Stella Dimoko FG Explains Why It Will Not Disclose Amount Of Recovered Loot....


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Monday, March 28, 2016

FG Explains Why It Will Not Disclose Amount Of Recovered Loot....

The Federal Government has explained why it won’t disclose the amount of looted funds it recovered from corrupt public officials.

It said the amount won’t be made public yet because it will be used as evidence against them in court.
Presidential spokesman Mallam Garba Shehu said much as President Muhammadu Buhari would have liked to let Nigerians know how much had been recovered, it will be impossible for now.

He said the money recovered was in the vaults of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), adding that “the issue of how much has been returned has been there. The money retrieved has to be used as evidence in court. The President said two things; we will recover and we will prosecute. So, as it is now, you don’t go and bring all these billions returned out.

“I am aware that there is an account with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) where some of these funds are being kept and are evidence for a judge to see. It is not for public display. I think that is the challenge we have at the moment.”
According to him, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will soon hit the road travelling around the country to address town hall meetings, explaining government policies and actions.

The town hall meetings, he said, will hold in the first instance at zonal levels before going down to state capitals.

Shehu said: “Government realises that there is a need to take information to the people and there are steps that are being taken in order to ensure that this is done.
“If he wanted to fire people on assumption of office, he would have done it and would not have violated any rule. But he decided to give everyone a chance to see whether they would imbibe the change mantra, and be prepared to come along.”
He said with offices in the 774 local governments and state offices, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) needed to do more to enlighten Nigerians on the government’s policies.

He said, “I will say with all sincerity that I know that the NOA has worried us in government. The people and the leadership never believed in what we are doing; they never believed in change and so, they just folded their arms and watched us in the last eight to nine months. When they are there, I believe the new leadership will begin to formulate things for agencies like that.”

He addmitted that the government needed to do more in public enlightenment, stressing that “to be fair to Minister of Information Lai Mohammed, I have never seen somebody as hardworking as that gentleman, even as minister. You find out that he doesn’t miss the talk shows on radio, from one radio station to another and then he will move to a television station, to a newspaper and all of that.
“I believe that more needs to be done. I agree with you. We have an agency like NOA with 774 offices nationwide; each has not less than five to seven officials and well-equipped. But you know also, sometimes democracy has its own dark side.”
On the fight against insurgency, Shehu congratulated Nigerians on the achievements so far recorded by the Buhari administration, adding that at the moment, no city in the country is under curfew, while military road blocks have been dismantled.

Speaking on alleged secret recruitment by some government agencies, Shehu said: “I would stay out of this because I know that the parliament is investigating this and I believe we should wait for the outcome of the investigation by the House of Representatives.

“I have been approached by a number of people who say ‘can you give me a note to so or so agency?’ A lot is happening in this country and I keep saying that Buhari’s government is not a government of notes. I guess that whoever is found doing that would get himself in trouble. He is not a nepotist and I think you know

“So, I think that the parliament should be allowed to look into it. I have personally called one of these agencies mentioned to ask whether it is true that they are recruiting and he said no, but the parliament can call for any documents and testimonies from anybody and they can determine whether it is true,” he added.
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HUH?Will revealing the amount tamper with evidence in court?please Lawyers come in here and explain this because we need to know!!!


  1. They can't disclose it cos it's all LIES. lying government

  2. They won't reveal it because Buhari has looted some of them...

    1. Ntorrrr gi. Kikikikikiki

  3. These people keep playing games like Nigerians are fools. How does the amount affect being revealed affect anything? Rubbish

  4. Hahahahaha
    They are all ndi oshi
    Imagine story. You can come on media everyday to disturb us with how much a politician stole from our government but can't tell us how much has been recovered so far?? How is that tampering with justice..

    Please stop coming to the media with those bogus amount of money you alleged people stole since we wouldn't know when it was returned..

    You don't want us to know how much was returned so you can take your own share and act like nothing happened with no one knowing..

  5. Nobody asked your government to count money in public, we are asking for the summation of all recovered loot, no names need be revealed. Don't think us all fools.

  6. Shameless APC. Noise makers. We are tired of una. No fuel, no water, no light. No talk. No action. ONLY NOISE that has made my ears to twingle

  7. Yes it will. In fact, for now, that money is exibit.

  8. So the vice-president would spend task payers money on some useless tour across the nation for some primitive town hall meeting?

    What's then the use of radio nigeria.NOA,minister of information?

    The government had better stop the campaign mbuk.

    Last time I checked,they were already 10 months in office

    Touring naija like musicians
    Bunch of clowns!

  9. Please they need to let us know who and who return their loots and how much.

  10. What happened to the APC Transparency policy?
    Anyway whatever, provided Justice is served.

    1. That one is off the table na. Didn't u get d memo?

    2. Memo? What memo. Please I need an update

  11. Story story... Story... how does keeping the people update on amount recovered temper with evidence. Nigerians have not asked you Mr President to use the money to solve one or more of our numerous wahala, we just want to know how much you are getting from these looters. Small time now the money will enter voicemail. Nigerian politics is yet to change Abeg.

  12. We don enter one chance walahi.

  13. Odiegwu. Onye ka unu che unu n'e bubu? So that when the money grows legs and strolls out from the vault we wont know the right questions to ask okwa ya? Ndi oshi one chance.

  14. Mtsheeeeeeeeeeew

    Mtsheeeeeeeeeeew again

    And mtsheeeeeew mtsheeeeeew again

    Back to my Gilmore Girls abeg.


    1. Ah 4 hisses Eka. Hahahaha. Go watch your film biko.

    2. Gil wetin??Ya neighbour don open curtain ba so u fit see their tv?

  15. Can y'all just shut up for Christ's sake! Never seen a set of people as dumb and retarded as Nigerians I swear. So what is wrong with the explanation they just gave?? Does it not make sense to keep everything under wraps so that the investigation and subsequent trial is not compromised?? I hate Nigerians. They're worse than the isrealites

  16. Hahahahahahahaha,Ati town hall meeting. Make Una continue to deceive Una selves and not me. Ndi ara

  17. Hold on to your popcorns, they will soon come and debunk this.

  18. he promised accountability , where lies the accountability when you cannot tell Peop le who voted you in (Nigerians) what is recovered and from whom

  19. Ndi ara.. They must think we are as stupid as they are


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