Stella Dimoko Bola Tinubu Allegedly Quoted Saying Oyegun Must Go


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Monday, September 26, 2016

Bola Tinubu Allegedly Quoted Saying Oyegun Must Go

Major crisis has hit the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) , with former Lagos State Governor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu calling for a change of leadership.
National Chairman Chief John Odigie-Oyegun should quit, Tinubu said in a statement issued in Lagos by his Media Office.

He said the party was under a “critical threat” by its leadership, following its neglect of the principles of fairness and justice, which ought to guide its internal deliberations.
Tinubu, one of the founding fathers of the party, observed that, if the party could not justly govern itself, it would find it difficult to establish and maintain a just government throughout the nation.

In the statement titled: “Oyegun’s Ondo fraud: The violation of democracy in the APC,” Tinubu alleged that Odigie-Oyegun had betrayed the party,” thereby transforming the party into an albatross to those it was meant to serve.
He said the role of the chairman in the circumstances that led to the submission of Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu’s name to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as the governorship candidate for Ondo State, contrary to the advice of the party’s Appeal Committee and the decision of the National Working Committee (NWC), was in bad faith.

The former governor said: “Oyegun’s transgressions are a warning. He is but the mercenary of forces that seek to return the nation to the old ways. If they get away with this infraction, no telling what or whom they will undermine tomorrow, much is at stake. On the chopping block lies the future of the political party in which the majority of voters had placed their confidence.

“To rescue the party, Oyegun must go. He has shown that he and democratic fair play cannot exist in the same party at the same time; the choice has already been made. For those who care about the party, who care about Nigeria and its chance for a better tomorrow, now is the time to stand against this brewing evil before it grows to encompass all we have built and all we hold dear.”

Revisiting the controversial Ondo APC primary, Tinubu said the exercise, which was supervised by Jigawa State Governor Badaru Abubakar, who he noted was not aware of the grand deception and the pre-conceived agenda, paled into a primary of irregularities, distorted delegates’ list, alteration and conspiracy to steal victory.

He wondered why Oyegun blocked the move to redress the injustice of the fraudulent primary, contrary to the Primary Appeal Panel’s recommendation and the National Working Committee’s (NWC)’s decision.
He said: “Contravening the NWC decision and in violation of all rules of fundamental decency, Oyegun decided to safeguard the fraud done in Ondo by perpetrating a greater fraud. Oyegun arrogated to himself the right to submit the name of Rotimi Akeredolu to INEC as the candidate of the party.”

In Tinubu’s view, the reality has dawned on the ruling party that “certain regressive elements, who joined it as a vehicle to power, have shunned all good restraints after tasting power, unmindful of the fact that their actions would wreck the party they did little to build”.
He said if their antics were not checked, “these elements who were nurtured on the code of rigging and vote stealing, are in a position to make Nigerians think that there is an alternative to their reactionary system of skewed politics and imperious government”.

Tinubu added: “Such a man is Oyegun and those who conspired with him to sabotage justice and democracy in Ondo. Our party was to stand for change. Oyegun and his followers seem to be on a different wave length. They are the cohort of unchange.”

The National Leader said while Oyegun was supposed to protect the party’s internal processes as an impartial arbiter, he had donned the garment of dictatorship, duping the NWC, the party, INEC and robbing the Ondo APC of the chance to pick its candidate in a free and fair primary.
He said although efforts were made to divert attention from the heist set in motion by pointing accusing fingers at him, ahead of the Ondo primary, the trickery they hoped to conduct in the shadows had come to light.

Tinubu stressed: “Oyegun has done the irredeemable. His coup is an insult to party and to patriot, to reason and to the reform agenda of this government. To remain silent would be to admit the defeat of the reform and progressive change many have laboured to bring forth. While the forces resistant to change and reform are strong, Tinubu dare not submit to them. Tinubu encouraged all party members not to submit to them. If we acquiesce in this wrong, the one greater than this shall cascade upon us.”

Efforts to get Oyegun’s reaction failed last night. The Head of Media at the APC secretariat Edegbe Odemwingie, said Oyegun was reading the statement and would get back to him. He promised to contact our reporter with Oyegun’s response, but he never did.

The Nation

*I dont know about Oyegun but Jagaban has to leave Nigeria's political scene please,Enough already.Nigerian politics does not need a godfather and if indeed it does,please not Tinubu.


  1. Ds is just d beginin.
    Wil sit n watch hw ds plays out.

    1. They shouldn't start another internal fracas because they are yet to resolve the ongoing one in the green chambers. Not to mention their opponents who also have two factions. Wetin sef

  2. Problems of Nigeria!...
    Who cares?...
    They should all go to hell!...

  3. Well said@stella! D man called Tinubu has destroyed Nigeria politics.He only seek to be a godfather to every person coming into power...As he's d architecture who's causing havoc in dis blessed country so as God will visit him oneday.

  4. Thiefnibu the saint " our party must stand for change indeed". Oya chief decider of the fed rep of Nigeria, Why don't you show oyegun the way by leaving first?

  5. Lolz, Stella if you're in Nigeria will you say this? Adirom sure?

  6. Stella if tinubu catch u ehn but seriously tinubu always want everyone to dance to his tune which is so uncalled_for.

  7. Stella chop kiss.., na ihm woman follo deh push am.. All this old agadis

  8. Wen Is d rant post coming up. I need to offload as I no get connection in high places. Haba I tot democracy is govt for d people by d people, y then do we make laws dat is unfavourable,is it not enough dat men are coming suicide becos they can't cope with d recession. No job,ow can destroying people's source of live hood be destroyed and flowers planted instead,wat alternative has d govt put in place. We paid CofO,land use mony,(ref Iponri Est)etc,where do we go from here,where Is the mony,to start all over. We voted APC in for positive,progressive change, and not this kind of change

  9. No more free money to chop again. Jagaban cannot chop at federal level, so only state level and now these states have started to gain upper hand and would want to limit Tinubu's interference.

    Anyway shame on this party. They dont have anything good to offer. Afterall APC was not God ordained party but people forced God's hand to put Buhari when they were clamouring for change and everyone minus PDP wanted Buhari.

    what a pity. Na dem sabi

    1. You're so desperate to make a statement that you don't even think before you type. Who or what can force God's hand?

      The sense you have is nothing but a spec in the universe and you'll do well to just shut it and stop exposing your ignorance.

    2. How can a human being be this ignorant? Who forces God's hand?

  10. Stell did u say Nigerian Politicians don't need a godfather?

    Please what planet are u from *lol*

    When is our grandparents that are ruling us n they are giving the youth peanuts n not positions to use to fight their selves

    People must disagree to agree any way

  11. Theifnubu don vex o
    Sorry e fi Pele Pele so d'ja o

  12. Jagaban should bury his head in shame old papa that should go and play with his grandchildren

  13. They are all thieves and should be behind bars.

  14. As the god and personal savior of APC that him is nau

  15. It is all about self-interest,not about the good of Nigeria as they always proclaim.
    A house divided,can never stand on its own!
    APC wasn't formed for progress but greed.

  16. Abeg let's be real,which one of them get position without the support of tinubu.the man labour for all,now you think it's right for them to disrespect the same man and party they swear to be loyal to? Most of them got better in life,cus tinubu help them. I know many that pray for tinubu everyday,just bcus they became millionaires through him. Ema foju lore gungi o. Stella can't you help someone and later betray you and your company you put in their care,just bcus to try to help?.

  17. Good for thiefnubu,he hasn't seen anything yet,this is just d beggining.he wants to be contolling naija,lol it didn't work with buharia and others are nowfollowing buharia's footsteps.ntoooiine,kpaskor,hahahaha

  18. Kwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa kikikikikikikiki thiefnubu this is just the beginning soon ur party will probe u with Efcc na den you will knw say water don pass garri. Hrtless man


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