Stella Dimoko March 2012


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Thursday, March 22, 2012


+Moves in with Pregnant Actress Girlfriend.
+Marriage on the cards
+Accusations against Estranged wife Sophia.

Tchidi and estranged wife Sophia

                                Wife in the waiting Nuella Njuigbo

It is no longer news that the celebrated nollywood movie maker tchidi chikere via his publicist Bigsam media released a statement that him and his wife sophia have agreed to end their nine year old marriage because it wasn't working.
Mr Chikere also announced via the press release that
"They reached this painful decision after several break-ups and efforts to make the marriage work failed. The relationship was taking its toll on the children and affecting personal happiness of the couple."

Insiders excliam that the reason this decision was reached is because tchidi is in love and wants to marry beautiful actress nuella njuigbo who's love has eaten so deeply into his heart and is carrying his fourth child(their first together)and his wife sophia has been telling callers that she is still with her hubby and still loves him.
''Sophia is dreaming. Tchidi and Nuella are in love and displaying it without much ado,you should have seen them together during valentine when tchidi was making movie outside of lagos. They were all over each other"
Insiders call sophia a dreamer who didn't fight to save her marriage when the handwriting was on the wall.
"She neglected the kitchen for parties with Actress Oge okoye and there was one time she gave him moimoi and peppered stew knowing he was ulcer. Sometimes she would send him sms to say she's at a party with actress oge okoye and would not return till the next day. They have been seperated already for a while and sophia has not set eyes on tchidi since january because he has moved in with Nuella who has visited all tchidis siblings and is in regular contact with them. ..her in laws to be.

Another reason which insiders claim prompted the press release was the revelation that "tchidi discovered that his wife was not a student of the university of lagos where he had been paying her school fees for the last nine years.The revelation was a big blow especially as she leaves the house every morning for lectures. He thought the course was prolonged because of the motherhood breaks she took to nurse their sons.
"Furthermore the insiders squeal that "even though he used sophia for her first movie he never wanted her to become an actress"

However those who know the couple cliam tchidi has been in and out of some many relationships that it may have been the reason his wife revolted and ended up a naggiing wife who used her hand to tear down nine years of marriage

Tchidi Is facing another hard choice as his new love is an actress and he is looking for someone who will face the homefront."Nuella is already wearing his ring,carrying his child and has forbade him contact with his wife and kids and becuase they live together she does regular checks on his phone.

Nollywood is not in shock as regards this breakup claims an insider"tchidi has been in and out of so many serious relationsips that all it would take to seal the relationship was pregnancy,his last relationship with a popular actress two years ago almost ended in marriage,the one before that almost ended in marriage as well"
Friends of the couple have been making last minute efforts to try and reconcile the two but tchidi has been telling anyone who cares to listen that he is tired and has no more feelings for the mother of his three boys"
"Because of the sensitive nature of tchidis break up with his wife,nuella has avoided anywhere public and is hiding her pregnancy and hoping she will quickly become the new Mrs Chikere.!."

Nuella used to date and write scripts for movie producer Iyke Odife and marriage was on the cards for both before she decided to pitch her tent with tchidi.
On saturday march 17,2012 her blackerry status read "lips don't lie". ....whatever that means don't ask me! Don't even ask me why olofofos are whispering that nuella was married before but abandoned the marriage to chase after fame via acting..... Don't ask me.

Hmm,Mr chikere can evolve into a muslim and marry as many wives as he wants to but he should make provision for his three sons so that they do not suffer for the sins of their parents!

 Nuella who is best friends with actress ebube nwagbi remember the words of the forefathers which teaches us that "the broom that chased away the first wife is waiting to chase away the second one".


Monday, March 19, 2012

Cameroun Entertainment Awards Nominates Genevieve/Omotola......

The Cameroun Entertainment awards has cleverly selected some Nigerian actors in their Pan african Actor Category and they include actors GENEVIVE NNAJI,OMOTOLA JALADE EKEINDE,JIM IYKE AND STELLA DAMASUS.,,,you need to vote IN your favourite act...Now.


The singing duo of Psquare were nominated in the category of pan african artist of the year

This awards will be very first Cameroonian Entertainment Awards 2012 and is due to take place soon at the cramton auditurium in DC.

..........Kudos to them, as they continue to inspire the Camerounian Entertainment Industry

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Mothers Day..Check Out These 'Celebs' And Their Mamas!

Its Mother's Day today Sunday March 18,2012 in some parts of the world including Nigeira.
Check out some pictures of Entertainers and their sweet mothers.

Comedian Okey Bakassi and Mum.

Actress Funke Akindele and Mum.

Model Sarah Ofile and Mum(far left)

Mrs Ukoh Mum of Actress Adora Ukoh

Mrs Elliott Mum of Actor Desmond Elliott

Actress Oby Edozieh-Okoroigwe and Mum

Mrs Macualay Mum of Actress Annie Macualay

Mrs Orjiakor Mum of Cossy Orjiakor.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Crooner Sound Sultan In Monkey Jacket

The crooner was invited to the Emzor Pharmaceuticals monthly run as guest star...aside from arriving almost at the end of the show,the crooner refused to pick his calls and tendered no explanations as to why he wasnt at the venue when the show was on.

He arrived at the venue as the show was at its end phase,wearing a monkey jacket and trying to force his way in but he was prevented from entering and left later in his cream colored 'jeep'.

People should learn to respect time if they are stars! can you arrive late and still want to show your presence and attempt to collect appearance fees?

Please take corrections from this mistake next time Mr sultan.....success is not a permanent cross,it can become a temporary frown if you do not play by the rules.

check out Mr sultan in Monkey Jacket

Friday, March 09, 2012

MEMO To Nigerian Idol 2012 Judges!

The big question before you read this is ''DO YOU WATCH NIGERIAN IDOL''?

The on going Nigerian idol has been turned to more or less a joke with the way the judges comment and act.
Yinka davies acts like a school girl,shouts too loud and smiles too much revealing too much teeth and is not serious on that seat.
 She should please take it easy with the way she shines her eyeballs like one watching a horror movie...when she simultaneosuly shines her eyes and opens all of her mouth,she looks like a horror movie...she is so pretty but she needs to co-ordinate her mouth,eyes and teeth!

Jeffrey daniels  should please stop hitting on the female contestants.he does it so unashamedly and needs to put a sock on it really!

 Charlyboy/girl should please get real or get off the show,its enough problems trying to focus on the show and the contestants with all the distractions he brings along in form of his dressing,behaviour and speech!....he looks like he is confusedly transforming into a female-
His hair,his makeup,the way he talks,rolls his eyes,his body lanugage,the rings on his ten fingers are all repulsive....old papa youngy should please please save his tears for when he finally turns all bald and stop crying on tv when a contestant has to leave.
If charlyboy/girl needs someone to lend him some boobs to complete his girl look,he might as well announce it on the show.

The only thing good to look at on the Nigerian idol show this season are TIWA SAVAGE and  III Rymz

Nigerian idol judges should get serious please.

Here's also hoping the organisers are watching and will fix all the holes in this present season!
I want to end this note with begging charlyboy to approach the contestants privately if he intends to add his personal money to anyone who wins ,he should stop announcing his unprofessionalism and  needs to see a doctor fast to cure him of his attention seeking fever!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Checkout Crooner Kefee And Brand New Hubby:

Branama/Kokoroko crooner KEFEE OBAREKI recently married her boo Teddy and these are pictures of the lovebirds together.
They look good together and I pray this lasts forever.
Kefee is now to be known as Kefee Don-Momoh.

Actress uses lovecharm to blindfold multi-millonaire boyfriend.

.....11 Pastors go on dry fasting and praying to break lovecharm.
...Loverboy takes to his heels after prayer session. plans cancelled.

What  you are about to read is not a script from your regular nollywood movie,it is a real life event however the last names of the people involved will not be mentioned because I no fit shout. This is what the olofofos squealed
" she used what she did and materially she gained a Hummer, Toyota Camry O9, travelled to 13states in  yankee, Rented an apartment for herself in Marwa Gardens and started her line of business.
His name is Jack and he is into oil business and has a study foundation,he is very single and wanted to marry her
The guy got carried away by her TV personality of being cool and and they started dating but alas loverboy was alerted by his pastors that he had been jinxed and a strong prayer session was organised for him
And he got saved but by then the actress had milked him  almost to the last drop.

Interestingly the actress is best friend with  a notorious well known  former unilag girl called Tolu (T-jazz)  who has used  jazz to get houses, cars, lands off men.

The pastors told loverboy he had been infected with the love portion via food and  lovemaking"
The olofofos also reveal that loverboy was setting the ground to marry this actress when the lid on the can of worms was taken off.

For those interested in knowing the lovergirl actress. She has dated a footballer,a comedian and a musician.she is very shapely,very pretty,light skinned,great legs,beautiful smile and a lousy attitude.

Her first name ends with the fifth alphabet.

Whatever name you arrive at you are on your own!

Crooner Timaya Buys N20M Bentley In The US.

He may be controversial and weird but he's sure rolling in cash!.....Timaya is so controversial that his hot hot temper when he is invited to shows made him a no go area for event please i cannot ascertain how or where he got this money from but i sincerely congratulate him on this acquisition.


Actor nonso has had his blackberry phone stolen and the bb thief has been up to no good.

 The stolen bb with pin 21A39580 is what you should be weary of.
 User is not nonso diobu but a thief,liar and impersonator. If you have this bbpin saved as contact on your list and you think its nonso, please wake up from your day dream
. If you have been duped of money by this person sorry oh.

I know that even now some people will still go ahead and add this contact to their bblist but please know that you do this at your own risk.
The bb thief has swindled people of millions of naira pretending to be the actor and left behind a trail of broken hearts..all from bb oh.
This information is for the general public.....Now you know.


On friday febuary 24th 2012,the very pretty rapper threw open the doors of her twitter timeline and asked all her followers to ask her any kind of question and she would answer. It was tagged 'AskEva1Question'

Here are some of the questions and responses I found interesting and thought I should share with evas fans who missed the interview.

1.. Are you in a relationship?
...Yes I am. And very happy.
.... 36CC.
3... Who in the music industry are you hoping to feature on your album?
4.... do you think you're better than Sasha?
... No one's better than anybody. We are all great, and God-like.
5...Have you ever been pressed while performing on stage.
... Always! As in all the time!

6...Can you and Tuface do a little kiss?yoU guys match!
....Hahaha!! Annie Macau oh!!
7...what is that one thing you remember about your university?
...The food.thank God for toilet.

8....what kind of atmosphere gives you inspiration for your music?
....Nature. Quiet. Skies. Sea. Fine boys that one Nigerian celebrity that you have a crush on.

Its Another BabyBoy For Comedian Klint Da Drunk.

------wife speaks on motherhood and life as klints wife.

.Comedian klint da drunk and his pretty wife lilien have just welcomed their second son amid celebrations
The bundle of joy was birthed on sunday febuary 12,2012 in lagos.and has since been named Andre Afam Klint-Igwemba.
We tackled klints wife on how she copes with motherhood and being married to the comedian.

check out her lovestruck response.

"Motherhood has been very great for me,maybe its becuase I really love kids. I feel sooo blessed looking at my kids and knowing that I have the most supportive husband on earth!
Well I don't know about being married to "A comedian", I do know about being married to Klint and Hes the most wonderful man with a Big heart of gold! He's a very homely man, someone you would call a Family Guy,the very best husband ever. If given an opportunity to live this life again, I'd most definitely marry him".
The couple have a 3yr old son named Denzel klint igwemba.

Congrats to the family on their new addition. From this lovestruck talk,we might congratulate them in another one year

Actor Segun Arinze/Wife Welcome Second Son.

The celebrated actor and his wife Julie Aina-Padonou have just welcomed another babyboy into their home.
The bundle of Joy was brought to bed in far away houston texas in the early hours of friday march 2,2012.

The actor is making plans to join his wife and sons in America to join in the celebration.
Here's a big hearty congrations to Segun Arinze Aina Padonou and his family as they celebrate. A child is a beautiful gift from,a miracle that cannot be explained.
Congrats oh.