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Monday, 6 May 2013

Stupendous Wealth Of Nigeria's Biggest Oil Thieves!

This is what ENQUIRER MAGAZINE Is Reporting On Its Website.

The Senator Emmanuel Paulker-led Committee on Petroleum Upstream which is currently investigating the involvements of the Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Dieziani Allison-Madueke and some of her stooges, Jide Omokore and Kola Aluko will definitely be answerable not just to tax payers but the Nigerian masses if the matter is swept under the carpet as the usual practice.

The Committee, this office gathered is charged to look into the allegations of fraudulent dealings and illegal transfer of four oil blocks in favour of Jide Omokore`s ATLANTIC ENERGY DRILLING CONCEPT amounting to a whopping N58.9 trillion, a staggering amount experts say make-up Nigeria`s 1-year earnings in crude oil export.


 This matter is probably the biggest known oil fraud in recent time, this much National Enquirer can authoritatively reveal.
The probe, according to inside sources was informed by a petition written by Delta Producing Communities alleging that the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, NPDC and Petroleum Minister, Dieziani Allison-Madueke transferred the ownership of four Oil Mining Licences (OML), 30, 34, 26 AND 42 to Atlantic Energy Drilling Concept belonging to Omokore without tendering and bidding process.

The popular phrase that the law is no respecter of anybody is definitely not working in Nigeria, rather the order of the day is the word of the famous American Black Leader and Activist, Martin Luther King Jr. which says, "Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose, they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress", what this means in essence is that the Nigerian state has proven that there are men powerful than the LAW and that its LAW has failed to establish justice.

Maybe same is the case in few African countries but In Nigeria, it is an established fact that the weightier your offence the lighter the judgment, and vice versa especially when issue in contention is treasury looting, large scale embezzlement, public office fraud that are capable of being clogs in the wheel of national progress. Justice in Nigeria is no doubt a cash and carry business little wonder the prisons are brimming with the poor and the unknown while the rich and the powerful who commit more grievous crimes get pat in the shoulder.

The Nigerian state has made several blooper of the law in recent time and to the extent that, the global village is now wondering if the sovereign nation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is being ruled by any LAW at all. Recently, an honourable court in Abuja, federal capital territory presided over by honourable Justice Abubakar Talba delivered an incredible ruling when it sentenced the former director of the Police Pension Board, YakubuYussuf who admitted stealing a staggering N32.8billion when in office to 2 years imprisonment with an option of N750,000 fine whereas an ex-policeman who stole a N45,000 worth of mobile handset belonging to the governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola got 45 years jail term!

The landmark oil fraudin which the Petroleum Minister, Dieziani and her privies, JideOmokore and his friend, Kola Aluko of Septa Energy Limited are being investigated by the National Assembly is going to be a litmus test for the Nigerian Law makers as checks already have it that, the suspects might be looking for a way of getting the committee induced after all.
Tracing the claim-to-fortune of these stupendously rich businessmen, Jide Omokore we gathered came to limelight during the Babangida administration, the Kogi born man was believed to be one of IBB`s "errand" boys before becoming a Steel merchant while Kola Aluko is seen as an AGIP (Any Government In Power) top notcher.
The two powerful businessmen are part of Nigeria`s top 10 silent billionaires going by the extent of the acquisition of worldly accomplishments and properties across the globe. Those who know Jide Omokore like the back of their hands attested to the fact that, he`s a super-rich dude who loves cars and marble houses in choice areas of the nation like Banana Island in Lagos, Asokoro in Abuja, UK, US and the rest, aside the fact that, he owns about 4 private jets while his second wife, Angela Ebagua-an executive director with Access Bank who he married in a controversial manner also has her own private Jet. The story of Jide`s marriage to Angela is a story for another day.

The two business dudes are big players when it comes to women matter, just recently, Jide was said to have "wired" one million dollars to a lady he`s crazy about in the U.S and as for Kola Aluko, the handsome international businessman whose interest traverses the oil and aviation sectors is allegedly believed to be dating the Petroleum Minister, Dieziani and the two-some are so fond of each other.
Kola Aluko is the deputy CEO and leading shareholder in SevenEnergy, an oil and gas firm.

He is the MD/CEO of Exoro Energy, an indigenous oil exploration and production firm and also on the advisory board of an international aviation company, Vista Jet, a Swiss based private Jet charter company. We learnt    Omokore and Aluko are so close that they both fly private Jets across the world with spare aircraft in their entourage. We hear they`re also lobbying to make the next Forbes` list.

We shall bring you more on the adventures of these super rich Nigerians and keep you posted as events unfold on the Senator Emmanuel Paulker-led Committee on Petroleum Upstream`s probe.


Eugenia Ekeji said...

See their ugly and thief thief faces.

Anonymous said...

This na the real ITT

Ella's Secrets said...

Barawo bansa

Anonymous said...

I can't see anything happening to Diezani. They are all fronting for GEJ. Except he decides he wants to cast them away it will be business as usual. How many young boys will Diezani sleep with? Her poor husband. Anyway he's enjoying the money. The perils of marrying an old man is that if you are a water spirit the old man will never satisfy you.

Anonymous said...

You mean Deziani has water spirit? How u take know?

Ella's Secrets said...

Anon 10.39. The fronting part yup. Not sure it's GEJ though.

Anonymous said...

Abeg Stella darl, bring us news about Jide's new wife biko, back to the matter, me i Don tire for this dezani ooooh, I saw her @ trancorp d other day with one small Bobo like dat, as usual na I Waka pass, when she and my hubby dey greet the small boy, come dey eye me* him no dey fear face*
We can't over emphasis the rate at which our money is going down the drain, while the masses suffer for it. I just imagine the penalty for the phone theft compared to the oil subsidy issh, the matter heavy for mouth. All I s going to be well, certainly not now, but soonest.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first case about Diezani and her thief thief nature. It is sad that after all these years of anti corruption strategies by government nothing can be done to such rogues. When will this end biko.......Everyday I pray for Nigeria

Anonymous said...

Connect the dots. If Diezani was so bad, why hasn't she been sacked? Diezani and Oduah are the biggest fronts for GEJ and his wife in this government. They are going around with impunity. Unless GEJ's government is severely threatened by them, they will continue warming the seats.
Jide Jones' 2nd wife is not so new anymore. Who doesn't know Angela Ebagua from Zenith to Access? She had a shop called Ephesians (I think. Laughable at the name she chose) opposite Ocean View. Her story can't contain one page.


*We can't over EMPHASIZE* not *We can't over EMPHASIS*

Anonymous said...

Pls nak us d tory about the angela babe abi old woman! abeg (calabar girl say so mbok

Anonymous said...

Angela Ebagua?Abeg hit us gist

Anonymous said...

Please be well informed. Dis story is not true. Atlantic energy v no equity in those omls. They r just financing the jv. Ppl act on wrong info. I knw bc I work there. Our reps n attention seeking acts. He said he wants 2 use NNPC to shine. So all dis is to win public admiration. God help our country.

Anonymous said...

Haa, Angela Ebagua tory?? E no go contain dis blog oh!!!

Anonymous said...

Get your facts right Stella, its community grievances. They are just trying to seek public's attention in their favour because they are not been pacified as expected.

Anonymous said...

It is better we have the facts not rumus mongering mill.
It is morally wrong to run down our people who help to reduce unemployment rate in this country. All the busybodies should find something else to do and stop theIr dirty trade.
Jide, kola and their business groups are honest people of high integrity and humane with abundant spirit of generosity. They should be left alone.
Angela is a well-known person and the negative things said about her is a manifestation of hatred and jealousy which cannot stop her in achieving her lofty goals in life.
She is a good wife and mother that we are proud of.
Segun Afolami.