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Friday, 4 January 2013

YO!....Check Out Crooner KEFEE'S New Look.

The 'Branama'/ 'kokoroko' crooner was spotted a few minutes ago at the Federal Palace Hotel Looking  like a Fly girl.
This is so very different from what kefee is known to wear....the ten wraps of weave on is gone,the red lipstick has been replaced with a pink one and the proper dresses have been replaced with the tracksuit look.
Is this kefees 2013 look?......Yo,na Christian rapper look.


Glam File said...

Not bad!


Ebukah Nzeji said...

Sisterly ur boss don show face o!...as for Kefee eh,she try welwel for her new look. Ma wahala with her sha,be say,if she don 'Crossover' make she talk,no body go beat am...Twale n' Take it!

Ebukah Nzeji said...

*in Alex Usifo voice* Stella Stella...mo ti like i eh o! So pls post ma comment...post it o!

Anonymous said...

She looks so young here.

Kay said...

lol @ d 2nd pic

Ebukah Nzeji said...

Pls no dey waste time to post comments nah! It aint good for business.

Anonymous said...

Ebukah u don buy her latest album? It's hot. We r waiting for the videos. U no need to confuse urself With crossover or enter the place. Lol

ohbounty said...


Ebukah Nzeji said...

Lol..when I say cross over,I mean A Gospel artist crossing ovee to secular music o!

Ebukah Nzeji said...

Abeg I dey plead with una In Jesus name,make una visit Ebukah Nzeji's blog for the latest crazy happenings: www.ebukahnzeji.blogspot.com. Am urs crazily...bless u all.

Anonymous said...

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