Stella Dimoko Gov Wike Speaks On Feud With Amaechi.


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Friday, 5 August 2016

Gov Wike Speaks On Feud With Amaechi.

Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers said on Friday that he has no personal problem with his predecessor, Mr Chibuike Amaechi.

Wike disclosed this at the 12 All Nigeria Editors Conference holding in Port Harcourt.
However, Wike explained that he and the Minister of Transportation differed politically because they belonged to different parties.

“There is nothing personal. We differ politically because we belong to different political politics.
“We want peace in the state and it is my desire to ensure that the state is peaceful,” he said.

Wike also said that former president Goodluck Jonathan did something special to ensure peace in the country by conceding defeat during the 2015 general election.

“Jonathan should be commended for this single act. People should emulate this move to ensure peace in the country,” the governor said.

According to Wike, Amaechi was his boss as governor and they had good times serving the state.
“We should make sacrifices for peace. The state must move on. We only differ politically and that should not be to the level that will destroy the state,” he said.

Wike also stressed the need for peace and unity in the country, urging Nigerians not to compromise that stand. (NAN)
dailypost reportage.

WOOOOOW......woooow...And people were fighting over their fight..see how they enter corner settle!!!..*side eyes at Amaechi and Wike supporters.

Una dey see?


Lilian Fc Barcelona said...


barbie micheal said...

My governor my governor.... long live wike, long live rivers state

Anonymous said...

Nonsense people,who are they deceiving,2day they will fight,d nxt day they will reconcile,are we fools?abeg make una swerve.mscheew

Oil money said...

There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. Only permanent interests

Isolde Fontaine said...

Politicians will always be politrickcians


This one is wise na
Unlike Amaechi that goes about ranting like a lunatic

And they're still not friends
Don't be deceived
Wike just dey code.

Anonymous said...

Dia cup of tea though

Anonymous said...

Is jst me or y am i jst falling fr my guys bestie

Starjoy said...

Good of them after all they are grown men.

Anonymous said...

What an f**ing debacle!!! Nigerian Olympic team had to wear track suits for the opening ceremony?! Lord have mercy!

Anonymous said...

ole meji ( 2 thieves)

Anonymous said...

Tout Governor.

Anonymous said...

PH senior runs girl. Akwuna.

Anonymous said...

You are a waste of sperm. Chi Amutic. Go for ur big Amu. That's the only thing u know.

Amanda Austins said...

I knew it will come to this and I always say it to anybody that cares to listen.

These two guys are long time friends for crying out loud!

There supporters were the ones taking it personal.

Yemi7up said...

You are absolutely right.

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