerheads with her professional colleague''.

However those in the camp of mike who are in the know of what transpired and who read this above quote had this to say
'' mike has not received any apology from mercy despite all and sundry telling her to apologise.theyhave not spoken at all,please you should know mercy by now,too much lie lie.
please the same way she put out the lie there that she has settled with him,help mike put it out here that it only happened in mercys dream!''.

I guess mike is trying to be a gentleman by keeping quiet on this issue but hey sometimes silence isnt golden and we would appreciate it if the actor steps out and uses his sexy pomo lips to clear the air.

 .....Developing story.

Actress Grace Amah Delivers Babyboy In London Hospital.

Grace in the early stages of her pregnancy shielding it with a magazine as she was snapped in the Uk.

This message is for the fans of petite actress Grace Amah,i bring them good news.
The actress who vanished from social scene a while back and temporarily relocated to the uk has brought to bed a bouncing babyboy.the little tot arrived on march 22,2011 in an undiclosed london hospital.
I called grace on thursday march 24,2011 to wish her congratulations and after saying thank you and finding out that this report would hit the press she told me''stella i never born,if i born na you go first hear.i am not yet due so please dont write it.''
I insisted she was still in hospital as she took my call but she insisted she was at home.
Olofofos however hinted that the actress was trying to shield the news from the press and that was her reason for denying.
Who gives birth and hides it these days?will she not return to Nigeria with her bundle of joy?these celebrities and their lies tire me abeg!
This memo is to celebrate and join the household of the amahs as they celebrate the arrival of the new baby.
 Grace has joined the list of nollywoods babymamas and olofofos indicate that the babydaddy who is from Western Nigeria and based in the Uk will soon do what is expected of him and offically marry the actress.
Congratulations to Grace,abeg make una help me tell her say ''at all,at all na him bad oooo''.

Actress Uche Iwuji 19Weeks Pregnant For Married Lover!.

....Father Of Unborn Child Married To A European!

The actress who just graduated from creative arts at the university of lagos after almost a decade is nineteen weeks pregnant according to close olofofos.
''she is pregnant and hiding it that is why she only wears boubou and tunics now to shield her growing tummy from prying eyes until she can leave naija to europe where she plans to stay until she births the child.
The actress has just acquired a german visa and is making plans to travel.she is avoidng any questions which has to do with her sudden wieght gain.
Father of the unborn baby is called Raphael and he resides in spain.he visited  Nigeria in 2010 and spent sometime and uche was all over the place with him and even went shopping with his mother and his younger sister who recently got married.''
The olofofos who whispered to me say''there is a hitch however with uches new state and although Raphael is madly in love with her and wants her to keep the baby, he is already married to a european woman to get his papers and he has begged the actress to give him time to work out a plan''.
Motherhood rocks so someone should please help me tell uche to come out of the closet and rock her pregnancy....I really dont understand what the hiding is all about,shes an adult and they were both consenting to having sex,right?
Somebody please help me beg uche to come out of the closet and rock her pregnancy,because not every woman is fortunate to fall pregnant!
Wish her luck in her endeavours!
Ehen abeg,if she is 19weeks pregnant as of friday April 1,2011 when is her expected delivery date?

Pics From Suprise Birthday Party For Ib Agwu/Mabel Makun.

April fools day suprise birthday party for these two ladies by their celeb hubbys!