Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Under-17 Squad Wiped Out As Half Are Older Than 17


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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Nigeria's Under-17 Squad Wiped Out As Half Are Older Than 17


A staggering 26 members of Nigeria's Under-17 side failed an age test carried out ahead of an African Cup of Nations qualifier.
A mandatory Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) screening of the squad revealed almost half were ineligible to play.

Only last year the Golden Eaglets, as they are known, won the FIFA U17 World Cup in Chile for a record fifth time.
The players who failed the tests have now left the training camp in Abuja.
They were staying there ahead of tomorrow's Cup of Nations U17 qualifying match against neighbouring Niger, which will still go ahead.

Many of the expected starting eleven passed the test.
Accusations of age cheating have blighted Nigeria's success at international age group tournaments in recent years.

Former Nigerian FA president Anthony Kojo Williams told the BBC: "We use over-age players for junior championships, I know that.
"Why not say it? It's the truth. We always cheat. It's a fact.
"When you cheat, you deprive the young stars that are supposed to play in these competitions their rights."
In 2013 Nigeria were left without key players for their Fifa Under-17 World Cup in after failing the same tests.

Controversially, USA-based Abuchi Obinwa was one of those to fail the test despite having all the relevant documentation to prove his age.
Football's world governing body Fifa introduced MRI scans to check the ages of players at the 2009 Under-17 World Cup, which took place in Nigeria.

MRI is used to scan the wrist plate of players to accurately check their true age, with only players between grade one and five of the scan eligible to participate.

Players with more advanced bone structure are considered to be adults.

BBC reportage.


stranger said...

Fifa should ban us for a couple of years maybe we go gree get sense then.

Anonymous said...

Kwakwakwakwa, oo chimooooo
Nigerians must we always dent our image everywhere? Na question I asked oo

Lilian Fc Barcelona said...

Good to know that the starting eleven passed the test.

It is well with Nigeria.

Lady j said...

Football age has really messed up our players

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

hahahahahahahah but its the right tin to do na, my football age is 16.

JayEm "Agrodolce"...the Nigerian-Italian-Australian experience. said...

Lol. Not surprised.

School Life said...

Hahaha.. Mma Abasi, I love naija Cus we are entirely diff from any other country of the world.

Never use the same scanning machine u used for an American on a Nigerian Cus you'll never get acute result... You just take a specimen from a Nigerian then go use it to design a machine for em.

amanda favour said...

Naija I hail oh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Naija and age issues.
LWKM. Laugh at Nigeria's funniest pictures here

Maureen Ekeh said...

E be like say them just wake, since all this century way don pass. E no start today na.30 years with matured face and strong bones join muscle na 14 years for my country naija.

Yemi7up said...

Sometimes this test is wrong. Some peoples bone are strong and know of a boy that was not above age then in secondary buy he is very lanky and was drop from one competition due to this MRS machine but I know we cheat o a whole lot.

morik mills said...

Nawa oo

Shyla said...

They should use on these out celebrities any day they are celebrating their birthdays.
That was how we were thinking my granny was over a hundred years meanwhile the poor woman was not even up to 95years.

Ben Ibeh said...

Yes Nigerians cheat and no doubt this is hugely true but when a child who is been raised in the US (Abuchi Obinwa) also falls victim of this scan then it casts doubt on the authenticity of the MRI scan and FIFA ingenuity.

precious blog said...

Nigeria why nah!!! This country will not stop disgracing itself. 😑

Eagle Eyes said...


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