Stella Dimoko BobManuel Udokwu With Branded Don Morris SUV


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Friday, 29 March 2013

BobManuel Udokwu With Branded Don Morris SUV

Actor BobManuel Udokwu,SSA Creative Media to Gov Peter Obi has just taken delivery of his new branded SUV...The inscription on the ride says it all.

A visit to this Actor at home earns you a carton of Don Morris Wine.

This is the latest branding style in town!


Cest Moi said...

Bia Stella,worizit? Bob Manuel this,Bob Manuel that,ahan. I purit to u that you have fucked,fucking or plan to fuck this guy. Agreed,he's tall,dark,handsome,cool dude,fantastic actor,ladies man et al,but Must you shove him in our faces? Shuo!!!

Anonymous said...

Pls what's his house addy?


What kind of branding is this? Not classy, imo!
The name of the company and product should have been enough, not this piece of work that looks like a campaign vehicle! Imagine driving around with a picture of ur face on ur car! Urghh!

Anonymous said...

Is this guy married?

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