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Saturday, 12 January 2013

BREAKING:Peace Brokered Between Don Jazzy And Princewill Ojukwu!

Well after the cliams and counter cliams between one who claimed to have been beaten and the other who claimed not to be in the know of what happened....Concerned Friends of both Don Jazzy and Pricewill ojukwu just brokered peace between them now Saturday January 12,2013 at exactly 8pm.

Here are some pictures from the Reconciliation meeting at CHESNEY HOTEL on the island

Thnak God for good friends TERSOO B AND AGN PRESIDENT IBINABO FIBERESIMA coming in to settle this rift.


Anonymous said...

All I want to know is, did don jazzy do it?

HOZZY said...

No he did not, is this d first time things like dis happen. what if he went to rescue d guy and he was beaten also? would you have said don jazzy did it? WTF

Anonymous said...

That's good.

Anonymous said...

Yes he did.

Anonymous said...

What happened to his cracked skull and blood clot? Princewill na wa o. tout

Anonymous said...

If Don J dint do it, will there be any need for reconciliation???

Anonymous said...

U re obviously daft? It was reported that his thugs beat up ds guy on his instruction nd u re saying "what if they beat him up" For Petes sake,d thugs he gave instructions to beat someone up ll turn arnd to beat don jazzy..SMH..u re obviously a BIASED die hard fan of Don baba..SUCKER

Anonymous said...

Dis princewill guy own too much,....d guy can lie.....good 4 him.....he claims don jazzy has been begging him cos he wanted to f' him up..all ballzzz