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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I remember oh-so-well when i used to pen hunt Stephanie for her poor taste in attires.She used to be so crazy about one black Lycra dress back then and i didn't let her breathe.i even put her on the list of those who were crazy about 'apoche'
All that was back then...Check her out today,her taste in colors and what suits her just seems to get better by the day.
2013 promises to be better for her and all Divas....Lets go!


Anonymous said...

I was there live I confirm she was really looking gorgeous bt pls Stella advice ur friend Rukky that tin she wore to d event is ment for beach party she is an actress doesn't mean she should. Go crazy and halima too. To always check her cloths next time before she comes out how can she wear tear tear leggings next time na cane I go. Use follow her

Anonymous said...

Stella, wetin dey so special about wetin this fake "accent" woman wear na???

happy yoruba bunny said...

just wondering wetin dey special too
apart from nice shape maybe thats what stella meant by special, there's no big deal wt her crop pant and top

Kay said...

she looks good!

Anonymous said...

Pple cn beef..dose commenting nd d blogger..'Apoche'' y wld u say dat?u jess dwngraded her..wasn't xpectin dat frm u..stop beefin her.

Anonymous said...

It's 'akwa oche'. Literal translation 'cloth of chair' actually means the cloth used to make chairs which in Nigeria is usually velvet. Stephanie has always been beautiful and well dressed.

Aproks said...

Stella, abeg abeg abegan stop bein partial. Wots so special in dat attire naa? If u r judging her from other pics and mistakenly put dis up, then I will understand.