Stella Dimoko JUTH Workers Protest Update -5 hospitalised As Police Storm JOHESU Protest -photos


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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

JUTH Workers Protest Update -5 hospitalised As Police Storm JOHESU Protest -photos

It’s not the best of times for the Patients, Staff and Management of the Jos university hospital JUTH, as the protest which started peacefully on Monday turned violent on Tuesday, the second day when police officers tried to disperse the workers who had occupied the main entrance of the hospital but failed.    

Five persons are currently receiving treatment at the Jos University Teaching hospital (JUTH) following the use of gas canisters by police officers on protesting workers of the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) of JUTH Tuesday afternoon, persons hospitalised include Mathew Nyam, Nakuza Isreal Daniel, Nanlop Audu and Susan Joseph of catering department while Juliana Ibrahim, an attendant also sustained injuries.   

 The joint health workers union JOHESU of the university of Jos Teaching Hospital JUTH were protesting the non-implementation of the agreement signed by the hospital management in June and the now insistence of the hospital management to implement the 'no work, no pay' policy only after the workers had called off their strike in June, therefore denying them April and May salaries.  

The Workers faulted it on the insensitivity of the hospital management led by the Chief medical Director, Professor Edmund Banwat, calling for his removal.  Members of the health workers union described the action of the CMD as unfortunate because he had failed to meet with the union since June 1st, 2016 after signing an MOU with them to discuss the way forward on some of their demands.   


Chairman of the Union, Mustapha Kabiru said that the Assistant Police Commissioner, Operation had given the order for the use of gas canisters on them alleging that over 20 canisters had been used directly at protesters.  Kabiru called on the federal government to shut down the hospital adding that “we cannot guarantee what will happentomorrow because our people have been molested".  
Treasurer of the union, Vwamse Frederick, who was molested by police officers, said “they asked for the Chairman and the Secretary but they were not around; so I tried to call the chairman but they said I was making calls in front of the Assistant Commissioner and they started beating me.”   
Some of the protesters also alleged that area commander gave an order for shooting as one of the patient has a bullet wound and cloths torn.  

Police Public Relations Officer, Tyopev Matthias Terna, asked for time to verify the true situation of things before he could comment and said that the Police only went in to prevent the protest from degenerating further into Violence.


  1. That's the bad side of protest

    1. Nigerian police shaaa.

      Your comment will be visible after approval.

    2. First of all, the victims are still being treated in the same hospital? Really? But you block the entrance from innocent citizens who are in dire emergency. Do you know how many people that are dead because they couldn't access the hospital?
      Secondly, you said there are no consumables, where is that IV fluid that I am seeing up there coming from?
      Stella and fellow Blog visitors, I want to use this opportunity to enlighten you all. The Nigerian health sector is currently in Jeopardy. This group called JOHESU is made up of all other health workers except Doctors. They have been asking the federal government to make the position of the Chief medical director a free for all post ie, lab scientists, cleaners, nurses, etc can be a CMD if you have worked in the hosp for a period of time.
      They also want to be called "CONSULTANT " not as a visiting professional but as regards to management of patient, meaning that they can actually take key decisions as to what happens to patients. All because of PRIDE, GREED and stupid EGO.

      Yet, when something happens instead of them to consult themselves (since they know more than the doctors un arguably) they will still rush to a Doctor even if the person is a house officer. AS SEEN ON THIS POST.
      Yet,when they go public, they want to encourage people to help them fight. Why don't they list out what is contained in that MoU? These were the problems that hit the health sector during GEJ tennure, unfortunately people advised Jonathan to approve it for them so that with the discord, the health sector will not be able to unite and fight for their collective improvement.
      The helm of affair now is that in most govt hosp , even a ward maid now feels like God and will not take specific life /death instructions because the person is a new doctor and she (ward maid) has been working there for 10yrs.
      Recently, there was a case where a gun shot patient with tetanus came to a gen hosp in lag, the doctors specifically WROTE in the nurses sheet that the wound should be open ,the nurse refused (cos she said she has been treating wounds for 15yrs) all wounds are not the same and tetanus thrives in covered wounds, it degenerated into an EGO thing when someone's life is at stake. That person died. Yes he died. His family was maltreated by the other hops workers cos they demanded the nurse heed to the dressing method the doctor specified on the treatment sheet.
      Yet,when they have headache they still go and look for doctor. They won't exercise their wisdom there. It is sad. It is heartbreaking and it is stupid. Someone said, yes, we the lab scientists wants to be doing ward rounds too, so that the patients will be respecting us too, not just doctors bla bla bla. Respect? Really? Will you also want to be the first point of call when EBOLA hits? Let's learn to be happy and content with who we are.
      From now on, when you go to any public hospital, carefully observe and be very careful while doing that cos if you enter their trouble, na die be that. Just keep calling them MA MA MA MA MA!

    3. Anon 11:17 i sight your stupidity..

  2. Some of the protesters also alleged that area commander gave an order for shooting as one of the patient has a bullet wound and cloths torn.  WHF? That commander should be arrested. ASAP!

  3. This is sad. Buhari has ruined Nigeria

  4. I pity Nigerias,more woes coming in


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