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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Peter And Paul Okoye Return To Nigeria.

Singing sensation Psquare arrived Nigeria today after almost 6weeks holiday in America.

 They alighted from the Business class section of a Delta Airline flight  which touched ground in Lagos at exactly 3:11pm today Wednesday January 30,2013.

Onlookers say ''This time,they were warm and very receptive and acknowledged greetings from star struck fans unlike other times''

I can bet that after that Instagram stunt,Peter is wearing his LV shoes today....*wink*.

Welcome back boys.


Anonymous said...

Welcome guys and for the other Ejima pls marry that Lola girl and stop having kids out of wedlock remember your mother was a pastor and I'm sure she taught u about .....

somadina obi said...

Wεlc♡̨̐mε back. And try to give back to the society and show us in return the L♥√ع Ɯe showed you guys!

AFCON 2013 said...

welcome guyz am happy please tell them to send me mail when they arrive with this address for important discussion.

Anonymous said...

But D ejima Peter is even treating Lola better than most married men in Nigeria do to their wives,and if I had a deal like Lola has,won't even mention marriage.
See how happy they were in d hospital after Lola gave birth 2 their second child? Men,dat was awesome.Flew his family abroad and treats her woman with respect? Men that's what's up!
Marry,Marry,Marry naim babes want. When dey marry u now,u go come forget to wash ur Toto b4 fucking. Everywhere go just dey ssmell like Toto juice after fucking.All ur dirty habits go come pop up. Yet marry dey hungry u! Idiot!

@doyexy on twitter said...

Abi ooooo,mk he mary d woman

happy yoruba bunny said...

anons January 31, 2013 at 5:11 AM what kind of yearn is this now, which one be toto juice again? o ga o

Deekay said...

Lmao@5:11. u make sense sha