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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Did You Know These Things? -1

I bet you didnt know,so sit back and read things that are so simple but will surprise you!

Rabbits and Parrots
Did you know that rabbits and parrots can see what is behind
them without turning their heads?

Did you know, Kangaroos cannot walk backward!

Did you know, potato, the delicious and favorite veggie of children is the staple food in many countries and is the most cultivated vegetable across the globe.

Did you know; the lighter was invented long back before the
matchbox and matchsticks are invented.

Did you know, 80 percent of vanilla flavored food (including the ice cream and essence) is made artificially because natural vanilla beans are very expensive.

Lipsticks are not vegan cosmetics! More than 95 percent of lipsticks
contain fish scales!

Hands and Feet Bones
Hands and feet have more than half of the bones in the human

Did you know that there is no expiry date to honey! The edible
food remains good forever until used otherwise, like using a wet

Dolphin Names
Did you know that just like us,Dolphins have unique names. What could be their language?

Venus is the only planet in the solar system that rotates
clockwise, whereas all other planets rotate anti-clock wise.

Did you know that Australia is the only continent in the world that has no volcanoes?

Cosmos Atrosanguineus
Have you heard about a chocolate flower? A flower named Cosmos Atrosanguineus carry the aroma of a chocolate. Obviously, it appears
in brown colour!

The Number 4
The number four – is the only number that has the same number of alphabets/ letters....HUH?

The Eye Power
The human eye has the ability to identify and differentiate over 10
million colours.

Albert Einstein’s Eyes
Did you know; Albert Einstein’s eyes are preserved in a safe in
New York?

Names Empower Us!
Did you know our names empower us? Yes, our names carry a power and it will influence us and our behavior.E.g STELLAR,look it up in the Dictionary,come on!

Goosy Security
The goosy security – Geese are used as security guards in a prison in Brazil! How cool is that?

Dogs Nose Prints
Just like humans fingerprints, dogs nose prints are unique and it can be used to identify the identity of dogs.

Apple Floats on Water
Have you ever put an apple into the water and noticed the apple
float? Yes, apples float on water. It is because apples are made of 25 percent air!
  • Inhale
    Did you know that you cannot talk and inhale or vice versa. When you speak, you will not be able to inhale. Give it a try?

Left Handed
Did you know around 15 percentage of the world population are left handed. They are controlled by right side of the brain. Left-handers were cursed as SINISTER in the ancient period, associated with bad luck and were even considered unfavorable....I was born left handed oh and i am genius!

Rabbit and Parrot

Many of us know that the owl can rotate its head 270 degrees to see behind. There is another bird and animal that can see behind without moving the head?

Longest Word in English

Do you know how many letters does the longest word in English contain? 15? 20? 50? 100? 500?
It has 1909 letters and the word refers to a very special DNA type / part of DNA.
Do you know it?

Chew, chew and chew your food!

You may not know how delicious your food is unless it is mixed with saliva! Salivary glands include the taste buds and help you identify the taste!
The more you chew it, the more you enjoy delicious foods!

Powerful Women Penguins and Pity Men Penguins
This is an interesting fact about penguins. These beautiful birds live in the polar region. Penguins are unique from other birds and mammals. Penguins breed in-group, and it is the male penguins’ that takes care of the eggs during the incubation.
Female penguins will go aboard to hunt for food in the sea. It will take days, and weeks and even months to return to their place. Until the women counterpart return with food, the loveable male partners preserve the eggs until they hatch. Most of the male penguins die soon after the return of female counterpart as they starve for months to incubate the baby.
In addition, every woman penguin will indentify her partner in the group of 1000 penguins without any difficulty.

culled -kidsworldfun


Trey Mama said...

Wow... that fact about Albert Einstein’s Eyes is just spooky. WT!


Wow! Nice read
I've read that lipsticks fact sha, about the fish scales thingy.. so does it somehow mean lipsticks are from ogbanje kingdom? *runs away*

IVORY said...

Lipsticks made of fishscales? Yikes! I no dey kuku use am.

ukwu dimond said...


Yummy chick cum mummy said...

Albert Einstein’s Eyes.... Creepy thing
Left-handed, South paw of life.. Representative!!! Genius, intelligent, swift, unique me!!

Housed-On-Water said...

Didn't know... have i answered you. Lemme go and read

Pipi Lee said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Male Penguins, such a pathetic life span...

Most 'Left handers' are genuises...yes!!!

No 4(four) has four alphabets...obviously, but I just got to know.

School Life said...

WoW so educative. Bt still dun understand the no 4.

Thanks Stella, you are really doing a wonderful job.

that igbo girl said...


School Life said...

WoW so educative. Bt still dun understand the no 4.

Thanks Stella, you are really doing a wonderful job.

Tush baby said...

Good to know

Loveme Jeje said...

Wonderful to know

Anonymous said...

Ode @SDK...The Number 4
The number four – is the only number that has the same number of alphabets/ letters....HUH?


You were sleeping in Nursery school. LOL

QUEEN AMY Loves Sisi Eko and Stella Asemota said...

Lool I love that of penguins, very funny and which our nija men can learn from these birds.

Anonymous said...

I wish men could be like penguins.........

YUCEE said...

Who understands that number 4?

Pipi Lee said...

So Antarctica that is covered in ice experience volcanic activities, does the volcanoe emit lava and carbondioxide, will find out.

De Unbreakable said...

Some I didn't know,but now I do. Thank you (ANTY) Stella

James said...

Good to know

Lateesha Pasteries Ajjah Lagos - 07032392414 said...

I am proudly leftie,Amazingly Unique!

christabel said...

The spelling of FOUR is 4 letter words

amanda favour said...

I tire oh !!!!!
I thought as much..hmmm

amanda favour said...

Thanks anon..
I was even confused sef

C.F.I said...

Penguins are independent and take charge, they do not wait for the men. Female BV's pls be like Penguin's!

amanda favour said...

Thank me tomorrow lol ๐Ÿ˜
It's been so long we saw your comments

Anonymous said...

The same reason broke people get married and procreate. *injamesvoice*

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl said...

I knew about the hands and feet, potato, honey, dolphins.

Anonymous said...

1+1+1+1 =4

If you don't understand this, please kindly allow me to introduce my niece to you.

Thank me later!

Prettiest Rosie said...

You must be a stupid somebody

Anonymous said...

Smart people unlike you and Stella. It simply means, the number '4' when spelled, has four letters. The only number you spell with the same number of letters as it represents.

Amunidara said...

Jeez! Like seriously???

hollumme said...


Anonymous said...

U hate stella but won't stop visiting her blog.
God pls let me bother my enemies the way stella is bothering this idiot o.

olubee said...

The left handed one na lie make we ask obama or fashola

olubee said...

The left handed one na lie make we ask obama or fashola

lois sam said...

Ode, you are the one who was fast asleep during reading and comprehension classes.
Letters or alphabets, not numbers.
Four which is the spelling in words of the number 4 has four letters, dumbo.

Passenger said...

@Stella d word 'Four' is the only number with 4 letters unlike others which are in contrast to the letters e.g d number 1 is spelt one which is three letters....I'm a left-handed and we're genius!!! Left-handed day is celebrated in the international day on August 13 a day after my birthday. Isn't that fabulous? #wink

Olaide Davies said...

We don't have volcano in Nigeria.So honey doesn't expire that's good to know.

Chidinma Grace said...

Agreed 90 percent

Mao Akuh said...

Nice one STerra

Starjoy said...

What lipstick made of fish scales? Chineke am backing out

Rocky said...

Oga what are you saying?

Anonymous said...

I just got to know some of these things. Nice one

Adanne said...

I know about the dolphins...

Miss Ferragamo said...

Interesting. I know that of chewing longer

Shennel Hyacinth said...

I'm left handed too .

QUEEN AMY Loves Sisi Eko and Stella Asemota said...

Lol thanks dear, have been around.

Anonymous said...

Quite educative Stella. Good job!

Deluna G said...

Geez! You are so daft, i doubt you even attended nursery school let alone, to go sleep there.

IVORY said...

In a bid to insult stellar and sound intelligent, you and Amanda favour just showed stupidity. The number 4 is also spelt with four letters. Dumbos!

IVORY said...

Even if u had the information, you didn't have to insult her before making your point.we're all learning.

perfect God said...

Thank God I don't use lipsticks

PL THE GREAT said...

Awwwww! Penguinny penguins. I like 'em. Some animals are effortlessly loveable unlike snakes(yuck!) and other weird looking reptiles.

This is quite educative.

sdk's first lady said...

God bless stella.God bless you

Krystal said...

I may be left handed but I'm always right#southpaw#

Anonymous said...

Wishing all CIPM students writing the August diet success ijn!

Adjarho Okpalefe said...

The erupts with volcano.

Anonymous said...

Hw come you have rocks in Nigeria?

Anonymous said...

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Falz´s Wife said...

The anon is a fool for insulting Stella, but unfortunately, the hediot/shediot is correct. Calm down and read the comment again.

The number 4 is spelled/spelt with 4 letters.

aisha jane said...

Wow.. Educative piece

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