Stella Dimoko Are The Youth Responsible For Terrorism In Nigeria?Kemi Says So!


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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are The Youth Responsible For Terrorism In Nigeria?Kemi Says So!

Kemi Omololu Olunloyo is the 'bitch' ex Governor's daughter who was deported from canada last year.....and since she returned she has been writing up a storm.
The 48yr old lady who calls herself the next Governor of Oyo state recently posted this on her blog.
check out her Madam governor website
I am sharing this post with you to know if you think this lady is of sound mind and to be listened to or we should just ignore her rantings on the social network.
She calls herself

Outspoken International Journalist, Global Media Expert, Gun Victims Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Global Teen and Community Activist, Retired Pharmacist, Publicist and Nigerian native featured on CNN, FOX News, CTV, CBC, Toronto Sun,Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Macleans, National Post, BET.Com, MTV, VH1, Radio Nigeria, Global Excellence, City People, Encomium and more Global Media Outlets''
Na wah...Why is she not on Guinness book of records?hahahahahhahahahahah

Does she make sense?

This is what she posted.

GOOGLE HANGOUT TODAY: I talked to many reformed youth in Canada mostly Somali youth who fought for Al-Shabbab today in a secret hangout. They told me how I changed their lives after my July 12th news conference in Toronto pointing the need to curb the gun terror taking so many lives in the Somali communities in Toronto, Canada. Many of these kids have worked closely with mentors like me and I connected the police to them in a positive way. Nigerian Youth have no respect for the police to start with.

The core CAUSE of MEND and BOKO HARAM terrorist activity should be solely blamed on Nigerian Youth and their big time excuse called POVERTY. One may not fully understand what I mean but look at Somalia, Northern and Southern Sudan now. They look like a more stable country than Nigeria. With Vigilante justice being hailed by many Nigerian youth, it shocks me to the core that they have no idea what they have caused.

They cannot blame any leaders. When I fled violence in Nigeria in 2007, all there was were youth that could fire bullets at $100M transmitters at BCOS, beat staff into coma and kill ppl in Ibadan. Mayhem caused by politics but carried out by youth. JTF and SSS carried intelligence operations like the ones in this tweet and wiped out youth. Youth fired on the convoy of the Emir and thus no more okadas in Kano. Youth are sporting bullets and AK's in Niger Delta.

Why are we blind that the youth has so much destroyed Nigeria? The youth are not the future, they are our nightmare. If I can reform Al-Shabbab youth and turn them into functioning Canadian citizens, why can't I reform Nigerian youth? They are so resistant, disrespectful and lazy. They cannot fight back the so called leaders they despise. They have no voice! There were no suicide bombs and gunfire in churches when I fled. There were targeted and some random violence but no bombs till 2009. Late President Yardie was never to blame. Jonathan was his VP and they are all now blaming Jonathan. Greedy youth are being recruited and paid to carry heinous crimes that have ruined our country. Youth never mentor other youth here.

Stop blaming the Hausas, help them and mentor all their youth. Mentor each other and form a forum on Facebook. You have social media! Discourage terrorism. Encourage education and rich cultures.

Shame on the youth in Nigeria.
Every vote that counts doesn't depend on you.
Stop voting the wrong leaders in all day
Empower each other and listen. Stop arguing.

Nigeria's youth are to BLAME for all the terrorism in Nigeria.


  1. Na wa ooo.. But I reserve my comment.

  2. The fact that is from schizophrenic Kemi alias 4kids by 4 men and recently deported from canada means I cant take it seriously

  3. Even though she isn't someone you would usually take advice from, she actually does make sense here. Think about it. A lot of the bad things happening in Nigeria that directly affect the citizens are mostly done by the youth. Kidnapping, bomb attacks, lynching etc. all done by the Nigerian youth. If they were to stop doing these things, the government will realise that they do have to sit up and change because their usual way of tricking the youth into believing that they actually want to help no longer works. How long can we actually blame the government for EVERYTHING. Yes, the play a big part in the problem, but the Nigerian youth are no better and are therefore in no place to criticise the government.

  4. Why do u take everything personal. U are too quarrelsome and uncivilised. u can still do this job without being malicious or abusive. U look more to me like a trouble maker stella. Its obvious u don't like most of the people u write about otherwise why will u refer to this lady as a bitch. honestly, u are more of a bitch that most of the people u write about.

  5. as much as i dislike this lady and her attention seeking antics i totally support and agree with her on this..
    th youths constitute the majority in nigeria yet they complain more as if they are expecting angels from heaven to fight for them and take over from corrupt politicians
    the youths in the universities elect corrupt NANS leaders who have destroyed the organisation and now make it a business to colet bribes fom govt yet the youths are watching..

    she is right,when last did you see a politician on the street shooting political opponents or snatching ballot boxes?its the same youths they use when they commit these crimes why are the other youths present not chasing them and dealing with them?

    a politician campaigning who asks them for bribe before voting? the same youths

  6. Rantings of a deranged mind.

  7. Wonder what fancy drugs she has been sniffing! This old bitch is fucked up upstairs!

  8. I like to keep an open mind o but o ma ga! Doesn't this woman have family who care enough to put her in a rehabilitation facility ni?I'm sure there is a looney bin of some sort in Ibadan.

  9. Exact description @rantings of a deranged mind...real bitch

  10. Google Kemi Olunloyo

    She is a fraudster/ cyberbully / compulsive liar. She lies about her past, her credentials.........everything.

    Check out these two blogs. The two administrators of these blogs are Canadian. They started these blogs up a few years ago when they noticed her exploiting Canadian murder victims.

    Kemi has been trolling the internet for many years. She just wants attention. The only way she can get it is to be negative.

    Thank you.

  11. And why do d Nigerian youths constitute such a bunch of menace? Cos d fish is rotting frm d top! D elders,political elders use and dump them. Youths gat 2 chop too. Employ them? No! Create jobs? No?
    How do we rehabilitate our youths roaming d streets? So put d blame where it sqaurely belongs.....corrupt Polticians who teach d youths corruption by using them to win elections, then dump them to fend 4 themselves with guns on their hands and Pastors who love money instead of winning real souls for christ! Those r d real problems and until we start chasing the real problems instead of airbrushing,with our shadows, nigerians better be Ready to swim in more deep shit creeks!

  12. People, I used to think she was a loon too until yesterday when I discovered she suffered a serious head injury in the 70s in a car accident and as a result one of her brothers became a paraplegic. It's obvious we are looking at mental impairment. Please be kind.

  13. Don't give her publicity she's mentally unsound. A Politician's daughter whose brains have been fried.

  14. What's insane about the lady's write-up? What has it got to do with her past,accident,cyberbullying bla bla bla? The lady is making plenty sense and I totally agree with her...please free her joor! Its her opinion and ofcourse she's entitled to it!#myopic people!

  15. I think she's right. But who wants to take a mad woman seriously even when she makes sense sometimes?

  16. Makes sense to me,I don't know about you.


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