Stella Dimoko NNPC Shuts Port Harcourt, Kaduna Refineries


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Thursday, January 21, 2016

NNPC Shuts Port Harcourt, Kaduna Refineries

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC on Wednesday announced the operational shutdown of the Port Harcourt and Kaduna Refineries owing to crude supply challenges arising from recent attacks on vital crude oil pipelines.

A statement by the Corporation informed that the plants were shut simultaneously on Sundayafter the Bonny-Okrika crude supply line to the Port Harcourt Refinery and theEscravos-Warri crude supply line to the Kaduna Refinery suffered breaches.

The NNPC stated that before the closure, the Port Harcourt Refinery was recording a daily PMS yield of over 4.1 million litres while Kaduna Refinery was posting a daily petrol production of about 1.3 million litres.
The statement noted that the Warri Refining and Petrochemicals Company, WRPC is still on stream and producing a little above 1.4 million Litres of petrol per day.

The Corporation however assured that it has put in place strategies to guarantee unimpeded country-wide availability of petroleum products.
“In response to the unexpected setback, we have activated comprehensive remedial measures to sustain the prevailing stability in the supply and distribution of petroleum products across the country,” the NNPC said.



  1. Replies
    1. Not ok o..there has been fuel scarcity for over 2 months shutting down 2 refineries,God help us..
      Prayer for Nigeria in distress should be taken serious now o..

    2. This blogger,didn't give us the news of the alleged shutting down how then do we know what us going on here?

      She only came here to report that it is false just to say the other blogger who reported it got fake news.

  2. Enter your comment...

    Are they confused??

  3. It is well. , hope d workers won't be affected.

  4. Hahahahaha...
    Buhari has touched the lion by it's tail...lmao...
    You don't mess with the militants!...hahahahaha...
    This is good mehn!...I only pity the poor masses that would be affected by this...

  5. No amount of sabotage from wicked and malicious people will prevent Nigeria from attaining its glorious ordained height.

  6. Yes u thought u said naija delta boys no get mouth let's watch na more problems for that aboki man.

  7. Something wey go better for people make them do am, which one be shut down refineries.

  8. I hope we will not hear of another fuel scarcity. This country is a kill joy

  9. Shut down?
    At this critical time?

    This Pipeline vandalism just makes me wonder.Is it that the they dont know how to deal with these vandals?or they dont have the resources.

    What's with all the sentiments?while dese Vandals get bolder and more destructive.

    1. This is not vandalism. This is the SS showing Oga Aboki that his pretentious self can not have everyone under his thumb. Dealing with some and letting some go. He should leave the SS alone, the oil wells are located in the SS and 90% of the wells owned by the Other people and yet you still want to humiliate the SS...


      The Abacha loot, is it up to half of what they've been shouting about?

      20 years after, we still don't know half the loot yet Oga Aboki said Abacha wasn't corrupt, he receives the family and dines with them..

      Hypocrisy at its highest!!

  10. This PH refinery has turned a case of one step forward, two steps backwards.

  11. Awon oniro oshi. I'm sure they lied to us before about the functionality of those refineries. Now they want to use d opportunity of d vandalism to say it's been shut down. Maybe they even vandalized it themselves to find a way out.

    1. Joy Joy. Hahahaahahaha. They lied to you. Lol.
      Even during the previous administration the refinery was producing pms. Your ignorance is at its peak.

    2. Abi?...
      This is exactly what happend!!...iji ya!...

    3. Nwaamaka, she's not only ignorant, she's an imbecile. It's in her lineage

  12. Its a new era in Nigeria, I believe in a short time this government will have solutions to the militants excesses, they will be humbled like their brother Kanu.


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