Stella Dimoko Ex-militants Bag First Class From UK Varsities


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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Ex-militants Bag First Class From UK Varsities

Three of the ex-agitators of the Niger Delta under the Presidential Amnesty Programme have graduated from universities in the United Kingdom with First Class degrees.

In a statement made available to LEADERSHIP yesterday, the media and communications consultant of the Amnesty Office, Mr. Owei Lakemfa, said that three of the ex-agitators made First Class from Liverpool and Bedfordshire Universities, while 19 other students under the programme completed their academic programmes with Second Class Honours Upper Division.

He noted that a total of 144 students of the Amnesty Programme successfully completed various academic programmes in 17 UK universities.

“Lucky Azibanagein had a First Class in Mechatronics and Robotic System Engineering from the University of Liverpool’ while Messrs. Torubein Fawei and Nicholas Nathaniel Goodnews made First Class in Telecommunications and Network Engineering, and Public Relations respectively, at the University of Bedfordshire.

“The 144 Amnesty students graduated from 17 universities in UK. Eight of them had Second Class Upper degrees in Law, Criminology, Accounting, Computer Science and Health and Social Care from the University of Bedfordshire.

“Six of them graduated with Second Class Upper from the University of Liverpool in Pharmacology, Geology, Maritime Business, Accounts & Finance, Politics and International Relations.

“Two had Second Class Upper from the Swansea University in Law and International Relations while one each graduated in the same Class from Anglia Ruskin, Plymouth and Portsmouth universities,” he said.

*Congrats to them but i am still and will always be proud of my 3rd class degree from UNIBEN!!


  1. Replies
    1. Hope they didn't threaten their lecturers to pass them πŸ˜†. Na joke o b4 BVS attack me with cutlass.

      *smokes weed *

      Do I even care? 😏

  2. Stella, 3rd class or fifth class, na nothing...

    I went to school and I told myself I wouldn't bother for first class, second class upper or lower.. I went to school to just graduate. I knew what I had and what I will offer and school wouldn't give it to me...

    I drank, partied and clubbed a lot in school. After my 3rd class, I came home and wasn't looking for a job. No soy go give me self..

    Didn't bother my people to help me contact one or two people they waste of time.

    I saved from year one till I graduated.. From the beginning I wanted to own a bakery. While in school I was mixing classes and learning bakery. Though I am from an average home.

    Immediately after nysc, I bought a plot of land, took some loans from my papa and mama, bought the equipment and I started..

    Taught some people I employee how to go about it.. Six years after graduation now, most of those my classmates who were hiding books and materials from others, so only them go read still don't have jobs.. They came out with upper class. They don't have cos they were all waiting for govt jobs. How can a 2.1 do this and that kind of jobs? Na so some of them de think.

    Stella, today, e bad e bad, I make at least 40k a day..

    Will a university teach you how to bake bread? No.

    I went to school to just to fulfill all righteousness cos from Senior secondary school, I knew I didn't need a university certificate for what I would do.

    Thank you.

    1. I love your spirit dear, I know one first class product from my class that came back to school so that she would be made a lecturer and no one looked her way. She's now somewhere working

    2. This is how it is. Theres too much emphasis on paper qualification. And the sad part is alot of people cant even defend it.
      In advanced countries, the moment your passion isnt academic, after high school you just start training as a baker and boom, in 4yrs you are a master and there are good loans with lil or no interest, or crowd funding that will help.
      I like your spirit and your focus.
      Have a blast.
      Pls try and get sdk bvn in your location to also teach for lil or free if you can, it will go a long way. Thanks and God bless

    3. As inspiring as your story sounds, the truth is you were/are an olodo that's why you got 3rd class, it was not deliberate. No come lie to us abeg. And when you born your child tell him to target 3rd class!

    4. Is that my Jucy cakes owner? Correct chic😎

  3. Replies
    1. Congrats to them. Most of these guys weren't militants, some might have been. Getting a first or 2.1 in the UK is very easy, so also is getting a 'let my people go'. But then all these dnt even define a man. Congrats on their achievement though.

      Stella congrats on urs too. It's nt even easy to go to school.

    2. Getting a first or 2.1 in the UK is very easy? You're an incomplete idiot, your ignorance is super sophisticated. I swear your brain needs snapchat filter. First class hater

  4. Stella stop consoling yourself Instead of facing your studies in school You were doing other useless things .

    1. Anya ufu. If u hate Stella, wetin carry u come this blog? You love the blog and u can't help it

    2. @Anon 13:29 She was doing useless things right? And u are here commenting in one of the "useless" things she has achieved.Get a life

  5. Congrats to the ex-militants. Their achievement shows that they became part of the militant as a result lack of education and frustration. Now they have gotten education courtesy of the Amnesty, they will be good citizens.

  6. Congratulobia.

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  7. Congrats to them. Sorry what did your president's daughter graduate with again?
    And yet they want to scrap the amnesty prog, that is if they haven't already.

    1. Stella made a good observation. Where is ezewanyi? There was a time a bv mentioned that another bv, a woman who is popular here had passed away. Hope that's not ezewanyi? 😲😨😨

  8. My people no dey carry last. You see now? Money for school no waste. Give us opportunities not alms, we are not mai bara.

  9. Lol @SDK

    You have turned out even more successful than those that came out with First class

    Is not in the "class" is you improving on yourself...and that's what you have done by carving a niche for yourself.

    I am happy for this people

    For the record: @Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan made this happenπŸ˜ƒ


  10. Congrats to them..... Just imagine talents and youngsters which could have been wasted in the name of militants.


  11. Lmao @Stella,well its not by degree at all. The bible says seeth thou a man diligent in his works,he will stand before kings and not mean men,it also says I will bless the work of your hands.Its not by degree.Its not by craming and coming out with good grades like the 1st class and all,its by what you have within you,search for those gifts,hidden talents and they'll make way for you. David was good with playing the harp and God cursed Saul that an evil spirit possessed him which he needed Davids gift to heal him,same with Joseph who could interprete dreams his gift took him to the palace. When we stand before God,He is gonna ask us what we did with those gifts He gave us,did we multiply our gifts or did we bury them?He is not going to ask if we went to school or what we graduated with. I feel like I'm talking too much now...looool. Cheers.

  12. "we have pple who are passionate to learn and succeed but no means...its a wake up call for the FG to find a way to create hand works and schools in our prisons...and also help those who took to violence becus of d FG nt givin bck to their society..dis country wd b betta if tins are structured properly..congratulations to dem.

  13. @Anonymous 13:26 you deserve my respect.. That's an inspiring story of your life..

  14. The bible says 'I will bless the works of your hands'. But it also tells you that. 'whatever your hands find, do it diligently'.
    Everybody will not look for a job. But I'd be dammed if my child graduates with a 3rd class. What for? What was he/she doing when others were reading?
    When in school, put in your best and nothing but your best. Forget all these nonsense. In the US, UK and other developed countries, the top jobs are reserved for the brilliant ones. Furthermore, Ivy league schools like Harvard, MIT, Univ. of Melbourne, etc take the best brains? Why do students with Top Grades attend the best schools for their post-graduate studies? Because their parents know that it is one of the easiest ways to launch them.
    Good grades do not guarantee material success in life. Only God does! But it is better to come out tops while praying for an elevation than to be a 3rd class brain who is yapping that grades don't really matter. They do! In the long run, you'd realise that grades MATTER.
    Stella and all other bvs, please encourage your children to work hard and make top grades. It is still a distinguishing factor anyday anytime. Make the right grades and trust God to announce you.


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