Stella Dimoko Amaechi Claps Back At Wike Over $150m Accusation


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Monday, February 08, 2016

Amaechi Claps Back At Wike Over $150m Accusation

It's a Season of clapping and claps back.....*sigh*

 Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Transportation Minister and former Governor of Rivers State, has clapped back at his successor, Governor Nyesom Wike, who clapped on his head yesterday alleging that he stole $150 million between December 1 to 18, 2014 from state government coffers to fund All Progressives Congress, APC.

Amaechi in his reaction through his media team said “Sadly, on Sunday, February 7, 2016, Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State in furtherance of his administration’s one-point agenda, yet again, continued his grossly irresponsible, repugnant and contemptuous, albeit, feckless mission of denigrating and disparaging the person and office of the immediate past governor of the state, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who is now the minister of transportation.

Amaechi said that
“The ‘story-story’ this time is about another phantom $150,000,000 that Amaechi purportedly stole from Rivers State government coffers and siphoned to his party, the All Progressives Congress(APC) within eighteen days, from December 1 to 18 of 2014. Sadly again, Wike picked a church, a sacred temple of God to tell his new imaginary tale, another bogus, fallacious concoction.”

According to Amaechi,
“this new scurrilous fabrication by Governor Wike is in sync with the one-point agenda of the Wike administration, which is to throw as much mud as possible at former governor Amaechi, hoping that some may at least stick. All sorts of spurious stories about alleged corruption and stealing of state funds against the
Amaechi administration have been bandied in the media with no attempt to substantiate or prove these distorted false claims that completely make nonsense of common sense.”

He stated that even when he challenged the
“Wike administration and its agents to use any constitutionally available legal process or procedure to prove their jaundiced, deceitful allegations against him and his administration, they have rather elected to do their own corruption probe, trial and conviction in the media; and now, even inside our solemn places of worship (churches). How callous! Why would a government be so determined to desecrate and destroy every institution, all in the name of playing politics?”

Amaechi pointed out that
“it continues to baffle us, like most right-thinking Nigerians that Governor Wike will stand in a church- a solemn place of worship- and carelessly, brusquely tell such a profound lie. He condescendingly descended to falsely and indecorously shout corruption against Amaechi, without providing a single shred of evidence to back his claims. How pathetic!

“Pray, Governor Wike, who collected the $150 million on behalf of APC? From which State Government account(s) was the $150 million taken from? How was the $150 million taken and given to APC? Was it by wired transfer from Rivers State government account(s) to APC account(s)? So many questions, if Wike had attempted to answer, would have made nonsense of his supercilious allegations.”

The former Governor who made Wike his Chief Of Staff in 2007, and also nominated him as Federal Minister, said Rivers people and Nigerians are indeed sick and tired of this old worn-out trick of Governor Wike to hoodwink and distract Rivers people from the real issues.

“Making a new spurious allegation of corruption against Amaechi every day will not make Rivers people forget that most of the beautiful, working institutions built by the Amaechi administration are now being allowed to rot away in spite of the billions of naira that had accrued to the state and the billions of naira borrowed by Wike. Rivers people want to know why weeds and grasses have taken over the beautiful schools built by Amaechi? Why the standard working health facilities Amaechi built and left behind are now looking desolate and abandoned?”

Amaechi said Rivers people are worried that crime and criminals are back and have taken over the state unchallenged by the Wike administration.
“No quantum of mudslinging and attempt to disparage the inspiring legacies of the Amaechi years in Rivers State would distract Rivers people from these issues,” he said.

*The Social media is going crazy!!
All these people clapping back and forth should do so with evidence so that they do not receive a clap back.
 The way i see it,my boo and Wike are on a long thing and these accusations and counter accusations will take the grace of God to stop.


  1. Replies
    1. Stella check if Ibe kachi has been replaced as nnpc gmd.

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      Thanks to all members of Bvn. You all rock


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    3. I beg our govt needs an official choir to be clapping up and down. Ah ah wetin. Ben Bruce and Rotimi will be the officials In charge

  2. When did Obahiagbon become RCA's speech writer?

  3. Ogini na afio nu ehh?
    What's going on?

  4. This 2 no wan gree sha!
    Maybe they are crushing on eachother! Toh!

  5. Your boo is a thief
    Tell him to return all the money he stole

    That simple.

  6. 2016 is still young and yet, full of yansh opening, SM dish, bulling and different calling out.

    *Larry was here*

  7. Na so so clap back since today, who am I going to clap back at now? Lemme think

  8. When did Obahiagbon become RCA's media aide?

  9. Hi everyone! been a bv since forever but just created an I.d!

  10. hi everyone, been a blog visitor since forever but just created an i.d. let me see if it will work.

  11. These two are behaving like market woman. Abeg, it's either wike provides evidence or he should just shut it. Mtchewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Mentioning money anyhow and una refuse to send some my way.

    Too much money dey worry Awon oga yi

    *Ayah Shehu *

  12. Dey shld kip clapping..... D 2 of them kuku dey go c$s church

  13. Me I know amaechi stole for apc, that one is very obvious, but wike if u have proof, go to court already, I'm tired of all these online talk.

  14. Wike bring out the one you stole in obio akpor

  15. Even your boo get a boo...a boo ..a boo

  16. Amaechi should just let Wike bark. He needs it, now that supreme court have granted him stay and he had no plan for the state than backing .

  17. Clappers and clappee una well done. I live to be entertained. Bring it on...

  18. Let Buhari and cohorts tell Nigerians how they got the fund used for the last election, if not stolen

  19. I will soon clap back at SDK because in 2016, every clap back is allowed

  20. I will soon clap back at SDK because in 2016, every clap back is allowed

  21. Stella of life!My comment from the SnM post wasn't posted. I can as well post it here please.

    I am a 29 year old light skinned lady,studying to obtain a Masters degree and in search of true love. A gentle man between the ages of 31-37.
    Tribe, colour and location ain't an issue. That serious male should please add me on bbm-2AF45D2A

    Thank you.

  22. Wike should just rule the state and let Amaechi rest

  23. And d money d ex oga@d top stole from d national treasury unko?
    He don return am?
    Wike biko as far as am concerned,u won dat re-run cuz dakuku is repin the Apc.
    So mind ur bizz n get to work mbok!

  24. Bia stella who be your boo,you be side chick oh ,how you wan snatch Irene B boo for korokoro afternoon ,i go clap follow you oh

    1. Don't worry Na Booty.
      There will soon be a calling out and a clapping back. Just dey watch

  25. Since they have all turned to clappers make dem try, when they're done they should kindly bring back all stolen money. Ndi oshi

  26. You thief, I no thief.

    Wike should provide evidence or keep quite

  27. Sdk's side boo9 February 2016 at 06:06

    $150m multiply by #300naira = dead country

  28. Two thieves calling each other out!

  29. Stella which camp you belong to. I go with the winner ooo. Two clappers. When Cele people need people like them to clap for their church

  30. wike ur so annoying for my liking

  31. Stellz, your boo Amaechi stole from Rivers coffers too much and he did it almost at the end of his tenure.... When is the next S&M?


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